Was I right?

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Patricia Lewandowski

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Education : 42 matches (Down, Education, P, School, White Paper, behaviour, choice, class, classes, college, course, courses, degree, diagnostic, don, exam, failed, failing, first, grade, grades, high school, learn, lesson, management, motivation, project, report, review, school, semester, skills, social, speaking, student, summer school, teacher, teachers, test, trainee, training, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 37 matches (absence, act, animals, arrangement, bankruptcy, Bar, bench, Cause, client, clients, company, concentration, condition, contract for, contract, debt, estate, guilty, harassment, issue, misconduct, month, offer, office, option, policy, premium, proof, real estate, reputation, sale, Sexual, surprise, test, truth, white paper, young)

Business : 33 matches (balance, bankruptcy, business, businesses, client, clients, company, contract, customer, debt, employee, entrepreneur, exchange, gain, management, manager, meeting, money, offer, office, partner, product, profit, real estate, refund, retail, salary, sale, secretary, service, share, store, trainee)

Target Structure:

abolish (1 match)

background check (1 match)

come in handy (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

HR (1 match)

internship (4 matches)

lack of (1 match)

leave of absence (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (2 matches)

though (3 matches)

thoughtful (1 match)

time management (1 match)

trainee (1 match)

wage (1 match)


Was I right?


Finished High School.

I finally graduated from High School. A new chapter of my life is about to begin. However, I am confronted with two choices. I applied in a program for Diagnostic Imaging at Ahuntsic College and I also applied in the Business Management program at Dawson. I got accepted in both programs and now, I don't know which one I should choose.

Choice 1 : Diagnostic Imaging at Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : Business Management at Dawson College.


Diagnostic Imaging.

I decided to choose the Diagnostic Imaging program at Ahuntsic College. I discovered that I need to follow an internship at the end of the program and that I need $5000 set aside to be able to make it on my own in stage because it’s far away from Laval and I won’t be able to commute. I need to balance my program and save money for the final internship. Since it’s a heavy course load technical program, I am not sure how to arrange myself.

Choice 1 : I follow a full course load and concentrate on school.

Choice 2 : I do a lighter course load and allow myself to work and set some finances aside.

Choice 3 : I do the technical program in 4 years instead of 3.


Full course load.

I decided to concentrate on school and take a full course load. I am constantly stressed and overwhelmed with all the work I have to do. It’s my best friend's 21st birthday party this Sunday. However, I have a big project worth 25% of my semester on angiography, coronarography and fluoroscopy. It’s due on Monday and I haven’t even started it yet.

Choice 1 : I do my project before the party.

Choice 2 : I do my project after the party.


Project after the party.

I decided to do my project after the party. When I got home, I was really exhausted and I decided to lay down since my project requires a lot of concentration. I woke up at 11 a.m. on Monday and realized that not only I missed my class, but I also didn’t do my project.

Choice 1 : I should go to school and beg my teacher to allow me more time to do my project.

Choice 2 : It’s too late now, I should retake this class in the summer to keep myself on the right track.


Begged my teacher.

I went to school and I begged my teacher to give me more time to do my project. She hesitated but she knew that I was always present in her classes and that I am a serious student. Because of that, she allowed me to have more time to do it. I am very lucky, and I am so happy that she gave me this huge favor.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Too late.

I realized that it was too late. I worked so hard this whole semester and I had so much to do for this class that maybe it was too much for me. I am sad that I have to go to summer school, but I have no choice since I want to be on the right track.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Project before the party.

I decided to do my project before the party. I finally finished it and went to the party. I got home it was 4 a.m. and I fell asleep right away. The following day, I woke up and realized that I forgot to set up my alarm. I looked at the time and it was 1:42 p.m. , my class was at 8 a.m.

Choice 1 : I'm running to school and try to have an arrangement with my teacher.

Choice 2 : I realize that I am already failing the class, so I decide to focus on other projects.


Arrangement with my teacher.

I ran to school to make an arrangement with my teacher. Unfortunately, she refused to do something for me. It’s not the first time I forget to submit a project. I have to be careful next time.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Focus on other projects.

I didn’t do anything about it. At first, I was mad at myself since I worked hard for this project. However, on the bright side, I was able to concentrate on other projects. It was worth it since I passed all of my other courses with a minimum grade of 80%. I guess I just had too many courses.

Choice 1 : Start Again.


Lighter course load.

I decided to take a lighter course load and allow myself to work at the same time while going to school. This way, I can save some money for my last year my internship and concentrate in school to have straight A’s. As I was practicing one urography exam in the x-ray room, I dropped the catheter on the floor. Even though the catheter touched the floor, I still installed the catheter in the fake patient. I didn’t think I made so many mistakes. Not only did I forget to put some lubricant, I also failed the sterilization part. My teacher saw the whole situation and told me: “Thank God it’s a fake patient, otherwise, you could have given him or her a disease.” Now I am scared to do it again and I don’t know what was wrong with me that day.

Choice 1 : I should give less hours at my workplace to be able to practice more in school.

Choice 2 : I should give more of my free time into my studies.


Less hours.

I told my boss that I will not be able to work as much as I do at the moment. He understood that I had to work on my time management skills. However, he told me that if I can do some overtime, he’s going to give me more of a premium wage.

Choice 1 : I accept his offer.

Choice 2 : I refuse and concentrate on school.


Accept the offer.

I accepted his offer. It was hard to say no since I needed money. However, I totally regret my decision. Not only do I not have time to do my projects, I am always sleeping in class. My grades are going down, and I am always tired. I guess I just learn my lesson.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Refuse his offer.

I refused his offer. It was really tempting, but I knew I had to concentrate on school. It was totally worth it since I finished my semester with only straight A’s.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Free time into my studies.

I decided to put aside my free time to concentrate on my diagnostic radiology program. My friends asked me if I wanted to hang out with them and I said that it was thoughtful to invite me, but that I have to concentrate on school so I couldn't. They started to yell at me and told me how much I care more about my medical imaging program than about them and if I keep giving them more excuses, they will abolish me from their future plans.

Choice 1 : I don’t listen to them since I am not getting sucked up in their plans.

Choice 2 : I decide to do an exception tonight and spend a night with them.


Not listen to them.

I decided not to listen to them. I don’t regret it since I got a high grade on my last exam. To celebrate, my friends from the technical program and I decided to go out for a drink. There’s nothing better than a good night with great people and a good grade.

Choice 1 : Start again.



I decided to make an exception tonight. I totally regret it. We went to a bar and we started to take shots. After that, I don’t remember anything. I had a lot of fun and since then, every time they invite me to hang out I say yes. Because of that, I failed my two last exams. I need to go back on the right track.

Choice 1 : Try again.


4 years instead of 3.

I chose the option of doing my diagnostic radiology program in 4 years instead of 3. After graduating, I got a job offer as a full-time employee at the Joliette hospital. After a huge background check, I accepted and was excited to start. However, it’s been already 2 weeks since one of my colleagues keeps flirting with me even though I asked him to stop. He continued the misconduct, once even in the ultrasonography room when there was a patient present. That whole situation made me feel really uncomfortable. This sexual harassment needs to stop.

Choice 1 : I need to talk with my boss about the comportment of my colleague.

Choice 2 : I should quit my job.


Spoke with my boss.

I spoke with my boss about this situation. I could not picture myself working in this environment. HR took the situation in their hands and told me that everything is fixed now. I’m feel relieved. Now, I am worried about my friend who’s having the same issue as me. I don’t know if I should get involved.

Choice 1 : I need to come in handy for her.

Choice 2 : It’s none of my businesses, I just fixed my own problem.


Help her.

I decided to go see my boss once again and talk about the situation that my co-worker has with another employee from our department. He did the exact same thing as he did for me. The situation was once again fixed. My friend came to see me and was so happy that I helped her out. From now on, I am always happy at work.

Choice 1 : Start again.


None of my businesses.

I decided to be quite about this situation. After all, I’ve been there and I went to see people to help me. She needs to do the same. I understand that she’s shy and it’s stressful, but I have to push her to do it. Unfortunately, two weeks later, she quit. She messaged me that she could not support the situation anymore. I regret not helping her more than that. I feel like I am a really bad friend.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Quit my job.

I quit my job. It was too much to handle. Now, I am working in a pet shop and I love it. I never thought that this job would bring me so much joy. I am in love with the ambiance and all the employees and respectful and sociable. However, I have a lower salary compared to what I use to have at the hospital.

Choice 1 : I continue at the pet shop since it makes me happy.

Choice 2 : I apply in another hospital than Joliette.


Pet shop.

I decided to stay at the pet shop. I love animals and money might be important, but happiness even more.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Another hospital.

I decided to apply at another hospital other than the one I used to work at. I got hired at Notre-Dame hospital in Montreal. It was better than Joliette, but I wasn’t happy. The pet shop made me realize that even though the salary was lower than the one I had as a Diagnostic Imaging technologist, I was really happy there. I started to regret my decision.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Business Management.

I decided to choose the Business Management program at Dawson. After 3 years, I finally graduated. It was an amazing experience and I made so many friends. However, now I am confronted with the big question- What now? Currently, I am holding a full-time position as an assistant manager of a perfume store. I love working there. With my recent degree, I decided to apply in some retail stores knowing that I would probably never get a call back. However, the unexpected happened. Ted Baker, a store that I was dreaming about working at called me for an interview.

Choice 1 : Apply to JMSB University to get a higher education.

Choice 2 : Accept the manager position at Ted Baker.

Choice 3 : Stay at my current job since I love it and I can easily get promoted.


JMSB University.

I decided to apply to JMSB University to get a higher education. After all, I am still young and ready to confront new adventures. I got accepted and a new chapter of my life is about to begin. On my first day, I went to my class where an entrepreneur and his partner spoke to us about their company and they also presented us with their new product that they just launched. They both never went to university and currently, they are one of the biggest companies in North America. Seeing them with so much success and with all this profit makes me want to start my own clothing company, I know I have the passion for.

Choice 1 : I should quit University to start my new clothing company.

Choice 2 : I should stay in University and complete my degree.


Clothing company.

I quit University. I always believed that everything happens for a reason and meeting this entrepreneur with his partner opened my eyes. You don't need to go to university to be successful, so I decided to start my own clothing company. At the beginning, it was really hard. Currently, I have a big debt, but I am not worrying. I just signed a contract with my new partner where he's going to help me design my clothes. We're going to share our profit 50/50. However, one day we arrived in our studio and someone stole everything. We lost all of our creations and we have no money left. With a lack of motivation and no money, our company risks bankruptcy.

Choice 1 : I decide to risk bankruptcy and start all over again.

Choice 2 : I realize that I lost everything, so I decide to go back to University.



I decided to risk bankruptcy. I put my heart and soul into my company. However, things were going worse for me. My partner left, I was in more debt and my clothes were not selling. I guess I should have had stayed in University.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Back to University.

I realized it was already too late. My company wasn’t going that great, and I had no motivation. When I went back to University, teachers were impressed by my grades. One day, a huge company gave me a job offer, on the condition I finished my degree. I was even more motivated. Currently, I am working in one of the biggest companies in the world. I could not be happier.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Stay in University.

I decided to stay in University and complete my degree. I always loved school and I couldn't wait for my internship, until my boyfriend whom I only met a few months ago, told me that he didn't want me to go to school anymore since he had his own real estate company, and we would be able to live a good life on his salary. He told me that all he wanted me to do was to become his secretary since the one he recently had quit on the spot.

Choice 1 : I decide I want to stay in University and risk losing the love of my life.

Choice 2 : I quit University, and become a secretary for my boyfriend.



I decided to stay in University and risk losing the love of my life. It was totally worth it. I graduated from my Business program and I found the most amazing guy. We got engaged last month and our wedding is this fall. I am so grateful for everything.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Quit University for love.

I quit University to become my boyfriend's secretary. It was the worst idea of my entire life. We were always fighting and we end up breaking up with each other. Not only I lost what I thought was the love of my life, but also my job.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Manager at Ted Baker.

I decided to accept the manager position at Ted Baker. This place is wonderful. On my first day, I was on-the-job-training. It was stressful, since I had to learn everything really fast. I also wanted to make good impression, so I didn’t let myself make any mistakes. Everything was going really well, until a customer broke my reputation. She came in the store for a refund. I tried to explain to her that it was a final sale and the policy of the store specifies that there’s no refund or exchange. She fell on the ground and pretended as if I punched her in the face. Some clients thought I really punched her and there were no cameras to prove that I didn’t do anything. The client told me that if I don’t give her a refund, she’s was going to call the police on me and since she’s a journalist, she’s also going to make a blog about the bad service she got at Ted Baker.

Choice 1 : I give her a refund so there will be no drama of it.

Choice 2 : I follow the politics of the store and I’m not giving her a refund and let her call the police and do a blog about the store.


Give her a refund.

I decided to give her a refund and not follow the store policy. I thought it was better this way. My reputation would not be tarnished and as well as the one of the stores. As soon as the client left, my boss came and he looked very angry. He told me that it was a test, and I failed it. He wanted to see how I would react to these kinds of situations as a manager, and clearly, he’s not happy with my decision. I tried to explain to him that the client wanted to call the cops on me and also write a bad review on our store and he told me that I need to keep my mouth shut and that I should have let her call the police and write the bad review of the store. I never felt so humiliated in my entire life. He told me that there’s going to be more clients like this to test my decisions and if I do one more mistake, he’s going to wait until the store is packed and fire me in front of everyone.

Choice 1 : I need to quit this place since my boss treat me badly and cause me a lot of stress.

Choice 2 : I need to stay to prove him that he’s wrong to think I am making bad decision for the company.


Quit Ted Baker.

I decided to quit the store. My boss was crazy and I felt uncomfortable working in an environment where I am constantly watched and tested. I quickly found a new job as a manager and I love it! My boss and the employees are fantastic. I am happy about the choice I made of quitting.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Stay at Ted Baker.

I decided to stay at the store to prove to my boss he was wrong. Unfortunately, things are going worse for me. Another situation happened with a client he secretly sent in the store and he once again yelled at me. Two days later, he fired me in front of the store, when there were a lot of clients. Now I lost my job and my self-confidence.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Follow the Politics of the Store.

I decided to follow the policies of the store and not give her a refund and let her call the police on me and also write a bad review on the store. The following day, her review on the store was everywhere on social media. I was freaking out. Luckily, a client came and told me that she was there yesterday and that she recorded the client throwing herself on the ground. This video would prove that not only I did nothing wrong, but also that her report is fake. However, the client is going to send me the video only if I give her a purse worth $5000 in the store.

Choice 1 : I take the video that she recorded and let her leave the store with a $5000 purse.

Choice 2 : I don’t give her the $5000 purse that she wants and let her leave with the only proof that I didn’t punch the client.


Take the video.

I took the video that she recorded and let her leave the store with a $5000 purse. Big mistake. She left the store with the purse, but she didn’t send me the right video. I started to run towards her but it was too late, she was already gone. Now I am in big trouble.

Choice 1 : Try again.


No purse.

I decided to not let the client with the $5000 purse that she wanted in exchange for the video. I felt it would cause more trouble than anything else. However, life reserved me a big surprise. The client felt guilty and decided to publish the video on social media proving that I did nothing and that it was just the client who threw herself on the ground. She also wrote a long blog about how amazing I was as a manager. I gain a good reputation and after that, many companies were trying to convince me to work for them.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Stay at my current job.

I decided to stay at my current job. I really love the ambiance and since it’s been already a few years I am working there, I am sure that I can easily get promoted. The current manager will soon take a leave of absence since she’s 8 months pregnant. Since I am the assistant manager, I’m sure that I will take her place during her whole maternity leave. However, something unexpected happened. I came earlier for work and I saw my boss on a bench speaking with a young lady. She was really pretty and she was well-dressed. When my boss came back in the store he told me that he had good news: He just hired our new manager. I was shocked. I thought for sure it would me the since I have a lot of experience.

Choice 1 : I should ask him why I’m not the manager of the store.

Choice 2 : I should be open-minded about the new manager and not being sad about it


Why not me?

I decided to confront my boss and ask him why I’m not the manager of the perfume store. He told me that he thinks I don’t have enough experience and that I am not strict enough with the employees.

Choice 1 : I understand his point of view; my time will come.

Choice 2 : I quit because I'm offended.


Worth it.

Turns out that the new manager just got fired. Not only was she always late for work, but was also stealing perfumes. My boss asked me to come to his office. I saw a white paper and a pen. It was a contract for me to become the manager of the store. I was so excited. I was waiting for this day, and I am finally the manager of the perfume store.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Quit the perfume store.

I decided to quit the perfume store. I was always dreaming of becoming the manager of the store but turns out it was more like a dead-end job. I just got hired in a shoe store. Truth is, I hate it. I really missed the perfume store and all the employees. I wish I could go back in time.

Choice 1 : Try again.


New manager at the Store.

I decided to be positive and be open-minded about the new manager. On her first day, she was the trainee and I had to explain how the store worked. She was acting a little bit weird. Sometimes, she was laughing and sometimes crying, until I found out the real reason of her behaviour. She told me that she’s high right now.

Choice 1 : I call my boss and tell him that she’s high at work.

Choice 2 : I keep this to myself and I make sure that no one else know it.


Call my boss.

I had to call my boss. This situation was unacceptable. At first, I felt guilty of throwing her under the bus, but as an assistant manager, it was in my responsibility to advise my boss. After that, my boss realized how responsible I am and promoted me to the manager of the store.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Keep this to myself.

I kept this to myself. It was really unprofessional of her, but maybe she had a bad day. I told myself that it was the only time I would let this slide. Turns out that my boss knew that she was high since she told him too. My boss wanted to see if I would have told him or keep this to myself. Since I kept this to myself, he told me that this is exactly the reason why I am not the manager, I act more as a friend than as a manager. I totally regret my decision.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The End.