A Story about My Life.

A hypertext narrative by

Beyram Chaieb

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Word count: 1163

Choice count: 25

Section count: 18

Image count: 18

Error count: 7

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 19 matches (children, close, company, construction, contract, corruption, director, fraud, gift, House, illegal, justice, office, option, poison, secure, security, sue, young)

Tourism : 13 matches (City, Construction, Contract, Party, Program, apartment, contract, dep, ex, option, program, times, trip)

Education : 11 matches (School, choice, college, diploma, first, high school, learned, level, management, school, university)

Target Structure:


A Story about My Life.

High School

The Beginning.

Once I had finished my high school, I had different option for my future. The ones that were the more appropriates were going to college or to do a DEP.

Choice 1 : Go to college

Choice 2 : Do a DEP

Ahuntsic College

Go To College.

After high school, I decided to go to Ahuntsic College. I had the choice between different programs but I decide, thanks to my dad's-ex, to go in Business and to make a career in this program.

Choice 1 : Go to university

Choice 2 : Open my own business.



After high school, I also had the chance to go on and study a DEP. It specializes a person in a manual job like electrician or plumber for example.

Choice 1 : Find a job.

Choice 2 : Go work for the city

HEC University

Go to university.

When I finished my college, I was accepted at HEC (Haute √Čtudes Commercial). I was really happy because this university is recognized all over the world. I then started studying finance and management on a higher level.

Choice 1 : Find a job

Choice 2 : Open my own business

Apple New Big Client

Find A Job.

Once I had my diploma, I was the happiest men on the planet. I decided to party like no one ever did before and while that, I found the love of my life. She even offered me to work with her doing management at Apple.

Choice 1 : Leave the business

Choice 2 : Become one of the highest leaders of Apple but loose the love of my life


Leave the business.

After 6 years at Apple, a problem came by me. My boss was a beautiful young woman who was also my friend's wife. One day, I was the last one in the office and she came to talk to me and to kiss me. I pushed her hard and I left.

Choice 1 : Start again !

My Garage

Open my own business.

After college, I didn't want to continue my studies so I decide to open a garage with my friend where we repaired cars together and where we were the only one in Montreal that could change your car colors.

Choice 1 : Start again !

My Office

Become one of the highest leaders of Apple but loose the love of my life.

After my boss kissed me, she invited me to her apartment and I slept there. When I woke up, my wife all ready new everything and left me. That's when my boss wanted me to become a more important person in the business and decide to give me the director position of the company. I made a lot of money and good contacts and I got married with my boss.

Choice 1 : Start again !

Friends and Associates

Open my own business.

When I received my university diploma, I opened a business in import export. I brought with me all of my best friends who quickly became my associates. At the beginning, the business was all mine but some of my friends wanted to buy some parts of my company and I sold some of them.

Choice 1 : My friends fired me from my own business

Choice 2 : We all became rich.

Bad associates

My friends fired me from my own business.

When my friends became used to the business I build, they got mad at me because I wasn't doing business with more country. They asked me several times to change that, but I never wanted to because it could ruin the company. They didn't listen to me and decide to sign contrasts with other countries and to quick me out of my own business.

Choice 1 : I closed the company

Tennis on top of it

We all became rich.

With my friends as associates, it was so much fun doing work. We signed contract with most of the biggest company in the world, we made billions out of it and we were doing several trip over the world with our families. We would go to Dubai and play tennis on top of the Burj Khalifa with our wife's and children's.

Choice 1 : Start again !


I closed the company.

As soon as my friends '' fired '' me from my business, I made sure that I would close the business by legal way and to sue them to justice for fraud, corruption and illegal traffic of elephants. I learned all those things when they expelled me out.

Choice 1 : Start again !

Protect funds

Find a job.

I decided to study in IT security. I used to love data processing and I thought that working in this would be so much fun. When I started, the Tunisian Mafia came to see me so I could help them and work for them to secure their transactions.

Choice 1 : Go work for the Mafia.

Choice 2 : Tell them to go find someone else

Tunisian Mafia

Go work for the Mafia.

I accepted and I started to work for the Tunisian Mafia. At first, I was very scared but after, they gave me few body guards and they gave me a big house, cars, planes and even money. I started to climb the ladder and after 5 years, I was the right hand of the big boss.

Choice 1 : Keep working for them for the rest of my life.

Choice 2 : Kill the boss and take his place


Tell them to go find someone else.

When they came to see me, I was so scared because I've heard so much about them that I didn't want to get involved in the Mafia. I told them that I would never work for them and they decided to threaten me. I always said no and in the end, they killed me.

Choice 1 : Start again !


Kill the boss and take his place.

After 5 years within the organisation, I had the chance to get really close to the big boss of the Mafia. One day, I took a poison and I put it in his whisky. When the people saw that their boss was dead, they decided that I would be the new boss, without thinking that I killed him. I became the new Tunisian Mafia's boss and I controlled everything in the country.

Choice 1 : Start again !

Plata o Plomo

Keep working for them for the rest of my life.

When I saw that the Mafia could give me a really good way of life, I decided that I would be loyal to it due to all the gift they gave me. I never thought that I could one day be millionaire, have a mansion, cars bikes, boats and even planes.

Write a choice here.

New bulding

Go work for the city.

I'm afraid that I decided to not continue my studies. Now here I am, working on a construction site for the city of Montreal.

Choice 1 : Start again !

The End.