Industrial Electronics

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Enrique Escalante

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 23 matches (act, action, answer, charge, cheat, clients, company, drugs, escape, excuse, family, four, harassment, illegal, living, minutes, month, obligation, offer, office, receiving, Special, work done)

Psychology : 19 matches (action, attention, bit, class, culture, depression, environment, family, harassment, interview, love, motivation, need, pain, phone, proposition, psychologist, superior, thinking)

Sociology : 14 matches (act, class, depression, industrial, culture, School, Proposition, relationship, homework, Industrial, interview, countries, school, World)

Target Structure:

internship (1 match)

overtime (2 matches)


Industrial Electronics

Ahuntsic College

Finally done!

After four years of hard work, I'm almost done! I have been studying industrial electronics at Ahuntsic College. Right now, I'm doing my internship to finally obtain my diploma. Fortunately, I receive a job offer at Hydro-Quebec and I got accepted to ETS University. The problem now is that I'm a bit confuse because those are two great opportunities and I don't know what is better for me.

Choice 1 : Hydro-Quebec.

Choice 2 : Go to ETS University



After 3 months of being here, I can tell you that I'm always rushing a lot because my boss is giving me so much work. Maybe because I'm the new guy? I am getting tired.

Choice 1 : Talk with my boss.

Choice 2 : Ask my partners to help me.

Choice 3 : Quit my job.

Drug selling


It's almost a month that I'm not working and I need money. I have some friends that are able to hook me up but in the bad way. I don't know if this is a good idea. Do I have another solution?

Choice 1 : Start to sell drugs.

Choice 2 : Make a loan at the bank

Street vybe

More and more problems.

I don't like to do this anymore. This is not me. I don't know what to do because to get in this business is easy but to get out its almost impossible.

Choice 1 : Go to a police station

Choice 2 : betray my friends

Prison suit


I went to the police station to denounce myself. I thought that everything was going to be good, but I broke too many laws by possessing drugs and selling them. I'm going to do 2 years in prison, but I feel good with myself I know that I did the great chose to continue with my life after.

Choice 1 : End.

Dead man

I'm Dead.

I made the worst decision of my life. They are looking for me because I stole them some money when I escape. I think my life is over, if they found me I'm a dead man. I don't want to suffer. I'm regretting my past, everything was perfect before. Is better if I finish with my life for once, I have no family and no friends who really cares about me.

Choice 1 : End.

New Job

Looking for a new job.

After making a loan at the bank, I start looking for a new job. Two weeks later, they call me for an interview. I got hired as a janitor, not the perfect job but for now is okay. I don't know if I will stay here or go back to school.

Choice 1 : Work as a janitor.

Choice 2 : Back to school


Proud of me.

To work as a janitor is not easy, it's a lot of work and demands energy. I found somebody who really likes me, I like to past some time with her, and it makes me happy. This is giving motivation to work, and to have something in life that I will be proud of.

Choice 1 : End.

Ahuntsic College

New beginning.

Well, after four years at Ahuntsic College I'm back. I just found something that I love to do, and I'm really happy. In three years I will graduate as a civil engineering.

Choice 1 : End.

Work place

Work environment.

Some people are very nice over here. They are giving me some tricks to be better at work, but it seems that some people over here really don't like me, and are asking my boss to give me extra work.

Choice 1 : Don't listen to them.

Choice 2 : Talk with those people.

Angry person

Be Mature.

I am trying to be mature, but my co-workers are still not leaving me alone. I'm losing patience and I'm getting really angry.

Choice 1 : Fight with my co-workers

Choice 2 : Complain with my superiors


Ring the bell!

After taking all this pain inside of me, I just exploded! I went to talk to my co-workers and one by one I start fighting with them. I didn't realize that I was at work. So, by the next day I got fired because I was too aggressive.

Choice 1 : End.


Recording is great!

Well it did work! I recorded my co-workers when they were doing some harassment to me, and I show the video to my superior. They got suspended for a month and my boss told me that this wasn't going to happen again.

Choice 1 : End.


New guy complaining!

So, I went to talk with my boss because he was giving too much work. He didn't listen to me at all. He just told me, you have to give the work for next week, and he left.

Choice 1 : Stay doing overtime

Choice 2 : Don't make the work in time.


Evening at work.

Actually, since I talk with my boss I have been doing overtime to get my work done. I don't understand everybody is going home early and I'm rushing to be done by time.

Choice 1 : Complain with Human Resources.

Choice 2 : Go to the doctor.


Human Resources.

They are the best ! After a talk with the human resources, they approve that my boss was giving me too much work so they talk to him, and he was in the obligation to remove me some work because it was too much.

Choice 1 : End.


Visit to the doctor.

I went to the doctor to tell him that I wasn't feeling great. The pressure at work was to high and I wasn't able to work in those conditions. So, he gave me some vacation to relax and some appointments at the psychologist to get well.

Choice 1 : End.


Killing myself at work.

I will never kill myself at work. My co-workers are enjoying their evenings like normal people, so am I! I don't know if I'm doing the best thing, but whatever I will invent an excuse to protect myself.

Choice 1 : Pay someone to do my work.

Choice 2 : Accept my decision


Bad Idea!

I didn't think about the consequences of my act! I pay someone to do my work but he did a lot of mistakes, and the company lost a lot of money. I have to do it again as a consequence.

Choice 1 : End.


My boss call me.

My boss just call me in his office a few minutes ago to tell me why I didn't do my work. I just tell him that it was too much and I wasn't able to make it on time. I think he realized so he gave me another week to do it. I thought that he was going to be mad at me, but not even.

Choice 1 : End.


Good or bad relationship?

I thought I was making a good action to go and talk to them, but no. After trying to figure out why they were acting like that with me, I realize that they were jealous because I was a good employee. Unfortunately, they told that they were going to treat me like that every day to get me tired and decide to leave. I don't know how to react.

Choice 1 : Don't pay attention

Choice 2 : Put attention to them


Time is the key.

It took a lot of time, but I make myself strong too don't listen to those people who were jealous of me. After a few months they stop harassing me because they were tired to talk and not receiving any answer.

Choice 1 : End.


They got me.

They got me really bad ! I'm the kind of person who listen to every little thing about me. I can't do it anymore It's too much for myself, if I don't quit I am going to fall into a depression.

Choice 1 : End.



University is great ! But we do have a lot of study and all kinds of homework is really bad. I'm here for a month and a half and is always the same thing I'm getting feed up. I might me thinking that this is not for me.

Choice 1 : Drop School.

Choice 2 : Stop working part-time.

Choice 3 : Cheat in class.


Dropping school.

I didn't make it. It was too much work for me, and I'm the type of guy who's not able to do a lot of things at the same time! Well now I don't know what to do.

Choice 1 : Find a job in electronics

Choice 2 : Travel



I never travel before. I think this is the perfect time to think about my future and to discover some new places. Two weeks just past, and I have made a decision, I'm going to Asia to know more about the culture.

Choice 1 : Drugs.

Choice 2 : Enjoying life!


Stuck at the airport!

I'm a little bit stupid. I do drugs in life, but I didn't realize that it was illegal to bring drugs to other countries. So, the police stop me at the airport and put me in jail because I was possessing drugs.

Choice 1 : End.


Amazing memories!

Every day, is something special. I'm happy to know more about the world and all the different culture! It's good to know new things about life. I'm going back ton Montreal soon, but to be honest, I want to stay here is just perfect.

Choice 1 : End.


Looking for a job!

I got an interview for a job but not in my career. I need money but I'm scared to be stuck over there, and don't do what a love to do.

Choice 1 : Go to the interview.

Choice 2 : Wait for a career proposition

Phone service


I got hired at Bell. Is a phone company and I'm in charge of selling phone to clients. For now is okay, I like the job but I'm still applying for my job career!

Choice 1 : End.


Bad decision make us better!

I regret my decision of not taking the job interview. Now, I'm living like a poor guy because I have no money to spend. I'm still waiting for a job proposition. I hope the're going to call me soon, I'm in need!

Choice 1 : End.

The End.