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a tale.

hapter-1 This was the third stationing of the attaché after he got into their external service. His option of the service was more impelled by his enthusiasm to see the culture and locations and survey the civilizations of the people. From his childhood, his folks instilled in him the value of the universe an as one big household, and people, men and women, in spite of their tongues and variance in airs and colours and dogmata are his brothers and sisters in altered costumes. His father was the first to articulate this truth, and later his mentors, especially the teachers in his school who presented him weekly tasks on this topic, prepared him to discern this as a certainty. Now he became a little maudlin thinking about those visionary mortals, who most all, left this rondure. It has been more than a decade that his father left him and he had to travel for two days unceasingly to see the lifeless man, as his posting was quite far-off from his native town. When his mother expired, he was absolutely down but his father’s presence took away much of the gloominess. But when his father departed, it was not like that. He felt panicky for the first time in his life. He felt alone as the major pillar and backer in all his catastrophe, the most understanding character in his life, with whom no ceremony is required to converse, is no more. With his father, he was fully at ease. When they were together, they did not talk much[ his mother was a chatterbox, but a well-meaning one ]. But his father was different. There was no communication gap between he and his father. When he asked for dough, the beloved sire gave him the wallet. He did not uncover any of the private correspondence that came from girls[ his sweethearts were all from his family, distant cousins, and very scattered relatives]. Instead, he described impersonally– You have a line, from so and so. The girls doodled their signatures on the reverse side of the dispatch. Because all his connections were unblemished and he was a straight youth, the girls narrated to him all their enigmas and they knew that he would not report it to anybody. But now his father is not existing to see him raised up in the cherished service and watch his postings and snapshots in various stations. The flight was behind by three hours when he arrived at the capital. This was the place he saw on the big screen with his friends in the thatched theatre, two kilometres from his house. Then he was working in the public works department .He stayed there for many years. Because it was his mother’s bidding that he sojourn with her till his nuptial, and when he got the first employment in his hometown, and later went for higher education in the city, his mother got him signed blank papers and did all the correspondence to the higher authorities to get his leave endorsed. A long sabbatical on the loss of salary, and she succeeded in her industry. And when he came back to his hometown. after higher studies, his old berth was waiting for him. It was a most relaxing job, with few communications and practically no responsibilities. In the free time, he would read books and when the office is over by 5 pm, his old mates would be waiting for him. And he would walk with them to the fort area and further to the ground where public gatherings are held and then return home by 9 pm on the bus.This was a time he started meditations in eastern thought and had a lot of problems, in spiritual and physical areas. For six months, he could not eat solid food, because he became so fixated on his involuntary functions. But, by the guidance of a good physician, he got out of that. The advice was so simple ..Don’t see food when you eat. Instead, read something while eating…He had not seen his old doctor for years. This was the absent-minded chap who would drive the automobile without closing the back door. A smile came to his lips recalling that. Finally, when the flight reached the capital, he was relieved. The burning sun and the desert khamsin was already having a sway on his body and spirit. He grasped that the country is nonidentical to the image that he got from the cinemas.

Choice 1 : a new tale

The End.