Notice the Adverbs

Listen to the video and use the drop-down menu to fill the gaps. After, press "Check" to check your answers.


Hi, I'm Matt Parker. People talk about Open Source like it's this altruistic thing that people are doing to--you know--help humanity, but times one of the great things about it is that the developer gets help by the community, where they have ideas and can implement things that make the product better, and so Open Source isn't about let me do something great for everybody. It's also about let me do something that's great for me. And I think that's when things work best online is when you can do something that helps you and helps the community, and it's something where they can help each other. There was a British magistrate who said, "There is someone who is smarter than any of us, and that's all of us," and that's what's great about Open Source is that you can get help from millions of people and they can help each other as well.