Hypertext Narrative!

A hypertext narrative by

talen krikor

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Word count: 433

Choice count: 13

Section count: 8

Image count: 6

Error count: 4

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 12 matches (choice, class, college, first, level, reader, semester, social, speaking, student, students, teacher)

Computer Science : 11 matches (bit, child, choice, Class, hypertext, manager, pass, Pick, reader, Section, language)

Tourism : 8 matches (First class, Lobby, Program, bit, first class, language, pass, program)

Target Structure:

retirement (1 match)

straight A's (2 matches)


Hypertext Narrative!

New Chapter.

Ever since I was a child, I knew what I wanted to become when I grow up. But it all changed when it was the time for me to pick a program for college. I applied in two very different college and programs. I got accepted in both which made the final decision even harder. I had applied in Social Science at Ahuntsic College and architect at Vanier College.

Choice 1 : I went to Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : Vanier College.


Ahuntsic College.

I decided to go to Ahuntsic College. I was very happy to have chosen this college because I realized I wanted to become a teacher just like my mother. When I walked in everyone seemed nice and friendly. But I had one issue. I couldn't find my geography class so I decided to.

Choice 1 : I asked a student for help

Choice 2 : I went to the lobby

Choice 3 : I Got mad and I left

Vanier College.

I decided to go to Vanier College. At first, I was very nervous, because everyone around me were speaking English and English isn't my first language. I went to my first class which was English.

Choice 1 : The English class was very easy.

Choice 2 : The teacher was explaining boring upcoming projects.

Choice 3 : The class was harder than I expected.

The English class was very easy.

I was very happy that I knew I'll be able to pass this class and wont have any difficulties in English. In fact, I was one of the best students.

Choice 1 : The teacher noticed and changed my level.

Choice 2 : I passed the class with straight A's.

The teacher noticed and changed my level.

I was doing really noticed the teacher put me in a higher level. And it was way too hard for me.

Choice 1 : I left the college and started working in Uniprix.

Choice 2 : I passed the first semester.

I started working in Uniprix.

I left the college and started working in Uniprix as a cashier and a few years later I became the manager and stayed until my retirement.

Choice 1 : END.

I passed the first semester.

After three years, I graduated from Vanier College with straight A's. A bit later, I got a job as an architect and got the life that I wished.

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