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Practice Correcting Capitalization Errors

Find and Correct the Errors

Find all the errors by clicking on them. A box will open and you can then correct the error. Don't click any correct words or you will lose points.

Remember this Rule

Always capitalize the following:
  • the first letter of every sentence
  • the pronoun "I"
  • names of people
  • fields of study
  • institutions
  • place names
  • nationalities
  • languages
  • months
  • days of the week

is your name?
This is the first time have met someone with that name.
My name is . I am from , , .
I study at .
My professor is , too.
She speaks , and .
My baby brother was born on 7th, 2011.
He was born on a .
Virtual Writing Tutor ESL Grammar Checker