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Practice finding errors with its/its

Simply click on a word or phrase you think is incorrect and the correct form will be given. If you choose a word or phrase without an error, you will lose points.

Rules to Remember

RULE: The word its is the possessive form of it. We use its to say that something belongs to it.
The government has promised to balance its budget next year.
The cat lost its toy mouse.

RULE: It's is actually two words contracted together, it + is or it + has.
It's cold outside.
It's been nice to see you again.
When I arrived, I realized that this was an obvious case of neglect. almost too sad to talk about. When I found the dog, it was on own in the apartment. It was bleeding from biting own tail. On back were giant mats of hair. I was moved by all whimpering. I wanted so badly to take leash and bring the dog home. In the end, I took picture. It's the saddest picture I own.
Virtual Writing Tutor ESL Grammar Checker