My Biography.

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Etienne Larouche

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My Biography.

Montmorency College

How it all begins.

Finally, I am done with Montmorency College. After three years of hard work, it is now time to choose my university I want to go. I want to study Politics, but I hesitate between the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and Laval University. Both of these universities are recognized for their Political Science program.

Choice 1 : I choose to go to Laval University.

Choice 2 : I choose to go to the University of Quebec in Montreal.


I choose to go to the University of Quebec in Montreal.

I finally decided to go to UQAM because I have a lot of friends who are at this University. For my first day of the semester, I had a class at 10 a.m. I woke up at 7 a.m. to be on time because nobody loves to be late on first day! As soon as my teacher begun the class, I knew that this Bachelor Degree will be awesome.

Choice 1 : the Sabbatical Year.

Choice 2 : The Master Degree.

A plane

the Sabbatical Year.

After my Bachelor Degree in Political Science, I decided to visit the world for a year. To start my journey, I planned to go to Portugal. When I arrived at the airport, I was so happy because I will be going to a multitude countries. I didn't plan any hotel or AirBnB, I wanted to book everything at the last minute (like a did with my homework). The flight was supposed to be 8 hours, but in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the plane crashed and everybody on the plane died.

Choice 1 : The end

the Master Degree

the Master Degree.

When I finished my Bachelor Degree, I wanted to do a Master Degree to have less dead-end jobs. My supervisor was 30 years old. She was a pretty cute woman and as soon as she saw me, I liked her. I invited her for a drink one night even if it is illegal because I was her student. The university clearly forbidden because it is harassment. We went for a drink even if we were not supposed to. At the end of the night, we were very drunk and we slept together. We tried to keep it for ourselves, but the University of Quebec in Montreal knew it. They fired her and they kicked me out of the school.

Choice 1 : The end

Laval University

I choose to go to Laval University.

I went to Quebec City to go study. I was going to join an old friend from high school. We used to share an apartment close from the university. Also, we shared the road between Quebec and Montreal to go see our families. I have been a straight A’s student during all the Bachelor Degree. The university gave me a scholarship for my Master Degree!

Choice 1 : Short term scholarship

Choice 2 : Long Term Scholarship


Choose the Short Term Scholarship.

As soon as I received my scholarship, my friends were very happy for me. To celebrate, we went to a party hosted by the biggest party animals of America. We called them Nelk Boys. They partied all around Canada and the United States of America. We partied with them for a month, and I took more shots than I can remember. After this busy month, reality hit me harder than the shots that I had taken. I forgot about my assignment that I had to do with my scholarship. If I wanted to keep my scholarship, I had to do an analysis on the current political party of Quebec, the CAQ during the summer. However, I didn't find much time to do it because I realized that I was not interested at all by the ideas and values of the party and I did not want to waste my time on it. Little did I know that my scholarship would be taken away from me if I this task was not entirely completed. The day after the deadline, I received an email telling me that I would no longer receive money from the school to complete my master's degree because of the mistake that I had made. Since living in an apartment in Quebec City, while being a full-time student was pricey, I could not continue to afford it without the scholarship. I had to go back to my parents' house in Laval.

Choice 1 : The end


Choose the Long Term Scholarship.

I started my Master's Degree like I finished my Bachelor's Degree : with straight A's everywhere. I have been able to pull off my Master's Degree. It was not easy, but because of my good time management, I didn't do any cursory works. In fact, my supervisor was very impressed of me. He told me that I could have my own political party if I wanted. I thought about it during my last year of Master's Degree. I hesitate between joined an actual party or to create my own.

Choice 1 : Join Quebec solidaire

Choice 2 : Create my Own Political Party

Quebec Solidaire

Join Quebec solidaire.

After my Master's Degree, I applied to be a deputy in Quebec City for Quebec solidaire during the provincial elections of 2024. They refused my application, but they offered me to be Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois' trainee. I was his political analyst and I prepared his speeches. Wow, what an amazing job! I was very happy to work for him, he had bright ideas and we shared the same ideologies. With everybody's thoroughly works, Quebec solidaire won the elections for the first time! When the elections were done, everything went wrong. 22 women went public with sexual allegations against Nadeau-Dubois. The Prime Minister had to resign and all of Quebec solidaire's deputes resigned to show support to their chief. Information about me showed that I hid this story by giving bribe to the women during the election. After, this, I have not been able to find any job.

Choice 1 : The end

Logical Party

Create the Logical Party.

Instead of joining an actual political party, I realized that it would be much more useful to create my own political party. I wanted to create a party that was actually interested in everybody in society, not only the rich ones and that did nit have any corruption. With some friends who were with me during my Master's Degree, we invited our families and our friends to the first meeting of the logical Party. Beside my three friends, we were almost 2000! We couldn't believe it! Everybody who was there helped us grow our left-wing party. At our first elections in 2024, we won, even if the old parties didn't believe in us! I became Prime Minister of Quebec and we developed a bunch of green energy to ensure a healthy planet for our children. Our logo means that we cared about every man, woman despite of creed, race, religion, sexual orientation and creed.

Choice 1 : Became very Powerful

Choice 2 : Became very Important


Became very Powerful.

During my third mandate as the Prime Minister of Quebec, I didn't know what could I do. I eliminated all kinds of corruptions like bribe and threats, and all economic concepts have been replaced for green energy during my first two mandates. Under my leadership, the province of Quebec had become a big community of people, there to help and work for the pleasure of everyone, always ready to work as a big team. I was even able to diminish the salary of the richest people to be able to give back to the homeless and poorest ones in the province. The CIA didn't like my ideologies so they tried to get me fired with some fake news but I owned every Quebec's media. They reach the public with the social network like Snapchat and Instagram. My population didn't believe the CIA so they tried to reach me from another way. With poison vegan burger, my best meal. I died eating the thing I loved the most.

Choice 1 : The end

The United Nations

Became very Important.

After 12 years of power over Quebec, I had enough. I started something worthwhile, I shared my ideologies between other countries. I went to every continent to show economical, social and environmental ideas to the government. After spending 20 years of overtime on the road country to country, I abolished most corruptions all around the globe. I received the United Nations Prizes in the Field of Human Rights after all of the drive of work. Furthermore, I received the Nobel Peace Prize for my interactions between all of the countries I went. With all of my prizes, I applied to be the new United Nations Secretary-General. The General Assembly appointed me by acclamation! I became the first Canadian to have this role. I was really proud of myself and I knew that I could help a lot of people.

Choice 1 : My Retirement.


My Retirement.

Since I am now 80 years old, I think it is now time for me to resign from my job. I set aside way much money that I needed for my retirement. During my retirement, I still want to help the next generations by writing a few articles for the newspapers and by helping the young adults who will do the National Model of the United Nations. I will do it without being paid because I already had my pension from the government as well as my life savings.

Choice 1 : The End!

The End.