A Wonderful Family

Gap-fill exercise

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Mr. and Mrs. Patterson are very proud of their family.

Their daughter Ruth is a very successful engineer. She has been an engineer she finished college. Her husband's name is Robert. They have been happily married thirty-five years. Robert is a professional violinist. He has known how to play the violin he was four years old.

Ruth and Robert have two children. Their son David is a computer programmer. He has been interested in computers he was a teenager. Their daughter Deborah is a doctor. She has been a doctor she finished medical school in 2001.

Mr. and Mrs. Patterson also have a son, Herbert. Herbert is single. He has been a bachelor all his life. He's a famous journalist. They haven't seen him he moved to Paris several years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Patterson feel fortunate to have such wonderful children and grandchildren. They're very proud of them.