Police technology.

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kevin levesque

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Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 21 matches (accident, action, arrest, arrested, Child, complaint, compromise, criminal, driver, excuse, family, hostage, House, law, living, month, police officer, protocol, surprise, victim, weapon)

Police-Technology : 13 matches (arrest, commander, criminal, gun, hostage, jail, law, police, police officer, right, SQ, victim, weapon)

Computer Science : 10 matches (API, bit, call, child, choice, compromise, picture, protocol, search, victim)

Target Structure:


Police technology.


Begin here!

After a lot of efforts and training I have been accepted in Police Technology for the next semester but, I don't know if I will stay here at Ahuntsic College or if I will go to Trois-rivières.

Choice 1 : Stay at Ahuntsic college

Choice 2 : Go to Trois-Rivières college


Ahuntsic college life.

I have been studying at Ahuntsic College for 2 years now but, I am not sure if I am going to finish this program because I don't like most of the classes.

Choice 1 : Quite the progam and search for something else

Choice 2 : Finish the program


Trois-Rivières college life.

It's my final year at college, and I am very happy to have come here; I made a lot of new friends and I love the town. Now I need to think about what I want to do next. Beginning as a police officer or applying in the SQ.

Choice 1 : Applying to the SQ


Career change.

I had a really good talk with my API last weak and I'm going to do a legal program but, I am not sure if I am taking a year off break before that.

Choice 1 : Taking a break.

Choice 2 : Start my program



I went to Costa Rica for 1 week just to relax and I fell in love with a girl on the beach. Three years later I am now the father of 2 beautiful girls and, I am living in a small but very cute house on the beach with them and their mother.

Choice 1 : Start again!

palais de justice

Legal Technique.

I have been studying in this program for 2 and a half years now, and I am very happy that I decided to take this choice because I really love this technique, and I am sure that I will be very good to do this job.

Choice 1 : Start again!

police officer

Find a job.

I finished my Police Technology last week it was difficult but, I am very proud of myself. I need to find a job now but, I don't know where to apply. I want to work in my neighborhood but also in Montreal to have more action.

Choice 1 : Working in my town.

Choice 2 : Working in Montreal.

police de Montreal

Working in Montreal.

I have been working in Montreal for 6 months now and as I expected there is a lot of action and law violations here. While a was patrolling with my partner we received a call for gun shots; when we arrived at the place we saw a man holding a hostage in front of him. He pointed me with his gun and told me that he wants to talk with me but, only if I drop my weapon.

Choice 1 : Droping my gun and going to talk with him.

Choice 2 : Try to shoot him.


Working in my town.

I was hired in my own town I am very happy because my girlfriend and I have found a nice house for sell and we are thinking of having a pet but my girlfriend wants a cat and I want a dog.

Choice 1 : Buy a cat

Choice 2 : Buy a dog.


The cat.

My girlfriend wanted a cat and I wanted a dog so we made a compromise; we bought a cat. Everything is good I love my job and where I am working, and finally the cat is cool I taught it to play dead.

Choice 1 : Start again!


The dog.

Finally we bought a dog, my girlfriend was angry at the beginning but now she is playing with him more than me. Last week when I was cutting the grass a kid ran in my yard and my dog bit him. The parents of the child sent a complaint and we were obligated to sell our dog. I was very sad but to comfort me, my girlfriend showed me a picture of the baby's ultrasound. I am so excited to be a father.

Choice 1 : Start again!


The conversation.

I decided to drop my gun and go talk with him because the guy looked very sad and I didn't want anybody to die that day. After many hours of discussion with the man he finally let the hostage go away and I arrested him without any problem. When I came back to the department my commander suspended me for a month because I didn't follow the protocol and he said that it was very dangerous. Well it could have been worse than that, I think I am going to take some good time with my family during this pause.

Choice 1 : Start again!

crime scene

The mistake.

When I saw the gun on the head of the victim I decided to shoot, but I missed. I hit the hostage on the arm and the man escaped. With no surprise my boss fired me and now I need to find a new job. Well things didn't happen as I expected.

Choice 1 : Start again!



I have been accepted in the SQ, and I am really good in this work; maybe too good. While I was patrolling I received a call for an accident and I took it, when I arrived on the accident the driver was gone but a child was on the ground and next to him was the mirror of the car that hit the child. When I grabbed the piece I knew excactly whose car it was.

Choice 1 : Going to arrest the criminal.

Choice 2 : Tell another police officer who hit the child.


The decision.

When I arrived in front of the house I saw the car in the driveway, and as I expected the mirror was not on it. When I went inside the house he was sitting on the couch, smoking a cigaret. I arrested him and he is now in jail for 20 years, the day I arrested my dad was the worst day of my life.

Choice 1 : Start again!


Life continues.

I told one of my coworkers it was my dad who hit the child but I could not arrest him myself, it was too hard. My dad was drunk when he had the accident but it's not an excuse, I know I made the right thing.

Choice 1 : Start again!

The End.