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Prioritized List Essay Outlining Tool

An prioritized list essay presents an ordered list of items in a category. The first on the list is given enthusiastic support with reasons and examples of only positive attributes. Lower ranking items are given a mix of positive and negative attributes, justifying their position in the ranking. To create an outline for a prioritized list essay, answer the questions below in the fields on the right. At any time, you can save or generate an outline, and modify existing outlines from your list of outlines.

What is your working title for this essay?*
Category and Context
What category do all of the items in your list belong?*
What is the context for your prioritized list?
Write your prioritized list here.
Now that you have your prioritized list, add details.
Of all the , the best is .
Give 3 positive reasons. Why is the best?
Justify why is second on your list.
Give 2 positive reasons and one minor fault.
Justify why is third on your list.
Give 2 positive reasons and one major fault.
Justify why is the worst on your list.
Give 1 positive reason and two major faults.
Further justify why is the best.
Give 3 additional minor positive reasons
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