The danger of a correctional officer.

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christian carlos

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Word count: 1416

Choice count: 68

Section count: 45

Image count: 45

Error count: 14

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 29 matches (act, action, agent, appointment, character, death, director, drugs, family, force, harassment, hostage, inmate, issue, misconduct, negotiation, notice, office, pension, port, premium, rape, release, section, security, Sexual, suicide, transfer, young)

Tourism : 20 matches (Control, Employee, Event, Negotiation, Package, Reserve, agent, appointment, door, event, package, pension, port, report, reserve, stop, times, tour, transfer, watch)

Computer Science : 18 matches (body, call, character, choice, Class, depth, drawback, Flag, group, lock, Package, port, release, running, Section, security, supervisor, trap)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

come in handy (1 match)

deter (1 match)

drawback (1 match)

flirtation (2 matches)

fulfillment (1 match)

hinder (1 match)

in-depth (1 match)

income (1 match)

intern (1 match)

invaluable (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (2 matches)

more often than not (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

pension (2 matches)

perpetrator (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

recipient (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

vacant position (2 matches)

wage (1 match)


The danger of a correctional officer.


The begin.

You are graduating from correctional officer school. You have 3 job offers.

Choice 1 : Port-Cartier

Choice 2 : Joliette



You are now an employee of Port-Cartier penitentiary but you are an intern. Your supervisor asks you at witch section you want to work.

Choice 1 : Section A

Choice 2 : Section B

Choice 3 : Section C


Section A.

You are in section A and you realize that this section is full of rapist. One of them approaches you, he harasses you and threatens you if you tell anyone. He wants to rape you.

Choice 1 : You hit him.

Choice 2 : You spoke him.


Won't stop.

You tell the inmates that you will report his misconduct. A few days later, this detainee had few restrictions. This inmate won’t stop.

Choice 1 : You speak to the director about it.

Choice 2 : You talk again to the inmates


He transfer.

You present the event report and told the director what happened. He transfers the detainee to another penitentiary in a vacant position.

Choice 1 : End



After, you're meeting with this detainee. You make him understand that if he keeps going with this inappropriate behavior, he could be transferred to a penitentiary with higher security and that you don't like be the recipient.

Choice 1 : End


The razor blade.

The detainees pull out a razor blade and threatens to cut off your face if you do not do it a sexual favor.

Choice 1 : You do him this favor.

Choice 2 : You fight to hinder that


The dead.

After doing what he asks for, you are overwhelmed after this maddening situation. He cuts your throat because he dreads that if you stay alive, you will denounce him.

Choice 1 : End


You are dead.

The detainee standing over you threatens you. You decide to fight for your life. Unfortunately, you die because of the lack of force, you were beating to death.

Choice 1 : End


Flag B.

You have chosen flag B, this wing is filled to the maximum. You see a correctional agent get sequestrated.

Choice 1 : You will help him.

Choice 2 : You run to your office.



You run to the correctional officer. But unfortunately, the detainees also take you as hostage.

Choice 1 : You fight.

Choice 2 : You stay calm.



You were beaten like an animal but an inmate stabs your back and neck.

Choice 1 : End


The negotiator.

You are now a hostage. The negotiator arrives but the prisoners kill you to show how serious they are but for your action your family will receive your premium wage.

Choice 1 : End


Control post.

You go running and you lock yourself in the control post.

Choice 1 : You take the big tear gas-rifle.

Choice 2 : You're calling for help.



Your call for help. After 3 hours of negotiation, the detainees release the hostage.

Choice 1 : End


Gas rifle.

You have the tear gas rifle. You decide to shoot several times. As a result, the detainees surrendered.

Choice 1 : End


Section of protection.

You are in the wing reserve for the detainees who are in protection.

Choice 1 : Take a tour of the wing.

Choice 2 : You go to the control post.


Young man.

You walk in the work and you see a 17 year old individual.

Choice 1 : You talk to this young boy.

Choice 2 : You continue your way.


Lifestyle change.

After, a good discussion with this individual you noticed that he was very influential. So, you decide to advise him to change his lifestyle.

Choice 1 : End


The suicide.

You continue your way and after a while, he committed suicide.

Choice 1 : End


The exchange.

You go to the control post and watch the cameras. After, a while you see a package exchange between two inmates.

Choice 1 : You ignore it.

Choice 2 : You will notice that and act according to that.



The director informs you that you have been fired because you haven’t come in handy in this situation.

Choice 1 : End


Find drug.

You try to trap the inmates and film them with the camera. And you find drugs and you make your invaluable fulfillment.

Choice 1 : End



You are in Joliette the only place for women inmate but you have a foot in the door and a detainee takes your hand.

Choice 1 : You do not say anything.

Choice 2 : You smile at her.

Choice 3 : You tell her your thoughts.


More dangerous.

As you have said nothing the other inmates also touches your hands and body.

Choice 1 : You talk to the inmates about this inappropriate behavior.

Choice 2 : You talk to the head of the unit.


Talk to this woman.

You talk to the woman to stop this misconduct but she threatens to tell the leader of the unit you feel sucked up in this bad situation.

Choice 1 : You rip all.

Choice 2 : You do not stop.


The trap.

After weeks, the touching increases and you bring drugs because they threaten you. You are trapped.

Choice 1 : End


Lost the pension.

As you want to stop, she denounces you and you are fired without pension.

Choice 1 : End


The suggest.

Your unit leader offers you a vacant position in another unit and suggest you learn to impose yourself.

Choice 1 : You accept but change nothing.

Choice 2 : You accept and take a class to learn how to impose yourself.


Can't change.

The same situation starts again and the director fires you.

Choice 1 : End


Nice career.

After, your change of unit you took classes to improve your character. And you have a nice career.

Choice 1 : End


The smile.

You smile at the detainee so she decides to always to talks, to you.

Choice 1 : You told her that you were married.

Choice 2 : It does not bother you.



This inmate is upset from your commentary. A few days later, you start seeing marks of self-mutilation on the inmate body.

Choice 1 : You are sad so you told her that you are not married.

Choice 2 : You call the psychologist.


The boss reaction.

After this action she starts to always talk to you and your boss loses confidence in you because that is a sexual harassment.

Choice 1 : End


Emotional dependence.

The psychologist, send the detainee to a group of emotional dependence. To resolve this issue in-depth because she is your perpetrator.

Choice 1 : End


The husband.

As that did not disturb you there are now drawback. The inmate talk about you with her husband.

Choice 1 : You talk to her.

Choice 2 : You talk to your boss.


You are fired.

You try to deter the inmate to keep this for herself only. Few weeks, after you are fired.

Choice 1 : End


The chance.

The director gives you a chance, but warns you that if it starts all over again, he will reduce your income.

Choice 1 : End


Stop- flirtation.

You told the inmate that having interpersonal relationship was not your purpose and she should stop the flirtation. After that, she punches herself and accuses you.

Choice 1 : You take her in your arms.

Choice 2 : You tell her its inappropriate behavior.


Take her.

You take her in your arms and you tell her to put aside her feelings. After that, she starts crying but she understands you.

Choice 1 : You make an appointment with her.

Choice 2 : You let her cry.


She lies.

During your meeting with the detainee, you observe that she lies more often than not to hides her feelings.

Choice 1 : End


The reaction.

After letting her cry, she wanted to beat another detainee to be a transferred to another unit and you do a lot of overtime.

Choice 1 : End


She crazy.

As you treat her crazy, she starts acting like a madwoman.

Choice 1 : You change jobs.

Choice 2 : You decide to help her.


Find some work.

You let go your job and look for another one.

Choice 1 : End


Best situation.

You can help her. She’s doing better.

Choice 1 : End

The End.