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Practice Finding Punctuation Errors

Simply click on a the closest letter to the punctuation error and the correct form will be given. If you choose a word or phrase without an error, you will lose points.

Punctuation rule #1

Use quotation marks (") to surround the exact words someone says, asks, or interjects.

Punctuation rule #2

Place exclamation marks (!) or question marks (?) inside your quotation marks (").

Example: "Get off!" she spat. "Who me?" he asked.

Punctuation rule #3

To join quoted speech to he said or an alternative, use a comma (,).

INCORRECT: "Hi" she said.
CORRECT: "Hi," she said.

Punctuation rule #4

Notice that each speaker gets his or her own paragraph. Don't forget to intent paragraphs using the tab key.
          "Hi, Samanth John exclaime
          hat do you wan Samantha groane
         "I am so happy to see yo he grinned and addeou look gorgeous today."
          Samantha knew what was coming next. "Let me guess. You want to borrow monehe sneered.
         "How did you kno John laughed.
Virtual Writing Tutor ESL Grammar Checker