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The adventure start here!

By ?. ?????, ????? - ??????????? ???????? ?????? ????? 19 ???? -, Public Domain,

I just finish high school.

I am young I have all my life in front of me. I get married before I finish my high school, and had a child. I still feel that I have all my life in front of me.

Choice 1 : I decide to go to Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : I apply to McGill University

Choice 3 : I am making my entrance as a worker.

Public Domain,

Ahuntsic : The College of diversity.

My husband told me that Ahuntsic College is an ethnic College but I never thought it was at that point! My first day at the college I already fell like home. In my field of study, Paralegal Technology, it didn't take a long time before I made new friends. The good time didn't last either, after a few months at the school has start I started feel something wrong in my throat. When I went to the doctor, he said that I should take a break from school.

Choice 1 : I took a year off.

Choice 2 : The doctor's statement is false. Let's complete my program.

By Keneckert at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Sreejithk2000 using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

McGill : The University of tradition.

Because of my high grade, I was able to get enough credit to be accepted at McGill College! I am so excited about this new adventures, even my daughter is wearing the McGill t-shirt all day long! My field of study is Law and at first I really enjoyed being there, but then the tasks became more and more difficult and as McGill University is an English institution, they were teaching us more the federal Law than the provincial which was really confusing me. Maybe Law wasn't made for me.

Choice 1 : I change my field of study.

Choice 2 : Nothing can really scare me, let's try again.

My entrance as a civil worker.

As a mom, even if I would like to go to school immediately, I can't stop thinking about my daughter and what she deserves. Of course, she deserves a mom with high degrees, but she also deserves to be spoiled and to have a mom more than part-time. This is why I decide to work instead of going to school. That way I will have more time for my baby and I can save some money so I can afford to go to school when the time is coming. Unfortunately, after six months working 45-hour-per weeks, I understand that working as an employee wasn't for me AT ALL and I suspect that my boss doesn't like me either. Should I wait to get fired or should I give my resign?

Choice 1 : I wait until I get fired.

Choice 2 : I am not getting fired, I rather resign.

My "sabbatical year"

Finally the doctor wasn't wrong at all! I'm glad that I took the year off because a few days after my doctor's appointment, my tonsillitis started to grow at a point I wasn't even able to talk! I had to go at the emergency and have two surgeries right away! By the time I was at home to recover, I spent it with my daughter, who has been a real support for me. She gave me enough strength to get back on my feet and decide what am I going to do with my life.

Choice 1 : Let's get back to school.

Choice 2 : Let's find a work that I will love!

By Egil De Sousa - min tlf, Public Domain,

When you realize that being stubborn is not always good for yourself.

Although the doctor told me to get some rest, I didn't see myself sit and wait for a whole year to get back at school. So, I decide, despise the doctor and my husband's advice, to stay at school and complete my program. I can tell you it wasn't the wisest decision I have made for myself! My throat was hurting more every day and I had to go, not once, not twice, but three times at the hospital to get a surgery! All at the same time I had to hand to my teacher all of my law projects! Can you imagine spending the day being in the coma and then spending the night reading legislation, doctrines and jurisprudence on your hospital's bed? That wasn't easy at all! But you know what? I made it till the end!! The best part is that because of my determination, my teachers has teamed-up together so I could have the best afterwards after what happened to me. Yes being stubborn is not always a good thing, I know it for a fact, but my hardworking has paid me two wonderful opportunities and the respect of my teachers!

Choice 1 : An organism called "IVAC" went me to be a part of their team.

Choice 2 : Master Goldwater call me herself to do my intern by her side.


Orientation guide me!

As I didn't know what to do, I decided to book an appointment with my guidance counselor. I really thought they would have improved since high school, I guess I'm still learning from my mistake. He told me to continue to come to school but instead of staying in Law, I would be in Social Science. Let me tell you; It was WORST! I should have stayed in my program, at least I knew why I was there. Now I don't understand anything and I don't even know what am I doing here! I feel that I am lost.

Choice 1 : I'm starting getting depressed.

Choice 2 : I re-book an appointment with the guidance counselor and I put him back in his place.

Public Domain,

Discipline, always discipline!

Luckily for me, I didn't change my orientation. It would have been a big mistake! Like always I just panicked at first because I felt that everything was too fast for me to follow properly. Then, I sat at home, while ma daughter was doing her homework, I looked at her, looking how much she was focus and I realize that I was never that concentrate, either in class, while I was listening to the teacher or at home.

Choice 1 : I'm looking for a work in my field of study.

Choice 2 : My family needs a break, let's travel.

getting fired

Me? Getting fired? Not while I'm alive.

No, it's not about pride. It is about fact, even if there are a lot of exceptions, nobody wants to work with someone who has been fired in his previous job! And if I have to look for another job I don't want to my latest reference being something negative. But on the other hand, I really don't like this job! This is hell! What should I do?

Choice 1 : Try to speak with my boss to see if we can work things out.

Choice 2 : Find another job while I'm still working for my boss and then disappear without a word.

CC BY 2.5,

You fired me? No, I QUIT!

This time, my boss went too far! Yesterday, while I was packing up my things to go reach my family, my boss came into my office and asked me to do four extra hours! The thing is that I have been working overtime the whole week! So, naturally I refuse very politely, explaining to him that I needed to spend time with my family. My boss didn't accept my refusal and he started threatening my job! At this time, I just understands that this work wasn't for at all. So, I took all of thing and told him that the day he won't have to bully someone to feel powerful he knows where to reach me and I left.

Choice 1 : I went to the casino.

Choice 2 : I drank until I found what to do.

By Joshtys - Own work, Public Domain,

School, you get rid of me once, but you won't do it twice!

I'm back feeling stronger than ever! At first, when I came in class, everybody, even the teacher, were staring at me. I was able to see in their face that they looked for the right terms to employ with me. As always, I made a joke that made everybody laughs and forgot about this awkward moment. Hopefully, I have been able to be focus. Since that day, everything went well and I was able to complete my program until the end.

Write a choice here.

By Wikij 2008 - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Mirror, Mirror what kind of work would fit me the best?

As it is too late to subscribe at school, I decided to look for a job that would fit me the best! Obviously I can't have a work in my field of study yet, but I hope I can find something related still.

Write a choice here.

woman power

IVAC: The opportunity that made me more aware of women's conditions.

My internship with IVAC was unforgettable. This training made socialize with a lot of woman that has been abused by man, that has lost everything; their house, their materials, their habits, their quality of life, their joy. It's been so painful watching those women coming day by day trying to get hope of a refresh start. But that also made me realize that they were more powerful and strong women on earth that we thought.

Choice 1 : Write a choice here.

By MARIA RUBERT - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Let's play the arbitrator with Goldwater!

Master Goldwater is a woman with a strong character. She fights a relentless battle against injustice. Whoever have a chance to be by her side while she's debating the rights and the wrongs in a case, consider yourself luckiest than the student who has accepted in Paralegal Technology.

Write a choice here.

By Welleman - Own work, Public Domain,

May I have a burn-out please!!?

Well.What can I say? I'm tired of everything; the teacher that won't try to understand their students, the lack of explanations, the amount of homework and project that won't decrease, like the greatest Fanny Lou Hammer said; "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired".

Write a choice here.

CC BY-SA 3.0,

Dear guidance counselor, @#@@#$$#*%%%!

Obviously, by doing this, I assume that I would be expelled from school, but if I tell you that I regret my action, I would lie to you and I'm not that kind of woman! Because of his "advice" I'm lost than ever now! So, if I could go back in the past and redo what I did, I would!

Write a choice here.

By user Coolcaesar, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I need to find a job in my field of study.

As soon as I finished school, my first priority was to found a job related to my field of study. There was no way that I returned back to the customer service. Hopefully, I didn't have to search long enough as one of my teachers, Pierre Duchaine, called me to let me know that he was looking for a Paralegal for filling contracts and acts. As I was available, I started the job the next day!

Write a choice here.

We need some fresh air!

After all that happened this year, now that I finished school, I felt that my family and I needed to get some fresh air, so we decide to travel!

Write a choice here.

By Lamiot - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Can we act like two grown-up people?

As I promised myself, before I get out, I tried to work things out with my boss. Actually we did have a grown-up conversation and we realize that we have misinterpreted our whole relationship. So, from now on, we have settled a meeting a week so we can communicate.

Write a choice here.

Hi, you may call me Casper because like him, I can disappear!

I really tried to work things out with my boss, but as always, he wouldn't listen. So, I decided to give up and do what is best for me; looking for another job. Two weeks after our "meeting" an office contacted me because there was a new position open and it fitted with me. I accept it right away and since that day, I never saw my boss anymore.

Write a choice here.


Casino: Somewhere you have to go when you realized that you are broke.

Now that I resign, I couldn't go back home and tell this to my husband, he would have been devastated because we have a family to sustain. So, I made a few calls and went to the Casino. When you realize that you are about to be broke, the only thing that can happen is to gain money. This is what I did! With a little help I came in with my last $100 and I got out with $5 000 000! Now I do feel more comfortable to tell my husband that I don't have a work anymore.

Write a choice here.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

While I was getting more drunk, I was thinking about how to tell my husband that I resign from work. I didn't know what to do, and I was starting to get worried. I always dreamed to create my own legacy. The more I was thinking about that and more I was actually excited for what is coming next. I took a Kleenex from the bar and a pencil and I started drawing a plan.

Choice 1 : I am building my empire.

By Dmitry Avdeev - Provided by email, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Let's build an Empire.

Since I finished high school, I have tried everything to make my life a success. I have a lot of potential, but I don't feel that my boss's had appreciate my efforts. This is why I decided to work for myself.

Choice 1 : Building my own Law office.

Choice 2 : Building a massage office.

Choice 3 : Create a network of taxi.

By Jim.henderson - Self-photographed, CC0,

My Law office.

This project mean so much to me because during my study, I went through a lot and if I didn't have a real interest in Law I could have give up. But despise everything I went thorough and I success! Because of that I want to create a legacy that can help student like me that went through the same path as me.

Choice 1 : Alliance myself with a Law office so we can train future the future students.

Choice 2 : I apply to become become a teacher at Ahuntsic College.

By Blaze1984 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I build a Clinic of therapist.

While, I changed my field of study, I take a course about therapist and they showed us how to massage people and since then, I fell in love with massages. This is why I had an interest into building a clinic of therapist. So, I can help people getting better.

Choice 1 : I had to fire three of my personals.

Choice 2 : I stayed with my initial staff and we become successful.

By Petar Miloševi? - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I created a network of taxi.

This is not the same the networks of taxi who you used to call. This one have only women as driver. I wanted to create a place, where women can do the same things as men but without feeling intimidated or harassed by a man. Unfortunately, not everybody was thrilled about this idea as one of my drivers were assaulted.

Choice 1 : One of my drivers were assaulted by a man.

Choice 2 : I drove Justin Trudeau.

By Unity Technologies -, Public Domain,

Unity is strength!

Now that I decided to help other students of Law to grow and become the best version of themselves, naturally I needed a lot of help so I can make this dream come true. So, I sent a lot of request to a lot of laws office and fortunately I noticed that I wasn't the only with that desire! So, I teamed myself up with three others law's office and together we started plotting about how we could become more relevant towards those students.

Choice 1 : We decided to start our recruitment earlier.

Choice 2 : We offer to the students a job right after they got their degree.

By Agripolare - Own work, Public Domain,

Early internship for the students? YES!

We decided to set a program for the student that aren't able to stay at school during the whole program for diverse reason as; being pregnant, having health issues, suffer from depression/ burn-out, etc. to start an internship with us before they restart school so they won't feel lost when they came back. I can tell you that at the trial it was a huge success! Every student that has participated in our trial has been really satisfied.

Write a choice here.

By The original uploader was Cmatta at English Wikipedia. - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Eustress using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 2.5,

I applied as a law teacher to Ahuntsic College.

As an old student, I wanted to give to the students what the teachers has given to me the past few years. I wanted to give my part of legacy to the Law program at Ahuntsic College.

Choice 1 : I become the teacher of the year.

Choice 2 : I wasn't accepted to become a teacher.

By Rod Waddington -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The boss has to play the tough one.

I discover that some of my employees weren't honest with me. When I tried to confront them about it, they denied it right away. They didn't give me choice; I bought a camera and installed them all around the clinic without warning the staff. It didn't take long before my doubts turned into fact. Unfortunately, I had to fire them. Let me tell you that they didn't appreciate it at all! They turned my life into hell after I made my decision.

Choice 1 : I got sued by my ex employee.

Choice 2 : My clinic was vandalized.

By Endgame EntertainmentFive Star Feature Films -, Public Domain,

Do you want a job? Come and get it!

As we doing internship, we are also looking up for the future potentials that might become our co-workers. The law department of Ahuntsic College loves our project so much that they decide to become our official partner!! I couldn't be happier about this improvement.

Write a choice here.

By Niklaus Troxler -, Public Domain,

Remember that the quantity doesn't matter but the quality is.

If it wasn't for the rest of the staff, I don't know what I would do! While I was running side to side to court and at the police station, my staff took care of the clinic for me. They did a wonderful job. So much that we have made a lot of profit! To thank them I decide to recompense them.

Choice 1 : we decided to open another Clinic therapist.

Choice 2 : I gave a promotion to my co-workers.

By Welleman - Own work, Public Domain,

Violence is everywhere!

While I was sleeping, I received a call from the emergency. It was about one of my employees, she has been assaulted! I ran right away at the hospital so I could be stayed by her side. When she woke up, she told me that the guy that assaulted her did it on purpose to show her that she's not supposed to be a driver! How can we still this state of mind! I had to do something about it!

Choice 1 : I called the police.

Choice 2 : I decided to revenge my driver.

By Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM) - source, Public Domain,

A life adventure: Justin Trudeau.

With the amount of people getting into my car, I never thought that one day I could have said that Justin Trudeau was a part of them! He was so stressed because he didn't want to arrive late at the general assembly. While he was in my car, he was also wondering where was his personal driver. Since I knew that I might never see him again, I took a chance and told him I could help him if ever something like that happen again. I can tell you that after this chat between us, nothing was the same.

Choice 1 : Justin Trudeau decide to hire me as her personal driver.

Choice 2 : From the moment he gets inside of the taxi, he fell in love with me.


Teacher of the year!

When I applied to become a teacher, I knew that I would change the life of a few students, but I never thought that I could be nominated as a teacher of the year!!! That mean so much to me. I hope that I will keep inspire students like that.

Write a choice here.

I needed Ahuntsic College, but he didn't need me.

Sadly, they didn't take me as a teacher. But, you know what? That's okay. That doesn't mean that I'm not qualified for that! I still have my business going on and I'm able to help the students even if I'm not a teacher.

Write a choice here.

You asked for more therapist? There we are!

Exactly! We decide to open a second clinic therapist! After seeing the success of the first we asked ourselves; why don't we extend this well-care more in the city? More people could use this relieve.

Write a choice here.

Co-workers, let Mama spoiled you!

As I opened a second clinic therapist, I thought about who should run it. The first people that came into was my co-workers! They helped so much with this business how they can't run it? So, I decide to let them run the second clinic by themselves and we shared the percentage of the clinic equally.

Write a choice here.

Being sued by a "prostitute"

Yes, my employees who were doing illegal activities in my place decide to sue me. Obviously they didn't win the case and on the top of they had to pay my law fee for the disturbance.

Write a choice here.

The revenge of the "prostitute".

As they didn't win the case, my ex employees decide to come and vandalize my clinic. Sadly for them, they didn't know about the cameras and they were pretty surprise at the courtroom when they saw themselves in a video tape. After they refund everything, I never heard about them.

Write a choice here.

Police, it is times to step up!

Since the aggressor attack my driver on purpose, I went at the police station to see if we could do something about it. Unfortunately, as there was no witness to identify the man, it was pretty difficult for the officer to open a case.

Write a choice here.

Since the police can't do anything, we will!

With all the technology the police officer have, I don't get how come they couldn't do anything! I don't possess the half of technologies they have and I find a way to find the guy within two weeks! I won't give the nasty details, but I can tell you that now he's the one who can't drive.AT ALL!

Write a choice here.

I find a way to impress Sir Trudeau!

After I drove him to his assembly (he arrives on time!), Mr. Trudeau was so impress that he asked me for my phone number! Then after that night, every time he needed a ride, he called me. At first, it was only in town and then I started to drive him outside of Montreal, Canada, you get it. Not that bad for a woman right?

Write a choice here.


My name is Trudeau, Camie Trudeau.

After spending two years and a half driving Justin Trudeau, he finally told me why he chose as his driver. Of course, he was impressed by my driving but he also said that he totally impressed by me. From the first time he met me until today, he is in awe in front of me! Then, he put one kneed down and asked me to marry him! Well.OF COURSE I SAY YES!!!

Write a choice here.

The End.