Alva's interesting life.

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Asel Bekbolotova

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Nursing : 40 matches (abdomen, professional, ambulance, anatomy, biopsy, blindness, cancer, clinic, compensation, death, dentistry, Doctor, ET, flight, forced, hesitation, hospital, HR, imaging, lung, magnetic resonance imaging, medical, monitoring, needle, ophthalmology, pain, plane, play, portable, position, reaction, resonance, rib, sound, surgeon, surgery, syringe, ultrasound, vein, VIP)

Tourism : 38 matches (Airport, Beach, Concert, Control, ET, Flight, Member, Opportunity, Organize, Package, Passenger, Passport, Plane, Program, Resources, Tours, accompanying, airplane, airport, altitude, baggage, beach, compensation, consul, field, flight, hearing, national, package, passenger, passport, program, registered, resident, stop, ticket, tour, transfer)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 26 matches (accused, alibi, arrested, compensation, consul, death, documents, drugs, family, Financial, General, hearing, hire, Local, month, occupation, passport, power, private, profession, registered, relief, resident, theft, transfer, Uniform)

Target Structure:

background check (1 match)

compensation package (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

HR (4 matches)

intern (1 match)

internship (2 matches)

maddening (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

the drive of work (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)


Alva's interesting life.



Alva raised in the doctor's family and dreamed to be a doctor. Her nickname was an "ambulance" as she "treated" all the world to sound of classical music.The time passed and the question stayed open: "Who she wants to be?"

Choice 1 : Choose the doctor profession.

Choice 2 : Become a famous pianist.

Medical Institute

Choose the doctor profession.

During the study at high school, Alva followed only one purpose to get straight A's at all subjects. She pulled off all of her exams and successfully entered the Buffalo Medical Institute. What field of study she must choose?

Choice 1 : Go by her own way.

Choice 2 : Go by footsteps of her father.

dissection in anatomy lesson

Go by her own way.

Alva decided to be a surgeon which required to have an excellent knowledge of Anatomy, so she passed all day long at the classroom with corpses. It was her second home where she ate, slept hugging with her new friends which she mercilessly dissected. Seven years shoot past insensibly and she again was faced with a choice.

Choice 1 : The internship in National Surgery Center.

Choice 2 : Residency in Chicago Cancer Center.


The internship in National Surgery Center.

The atmosphere at the department was so maddening, because there worked only women and they were getting sucked up in gossiping. Alva became tired quickly, moreover, she was just an intern and her future was predetermined.

Choice 1 : Residency in Chicago Cancer Center.

Choice 2 : Volunteering abroad.


Residency in Chicago Cancer Center.

She transferred to be the resident in Chicago Cancer Center. Working there was hard and stressful because of high concurrence between the surgeons. The chief of department was a really charming person. What should she do to get a good experience in surgery?

Choice 1 : Flirting with the boss.

Choice 2 : Specializing in the Diagnostic Imaging.


Volunteering abroad.

As qualified surgeon who knew many languages, Alva was invited to have become the member of the volunteering program "Fight against the blindness"- the airplane equipped as micro hospital flew around the world and the doctors made the different ophthalmology operations.

Choice 1 : Flight to Singapore

Choice 2 : Join the stuff in London


Flirting with the boss.

Alva's flirting was productive and her relations between them outgrew in real love. The boss was a wonderful lover, interesting companion and experienced surgeon. He proposed her to be his wife and the job in his department.

Choice 1 : Marry her boss.

Choice 2 : Open her own private clinic


Flight to Singapore.

During the flight to Singapore, Alva saw that the wing of the plane fired and she understood that they were going to die.

Choice 1 : The death in plane crash

Choice 2 : A wonderful surviving.


Join the staff in London.

Alva landed in London, in transfer zone Alva was so tired, she sat down and fall asleep. When she woke up, she realized that all her baggage were gone including the documents. She needed to figure it out the fastest as possible.

Choice 1 : Go to the Police

Choice 2 : Stays to live in the airport.

inhabitat island

A wonderful surviving.

Alva regained consciousness at finding herself in water. She turned up at the beach on the uninhabited island with a fractured rib. She lost the hope to be saved and lost her consciousness.

Choice 1 : Death in the aboriginal tribe

Choice 2 : Aboriginal initiation ritual

police in airport

Go to the Police.

Alva decided to go to the Police to find her documents. The policemen said to her that they found all her stuff but there they discovered among her baggage the drugs.

Choice 1 : Imprisoning

Choice 2 : Find the culprit by herself.


Stays to live in the airport.

The service, which Alva asked to help her, registered the theft and she was forced to have stayed in the airport for indefinite time.

Choice 1 : Work in the airport to survive.

Choice 2 : The meeting with the consul.

plane crash

The death in plane crash.

The plane began to lose an altitude, Alva's ears were enclosed, it became difficult to breath and she felt the pain in her lung. Every passenger was suffering. The last thing that she heard was the explosion sound.

Choice 1 : The end


Death in the aboriginal tribe.

Alva opened her eyes and saw the mysterious creatures who were looking at her. She realized they were the members of the tribe who lived in this place.She sighed with relief: "I'm alive!" But then, the aborigines surrounded her in dancing et leader sacrificed her plunging the knife into Alva's abdomen.

Choice 1 : The end.


Aboriginal initiation ritual.

Alva came to live from the touching of someone's hand. An aborigine saved her life and treated her injures. Six month later, Chungha, with whom she fell in love, presented her to members of the tribe. The leader carried out the ritual of initiation and Alva became the part of the tribe.

Choice 1 : The end.


Marry her boss.

Alva without hesitation accepted her boss's preposition. As every woman she decided to avoid the drive of work and she became a housewife. Her husband didn't mind.

Choice 1 : The end

 private clinic

Open her own private clinic.

Alva was full of positive emotions thinking of the opening her own clinic. But she faced problems: financial et organizational. And if she could solve some of them herself, such points as compensation package, background check and the hiring the personal, she wasn't able to do it without good HR team.

Choice 1 : Hire the HR team

Choice 2 : Return to Chicago Cancer Center.

medical image

Return to Chicago Cancer Center.

Alva's intentions to open her own clinic were in complete fiasco. At the time, the vacant position of surgeons of Thoracic Department was free.

Choice 1 : The end.



The Police didn't accept any justifications and Alva was accused of the transporting the drugs. She was imprisoned in the local jail.

Choice 1 : The end.

HR team

Hire the HR team.

Alva's father gave her the money to hire a good HR team and to open the clinic because he always dreamed of this idea. Alva's efforts were not wasted and after few years set of clinics were opened in Chicago.

Choice 1 : The end.

security camera

Find the culprit by herself.

To find the clues and to prove her alibi, Alva stole the police uniform and came into the room with monitoring-cameras. She found the culprit on one of the screens. She spread the description the culpable by portable radio. After that, the person who was looking for was arrested. She continued her way to London.

Choice 1 : The end.


Work in the airport to survive.

As Alva without the resources to existence in transfer zone, she must survive as she can. Some people sometimes give her a money and the clothes. The staff of the airport permitted to her to work as garbage woman. Once, she took out the trash and in one package she found her dirty passport. To buy the ticket to home, she worked overtime and one day she got on a plane to return home to the parents.

Choice 1 : The end.


The meeting with the consul.

One day, Alva was cleaning the VIP hall of the airport. One of the workers said that there is the consul from Alva's country who was waiting for his flight. Alva didn't seize the opportunity to explain her situation to the consul. He was shocked of that. He used all his power and connections to help her. During one week all her accompanying papers to return home were prepared. Finally, she could leave this terrible airport.

Choice 1 : The end.

medical image

Specializing in the Diagnostic Imaging.

Alma was very interested in Functional magnetic resonance imaging.During the exam Alva noticed that patient had an allergic reaction to the contrast which she injected to the vein by the needle. She didn't get lost and promptly prepared the syringe with the medicament and save the life. So, she dedicated herself to this occupation.

Choice 1 : The end.

Choice 2 : Choose the Ultrasound.

medical image

Choose the Ultrasound.

Alva would like to keep her professional skills getting from the residency in her future occupation, so she specialized in General Ultrasound. She got a great experience in taking the biopsy under the control of ultrasound.

Choice 1 : The end.


Go by footsteps of her father.

Her father had the private clinic. From the childhood Alva was companion of her farther. She knew all that concerned to Dentistry and managing this type of busyness. Alva finished the Dental faculty and continued to work there.

Choice 1 : The end.


Become a famous pianist.

Alva had a passion to the music. Once hearing the music, she could play it on piano. So, she went to the music school. She participated in many contests because of her great talent and virtuosity. The conservatory was the only place where she could improve her professionalism.

Choice 1 : Go to the conservatory.

Choice 2 : Stop the career of musician


Go to the conservatory.

In the New York Conservatory, she met a cellist and fell in love with him. She started to date him.

Choice 1 : Become the member of Jazz band.

Choice 2 : Make the world tours.

jazz band

Become the member of Jazz band.

After Alva's studies in the New York Conservatory, her boyfriend proposed to get married with and organize a Jazz group. She was really happy to be the part his world.

Choice 1 : The end.


Make the world tours.

Alva started her solo career and was invited to give a concert with the Paris Symphonic Orchestra. Her dream became the reality ! A lot of famous orchestras engaged her to make a world tour.

Choice 1 : The end.

The End.