Last year at Ahuntsic College

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Patricia Rivera

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Nursing : 30 matches (accident, disease, cells, bacterium, biology, brain, pressure, column, confidentiality, death, DNA, enzyme, exercise, extinction, genetic code, genetic engineering, genome, glucose, Health, hospital, immunology, insulin, microbiology, mean, nervous, planning, position, regeneration, solution, patients)

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Last year at Ahuntsic College

?lewi?ski Pensive

I have to take a big decision.

I almost finish my last semester at college, and I have to take a big decision. I'm not sure if I want to go to work or if I should go to the university.

Choice 1 : The university: to similar, and so different.

Choice 2 : Go to work.

Université de Sherbrooke

The university: to similar, and so different.

Finally I chose to go to Sherbrooke University. But I I have a difficult chose ahead. I can go to the Microbiology program or to the Molecular and cellular biology program. Both are in biology, like I would like, but they focus on different aspects.

Choice 1 : Molecular and cellular biology program.

Choice 2 : Microbiology program.

Choice 3 : Genetic Engineering.

Central Dogma of Molecular Biochemistry with Enzymes.jpg

Molecular and cellular biology program.

I'm very happy with my choice. With this program I can study different events in the animal, microbiological life. It's amazing how we can find the solution to different biological problems using biotechnology's tools. And is even incredible how we can modify vegetable life and transform food in order to make it resistant to complicated weathers. Now I have to prepare my final project and decide if I'm going to stay in the research program or if I continue my studies.

Choice 1 : Final project in the Research department.

Choice 2 : Master degree in Physic and biology.

Final project in the Research department.

I started my final project in the Research department. Here I have the opportunity to develop a disease's study or to modify enzymes in order to create new things. It's my choice but my disease's study teacher is not been respectful with me because I'm a woman. Maybe, I should take the other option.

Choice 1 : Studying an enzyme.

Choice 2 : Studying a new disease.

PDB 1st0 EBI

Studying an enzyme.

I've been studying an enzyme with my lab partner for 6 months. We found the way to modify an enzyme in order to change its function. With that modification that enzyme reduces the glucose level in blood. That means that the diabetic people won't need the insulin anymore. It's a great discovery and we are going to celebrate.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Alzheimer's disease brain.

Studying a new disease.

Finally I talked with the disease's study teacher. He apologized with me. Now we are working together studying the Alzheimer. We found some irregularities. I think this is worse than people imagine. These genetic modifications that are taking place in the brain cells can mean the extinction of humanity. I believe that we are close to discovering the solution and this is found in the nourishment and in the brain's exercise.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

McGill Physics

Master degree in Physic and biology.

I already started my master studies. The department and the laboratories are incredible. The laboratory staff is not very gentle but they are very well-prepared. After this I think I will teach at the college level or maybe do a PhD in nuclear biology.

Choice 1 : College teacher.

Choice 2 : PhD in nuclear biology.

Collège Ahuntsic

College teacher.

I finally decided to be a professor at college. Fortunately, I found work at Ahuntsic College. I am very satisfied with my decision and I love sharing my knowledge with young people.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

McGill Physics

PhD in nuclear biology.

I love this program. It's amazing how we can study the molecular basis of biological activity. We are studying the interaction between DNA and different bio-molecules.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


Microbiology program.

I decided to follow the microbiology program. It's quite interesting to see how it is possible to create medicines and other biological elements from microorganisms. I enjoy working in the laboratory and making genetic modifications in the bacterium in order to create new solutions in health.

Choice 1 : Working with the government.

Choice 2 : Working with a big company.

Government of Canada.

Working with the government.

I started my first job in the government's laboratories. In just 6 months I was promoted to a new department. These are secret laboratories where the security level is quite high. Last week, I was proposed to work on a secret project for the production of biological weapons. It's a tough decision because the salary is pretty good.

Choice 1 : Bio-weapon.

Choice 2 : I've got fired.

Top secret.


Today I started my work in the new department where the government wants to produce biological weapons. My boss is very strict about the confidentiality at work. He assures me that it is a government project only as a protection, but I do not know whether to believe him or not. It's a burden to me to know that people can die for this. I don't think that I can deal with it for long time.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Job interview.

I've got fired.

Finally, I didn't accept to work for the secret bio-weapon's department. I would prefer to return to my previous position. However, as I already knew about the project, the government doesn't want to risk having me as an employee and that's why they fired me. I think I prefer to be without work than to have in my conscience the death of others.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Telekom Innovation Laboratories Berlin

Working with a big company.

I am very happy with my new job. I have been working for a German company for 6 months and the people are super nice. Yesterday my boss told me about the new projects in the company. He wants me to be part of the company's staff but that means that I will have big changes in my life because I would have to travel a lot.

Choice 1 : Traveling everywhere.

Choice 2 : My dream job.


Traveling everywhere.

My new job is amazing. The salary is excellent and my boss pays me first class on each trip. However, I miss my family very much. I think I am losing beautiful moments with my children and husband that I will not be able to recover later. I do not know how many longer I will be in this position.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Small building.

My dream job.

Finally, I had the courage to explain my family problems to my boss and how we have all been affected by the enormous amount of travel I have to do. Not telling about my husband's jealousy. However, he is a very understandable man and he proposed to install a small headquarters near my house and so I can or just stop traveling but also I will be in charge of the microbiology department. I really found dreams' job.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


Genetic Engineering.

At last, I’ve started the university in the Genetic Engineering program. Some courses seem boring but there are many that still look interesting. I can’t wait to finish my studies in order to find a good job.

Choice 1 : University research department.

Choice 2 : Master Degree in Human Genome.

Université de Montréal.

University research department.

Our headmaster just announced the opening of new research that will be conducted by our faculty graduated students. Our professor said that it would be a good experience for us. I hope to discover something useful for our society.

Choice 1 : A new hope for humanity.

Choice 2 : Fruitful research.


A new hope for humanity.

The research took longer than we thought, but we finally finished. Our team made a discovery about an alteration on the genetic code that might heal any kind of diseases. This might extend humanity life span considerably.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


Fruitful research.

We spend a lot of time in this research, but finally we found something. We discovered a way to modify genes from stem cells in order to avoid serious diseases. Now the number of terminal patients my decrease in the hospitals.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Ottawa University.

Master Degree in Human Genome.

After my bachelor degree, I’m ready to start my master degree in Human Genome. Our professor’s passion for biology is contagious. I spend almost all my day in the labs so I can learn all that I can.

Choice 1 : First Semester as a Teacher.

Choice 2 : PhD in Hawaii.

Collège Ahuntsic.

First Semester as a Teacher.

Finally I can share my passion in science with other students that start their training at Ahuntsic College. There is a promising student in my class that spend a lot of his free time in the lab. I encouraged my student to choose an Honors program in Microbiology.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

University of Hawaii at Manoa.

PhD in Hawaii.

I arrived in Hawaii in order to start my PhD in the Honolulu University. I have to share a room with my partner in order to afford the rent. My partner turned out to be a charming man that asked me in a date.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Laboratory work.

Go to work.

I’ve been working for the same company for three years. I don’t have the salary that I expected, but at least I have some economic stability. Maybe, I would have an opportunity to improve my income, somehow.

Choice 1 : I Met Someone….

Choice 2 : Promotion.

Choice 3 : Changing my Workplace.

Drinking coffee with my boss.

I Met Someone….

My boss is a very kind person. Lately he has been very affectionate with me. I wonder if he is flirting with me. I find him very attractive.

Choice 1 : Marriage.

Choice 2 : A Tragic Accident.

The proposed.


I was right; my boss was flirting with me. We have been together as a couple for one year already. I’m so happy because he popped the question.

Choice 1 : A family.

Choice 2 : Forming a Family.

Second child.

A family.

I’m pregnant with my second child. My first baby was a girl, her name is Agatha. My husband is excited with the new baby.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


Forming a Family.

After two years of marriage, we tried to have children. I found out that I cannot become pregnant. My husband and I decided to adopt.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


A Tragic Accident.

My boyfriend was going to work when he had an accident in the highway. A crazy drunk man was driving in zigzags. My boyfriend was taken at the hospital.

Choice 1 : Therapies.

Choice 2 : Regeneration.



My boyfriend started some therapies after the accident. Doctors say that he will be able to walk again by the end of the month. We start planning our wedding. This accident is not an obstacle for our love.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.



The accident damaged my boyfriend’s column. When I heard there was no therapy that could help him, I started a research, in order to find a solution. I found a way to regenerate his column and he might be able to walk again in a few months.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.



Finally, my boss proposed me a new post. I’ll be starting my new post next week. My boss gave me a condition in order to access my new post: I have to make more studies related to the job.

Choice 1 : Immunology.

Choice 2 : More Studies.



I chose the Immunology program at the university. My boss proposed to pay for my studies. I can’t wait to start my new studies.

Choice 1 : After a Bachelor comes the master.

Choice 2 : My Studies Open New Paths.

Wilder Penfield Pavilion Montreal.

After a Bachelor comes the master.

I finished my immunology studies. My new job has been great since I started. To my surprise, my boss proposed to pay a master degree if I wanted to pursue my studies.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Immunology Center.

My Studies Open New Paths.

After I finished the Immunology program, I really want to do a master degree. I told my boss that I will pursue my studies. Once I finished my master degree, my boss gave another promotion.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Concordia University.

More Studies.

I refused my boss proposition to pay for my studies. I don’t like the pressure of succeeding considering my boss would be paying everything. I’m going to pay for my studies in Immunology next semester.

Choice 1 : Another Job.

Choice 2 : Satisfied.


Another Job.

Despise my promotion; my salary didn’t improve at all. I don’t think this company is noting my worth, my efforts and experience. I’m going to look for another job in another company.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.



My boss was really pleased with all of my efforts in my job and my studies. He gave another promotion and a raise. Finally, I feel satisfied with my job in this company.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

New job.

Changing my Workplace.

My work in this company was a good experience, but I need a change of pace. In my new job, I'm finally feeling that my efforts are worth. I think that I might be able to achieve new goals in this company.

Choice 1 : An Affair.

Choice 2 : A Growing Career.

An affaire.

An Affair.

My new boss has been making sexual inclined propositions. I think he forgot he is married. I think this is getting too far.

Choice 1 : Everything Has a Limit.

Choice 2 : I’m having an Affair.


Everything Has a Limit.

I couldn’t tolerate my boss’ behavior any longer. I called the police and told them I was victim of sexual harassment. My boss was arrested and I rose in the company. Now, I’m the new boss.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Having an affaire.

I’m having an Affair.

Finally, I decided to have an affair with my boss because he told me he’s not married anymore. However, I found out it was all lies. Even if I find him attractive, I think I don’t want to be a second choice.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.


A Growing Career.

My new boss promoted me only a year after I started. I can’t believe how this decision turned out so well. With my new salary I may afford my studies in a related field of studies.

Choice 1 : Microbiology.

Choice 2 : Immunology.

Plasmid episome.


Just as I thought, my new job improves my economic stability. I decided to study microbiology at the university. My career has become all I ever wanted.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

Mechanisms of suppression by regulatory T cells.


It was a tough decision, but at last I chose the immunology program. I was nervous to go back to school; it is a long program of studies after all. I was reassured to see so many people passionate about the same thing as me.

Choice 1 : I have to take a big decision.

The End.