Introductory Phrases - Add Commas - Part 1

Find all the missing commas by clicking on the introductory prepositional phrases in the story. The comma will be added for you. Don't click anywhere else or you will lose points.

Punctuation Rule

Rule: Put a comma (,) after introductory prepositional phrases.

Example: In the morning, I drive to school. At school, I work hard. In the evening, I return home and do my homework. At night, I sleep.

Peter Wilkens lives on Ridgewood Avenue at number 3425 in apartment 611. he feeds his goldfish, surfs the internet on his laptop, or watches science fiction on television. Peter sits on his balcony longing for the woman who lives across the street. Peter thinks I will ask Melanie for a date—but not right now and not tomorrow—that would be too soon. Peter decides the day after tomorrow will be the day.