My Life After College.

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Annick Rose Yao

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My Life After College.


Life after graduating from Ahuntsic College.

I just graduated from College and my GPA is 31. It is perfect to submit my application in the Law study of my program. However, after finishing I realized I would also like to be a paralegal. A really big cabinet reached out to me to see If I'm interested working there full-time or part-time during my school. They offered me really good salary which is more than what you can get as a technician.

Choice 1 : Going to university.

Choice 2 : Start working as a Paralegal


Going to university.

I decided to go to university and work at the same time in my program. I sent my request to 3 universities. As I am waiting, I start to get frustrated by the thought of "what-if" they don't accept me. The first university is my top choice which is Harvard University. Even though it is not in my state, due to some recommendation and the reputation of the school I took the chance. The second and third one is in my country and they have a better reputation as well and they're one of the top universities to study law. None of them as answered yet, should I submit more request?

Choice 1 : Open the Harvard letter.

Choice 2 : open the second university letter.

Choice 3 : Open the third university letter.


Start working as a Paralegal.

So, I choose to start working as a Paralegal. I have to send my resume to multiple places. I really wanted to work for the government. The job hunting is literally no joke because employers are looking for people with 5-10 years of experiences. I just finished the program and I do not have any. Three places I have applied got back to me with a response. I am scared to open them.

Choice 1 : The courthouse of Montreal.

Choice 2 : CNESST (Workers' Compensation).

Choice 3 : A well-know Law Firm.


Open the Harvard letter.

For the Harvard University, they told me telling me that my score is really great. They had to choose the best students because everyone couldn't study law at the school without the grade and the money. Luckily, they give me the chance to go to their school even if I had to spend my money. I GOT ACCEPTED! I can’t believe! It’s like a dream came true. I start classes on Monday. For my class’ choices I have to choose the classes for the first semester. I wanted to start with something a little more relaxed.

Choice 1 : Civil Law.

Choice 2 : Business Law.


The courthouse of Montreal.

The email says that my experiences were good and I got accepted. It is written how much they are going to pay me and how many hours I am going to do. They also said that my experience will increase with the time. I have applied for a full-time position. They offered me a basic position with the basic pay starting at $17 or for a higher position with a lot of work starting at $25/hours. I don’t know what to choose either way it is a permanent position.

Choice 1 : Regular position.

Choice 2 : Higher position.


Open the second university letter.

The letter comes from the University of May. They say that I got accepted me in condition to come for an interview. They want to see me in person because they seemed to be interested in my profile. The letter also says that they did background check before they accepted me. I don’t know if I should go or wait for other admission letter from universities I applied to.

Choice 1 : Go to the interview.

Choice 2 : Wait for responses


CNESST (Workers' Compensation).

The CNESST called me for an interview. I wasn’t really sure to go because when I was studying in the program, I worked for them a semester. It was a foot in the door for me as a college student.

Choice 1 : Accept the offer.

Choice 2 : Apply to new places.


Open the third university letter.

I got declined from the third university that is the University of Laval. I was somewhat upset about it but I said to myself that I will get to one. What’s life without failure anyway? I waited for a couple of days, and the letters from others university came in. I got accepted in both universities. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Now I need to make a choice to where I am going next. The choice is crucial because Harvard University & University of May are well-known as the biggest school to study law. The choices are though.

Choice 1 : Choose Harvard University.

Choice 2 : choose May University.


A well-know Law Firm.

I was extremely surprised that this law firm would like me to work for them. I have immediately called them to accept the offer. They asked me a couple of questions such as which branch of law I would like to work.

Choice 1 : work civil law.

Choice 2 : Family Law.


Civil Law.

I choose Civil law, which is really nice. I had this class on Monday and the course wasn’t boring at all. It was a lot of information at the same time but me studying Paralegal Technology helps me for better understanding. My first class was a WRAP!! A week later, the college sent me a message to see If I’m keeping all of my courses.

Choice 1 : Keep all of my courses with civil law included

Choice 2 : Change the course for another one. Need something new. I’m going for business law this semester!!


Business Law.

The first class, in business Law was a little complicated. It was a follow-up of what I have learned on the Paralegal Technology program. The teacher explains everything so slowly that it becomes boring. But I also like the fact that he explains his course in-depth.

Choice 1 : Tell the teacher about his way of explaining things

Choice 2 : Change classes for another teacher because I like the subject.

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.


Go to the interview.

The interview went really well. We discussed my admission, my purpose and some stuff from my personal life. Nothing complicated. They were really friendly. Also, they told me that my grades were really impressing and they would like to give me a scholarship. My on-the-job-training is in 4 days.

Choice 1 : You say yes to the scholarship and study there

Choice 2 : You say to them that you will think about your other options before saying yes.


Wait for responses.

I decided to wait for other admission letter. Luckily, I got accepted to Harvard University which was bigger than I expected. I was so happy that I almost spill my juice.

Choice 1 : Go to Harvard University

Choice 2 : Give a chance to University of May


Choose Harvard University.

I choose to go to Harvard University. I wanted to go there because of the reputation of the school. I am sure I am going to learn a lot in the Law program. From my recent research, teachers seems nice with students. I moved to the campus to be close to the school. With all the seniority, I feel lost and I do not know the school really well. The school is really big with a lot of students even the indications don’t help !!

Choice 1 : wait till Monday to discover the entire school

Choice 2 : go on adventures to find your classes before Monday


choose May University.

I choose to go to the University of May. The school is located in a popular town which is New York. It seems like you are a little bit closer of everything. I visited the school and my first thought was " It is pretty big " and there’s a lot of people everywhere. I don’t know if I should stay in the campus or rent an apartment in New York which is a little bit pricey. But since, I got a scholarship here, they also told me that they will pay everything until I finish school here included where I will live.

Choice 1 : Rent an apartment close to the school

Choice 2 : stay on campus


Regular position.

The regular position is good. I don’t have much work to do but I need to be careful. I have to check the documents and put them right back to the huge library. My shift starts tat 8 a.m. and finish at 3 p.m. like most of the workers here. I got tired easily because the tasks are literally the same. I can’t imagine myself in this position for the rest of my life.

Choice 1 : Ask for other tasks

Choice 2 : Tell them you want to switch position


Higher position.

I have a lot to do in a typical day but it is okay. My shift starts at 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. With this position, I am allowed to do more hours if I want to. They also double the money for extra hours of work I have to make. I like to do what I am doing. I am in contact with lawyers, judge and others. I don’t know if this is the job for me yet but so far it is nice. I am doing my job so well that they asked me if I want to do a formation to be the leader of the team. As a leader, you also have the drive of work which is stressful.

Choice 1 : stay in your position

Choice 2 : do the training for that position


Accept the offer.

I decided to accept the offer because they told me I will get better pay. It was another location than the one I was before. The colleagues are nice and I got a big desk for myself. All day long, I am calling people and doing legal stuff. The tasks are easy and I got reasonable pay and breaks. Sometimes the work is overwhelmed. One day, as I was searching for something I couldn’t find the answer for a person on the phone.

Choice 1 : ask a colleague

Choice 2 : keep looking in my notes, I will find the answer.


Apply to new places.

As I am looking to places, I found my dream job in a law office. It is generally hard to get in this type of place without experiences. It is a well-know law firm. Also, they told me they will frequently see my progression throughout the week. I can see myself working as a Paralegal here. Should I apply anyway?

Choice 1 : Apply to that place, you’ll never know!!

Choice 2 : Forget the place, there’s better


work civil law.

I started working in civil law and it was really nice. I was very familiar with all the thing I had to do because of my program. I like to come in handy to the office because I like to help. I don't want to stay in a dead-end position so I don’t know if I should stay or challenge myself with other branches of law.

Choice 1 : start with civil law

Choice 2 : ask them to do other forms of law


Family Law.

I started to work in the branch of Family Law. I get to solve different situations every day. My employees are nice and I think I was integrated pretty quickly. I like the task I have to do every day. It is simple. Also for very new person, we have to do background checks and make them learn the ropes.They recently asked me if I would like to do others branch of law because of my good job.

Choice 1 : I say yes

Choice 2 : I say No, I prefer Family Law

The End.