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saer moka

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Word count: 510

Choice count: 6

Section count: 3

Image count: 3

Error count: 3

Field Related Analysis:

Computer Science : 14 matches (battery, bit, call, choice, depth, field, Function, horizontal, hypertext, machine, name, physical, profile, vertical)

Education : 12 matches (P, choice, college, field, field of study, first, knowledge, project, student, students, training, university)

Psychology : 10 matches (battery, biology, bit, continuity, FAST, field, interview, knowledge, love, profile)

Target Structure:

HR (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


My Hypertext Narrative

The right decision

The right decision.

Hi, my name is Saer Mokahhal. I have been studying Pure And Applied Science for one year at Ahuntsic College in Montreal. My field of study is a pre-university profile that prepares students for entry to university in the physical and engineering sciences. My field of study is about the basics of chemistry and biology and the depth knowledge of mathematics and physics. So, my real problem is to choose the right decision for the rest of my life.

Choice 1 : Continue studying at Concordia University in Montreal.

Choice 2 : Go find a work that I love.

Student life

Student life.

My life is about studying hard for my future. I have been studying Electric Engineering for 3 years now so my mind is all about the function, limit, vertical and horizontal asymptotes, continuity, discontinuity, deviation, absolute minimum and maximum. So, my normal day is waking up, taking my lunch that I prepared before and going to the university. I stay at the university until 6 p.m. and I go after to my gym and finally I go back home and study. But one day at the university I was in the laboratory doing my project with my mate and suddenly my colleague started screaming like crazy because he got an electric shot because he touched the anode of the battery with a wet hand. That what my mate told me. So, I went so fast to my colleague to help him because he was alone doing his project and I fond out that he was...

Choice 1 : He and my mate were joking with me and hopefully that nothing went wrong and honestly I was a little bit afraid because my colleague was in a dangerous situation. Finally we finished our labs very well.

Choice 2 : He was really in a very bad situation. So, I decided to cut of all the electricity in the laboratory and call the ambulance to take him because unfortunately he could not walk after.

Work life

Work life.

So hardly I fond a job in a very big company in the airport in Montreal. My job is about checking the bags of the passengers with a big machine. The wage is very good honestly. One day, the HR called me and asked me for an interview and they told me that I will do some exams too. In a very good way, I got sucked up on-the-job-training and I put aside all my other work applications that I applied before. In the first day of the job, I was with 5 other coworkers and the trainer in a small room. All of a sudden, the trainer got a call and ...

Choice 1 : The trainer told us that we all will have a premium wage because we are the best workers on the job training that the company had.

Choice 2 : The trainer told us that we all are sucked out of the work because we were very bad in the job training.

The End.