A police officer career

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Sebastian Iordache

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 20 matches (advancement, charge, citizens, close, community, district, force, four, Local, Military, murder, offer, police officer, possibility, section, short title, Special, title, trust, young)

Education : 17 matches (Down, National, School, choice, class, classes, don, field, instructor, reader, school, skills, task, technology, training, unit, university)

Police-Technology : 13 matches (detective, investigator, charge, murder, police, police officer, policeman, SPVM, SQ, patrol, police forces, National Police School, become a cop)

Target Structure:


A police officer career

A police officer

Finally done!

After almost four years, you finally finished you police technology program and the National police school (Nicolet). You have the choice to apply for some police departments to start your career as a cop.

Choice 1 : Apply for the SPVM (Service de police de la ville de Montréal)

Choice 2 : Apply for SQ (Sûreté du Québec)

The SPVM logo

Congratulations, you have been taken to the SPVM!

After the short formation, the SPVM gives you the choices where you want to work. Three of all the local police posts were very interesting. You can only choose one of them so think about it carefully.

Choice 1 : You chose the post 21.

Choice 2 : You choose post 44.

Choice 3 : You choose the post 27.

The police special forces

You chose the post 21.

You really do a great job in the center of Montreal. During a training, the officer of the special police forces, located at your post, saw your skills on the field. He ask you if you are interested to be a member of his squad.

Choice 1 : A special police officer.

Choice 2 : Refuse the special forces.

A special police officer.

You spend a lot of years with the special force unit, and the moment to choose if you want to become an instructor or to continue doing missions with the squad arrived.

Choice 1 : You become an instructor.

Choice 2 : You stay a police officer.

Refuse the special forces.

You prefer to keep patrolling with your crew. You find that is the best way to help people so you prefer to stay here. With the years, you finally have the choice to continue the patrolling or to do some administratif task for the last yeas of your career.

Choice 1 : Patrolling over anything.

Choice 2 : Take it easy at the end.

You choose post 44.

The post 44 cover a large and calm area. In this district, the police officers are very close to the citizens so there is very nice to serve there. After some years of patrolling, you boss offer you to become a cop who works with the community or to continue you good job as simple policeman.

Choice 1 : Choose the community.

Choice 2 : Stay with your patrol crew.

Choose the community.

As a cop who work with the community you have the choice to take more time with the young kids for prevention or with the minorities to increase the trust in the police. It's a hard choice but you can take one.

Choice 1 : Work with the young people

Choice 2 : Work with the minorities

Stay with your patrol crew.

You spend some good years with the squad but time has come to choose if you want to become a sergent and be in charge of you crew or if you want to stay at your rank.

Choice 1 : Become a sergent!

Choice 2 : Stay at your rank.

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.

You choose the post 27.

This post is very particular. He is near to Laval so you have to work with the police officers from the other island. You make a lot of different formation together and is always fun! You have now the choice to become an investigator for the SPVM or to take some class at the university to rank up.

Choice 1 : Become an investigator.

Choice 2 : Take some university classes.

Become an investigator.

As a new detective, you have the choice to work on the mafia or with the cases of murder. Both are very interesting but can only choose one of them.

Choice 1 : Take down the mafia!

Choice 2 : Work on creepy murders.

Take some university classes.

The university classes are very hard so you really don't know what to do. Your choice will have a big impact on all you career.

Choice 1 : Give up and stay a simple cop

Choice 2 : Continue yoour hard work and become a great officer

You have been refused.

It's sad but is not the end! You choose to apply at others place to find a job.

Choice 1 : You apply for SPL (Service de police de la ville de Laval).

Choice 2 : You apply for SPAL (Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueil).

Choice 3 : Apply for Military Police.

You apply for SPL (Service de police de la ville de Laval).

When you start at the SPL you are behind a desk and wait to go on patrol if the possibility came out. After a couple of months, you officer ask you if you want to continue the administratif tasks or if you want to go on the field.

Choice 1 : Take the patrol possibility.

Choice 2 : Stay save behind a desk.

You apply for SPAL (Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueil).

The SPAL offers you a lot of possibilities of advancement and specialisation. Is a ideal place for a young cop with all this ambition like you!

Write a choice here.

Apply for Military Police.

This is a new word with another mentality but you are ready to take the challenge!

Write a choice here.

Take the patrol possibility.

You have now the choice to do some patrol on bike or with the car.

Choice 1 : Be modern and take the bike.

Choice 2 : Be fancy and take the car.

Stay save behind a desk.

After some years of administratif tasks, the SPL offer you to become responsable for the archives or for the cells.

Choice 1 : Take the cells.

Choice 2 : Go to the archives.

The End.