The untold story of a Paralegal.

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The untold story of a Paralegal.


While she was sitting at her graduation...

MaÏly couldn't help herself but thinking about "what is coming next". Of course, she will miss the high school; her friends, her favorites teachers and even the food at the cafeteria. But, her future gave her a lot of options and she's too excited about it to be sad about the end of an era. She has been accepted at Ahuntsic College in Paralegal Technology, but she also wants to take a break as she doesn't know yet if she really wants to go to college right away...

Choice 1 : She decided to go to Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : She decided to go on vacation.

Choice 3 : She decided to go to university right away.


Welcome to Ahuntsic College!

Maïly was really thrilled to start school because this time it wasn't about something she had no choice to do. This time she chose! She chose to study in Law. She always wanted to be aware of her rights but also help people that faces injustice in front of her and she didn't know what could keep her more in the light than this field of study. As she was getting more comfortable in her new environment, Maïly decided to subscribe in the gym of the college to stay in shape and met active people. One day, while she was finishing her spinning, a good-looking guy named Cole came to her and vowed his love for her. Maïly was really touched by his word, but also confuse...

Choice 1 : Maïly decided to give Cole a chance.

Choice 2 : She ignores Cole's advances and decided to stay focus.


Vacation please!!!

Even if she really wanted to start school right away, so she won't be late in her program, MaÏly really felt in her soul that she needed to get some rest. What? Since she was four years old, she woke up every morning to go to school without complaining! Now it was her time to enjoy! So, she decided to go to the Barbados, where she met two backpacking travelers that became her friends really fast! These people inspired Maïly so much, that's made her forget about Law and focus on something new.

Choice 1 : She follows her new backpacking friends and traveled around the world.

Choice 2 : She becomes a blogger.

College 2

Oh! Oh! Howard University!

"Why do we have to choose when we can have everything"? That's what Maïly was thinking while she was packing up to fly to Washington D.C. She applied to Howard University and she got accepted! She was so excited about this new adventures; being away, learning more about legislation and constitutions, but also her culture and her legacy as Howard is a part of the HBCU (Historically Black College and University). What could she ask more? This was already a dream come true! But, then the Dean asked her if she would like to become the next student's counselor and the sorority house " the Delta Shady" solicited her to become the president of the group. All of these amazing opportunities got our girl's head spinning!..

Choice 1 : She joined the sorority house "the Delta Shady".

Choice 2 : She accepted the Dean's offer and became the student's counselor.


Roses are red and Cole is cold!

It has been two years since Maïly and Cole are together. Like other couples they had their fight and argument, but they couldn't stay away from each other. Unfortunately, as she was in love, Maïly noticed that her grades were decreasing and that worried her. So, she decided to tell Cole that she needed a break from him until her grades upgrade. While she was about to tell Cole everything, he cut Maïly out to tell her that he wasn't a citizen no more and he was about to get deported. Maïly knew that she could help him, but for that, she wouldn't be able to stay focus at school. She loved Cole but was she ready to giving up on herself?....

Choice 1 : She drops school and help Cole from getting deported.

Choice 2 : She loves Cole, but she loves herself more, so she stayed at school.


Focus on your study, not on boys!

Even if there is a part of her that is always wondering what could have happened if she given this cute guy a chance, Maïly doesn't regret that she has put her study as a priority. Now that she almost done her programs, she is being rewarded for her hardworking! The "Palais de justice" of Montreal contacted her to see if she were available for a training! She couldn't be more excited about this dream work! The only problem is that they want her to start while she is still at school. What should she do?

Choice 1 : Accept the promotion!

Choice 2 : Wait until you get your degree so nothing is jeopardized.

vacation 2

The new backpacking buddy (or collusion) ...

Since Maïly has decided to join her friends for the backpacking travel, she has never been happier! She visited a lot of country, getting to learn more about every each culture and enjoyed! Everything went well until the day when Maïly senses that something is wrong with her friends, they were acting weird and secrecy. At first, Maïly didn't really put some importance to it, as they were really welcoming and generous. A few weeks later Maïly started to have noticed that some of her things has disappeared and then she found them on other people. When she asked those people where do they get those things, they pointed out that MaÏly's friend sold them!!! Maïly couldn't believe it! She was surrounded by thieves.

Choice 1 : Confront the travelers about this situation.

Choice 2 : Inform the police officer and make them have a criminal record.


S.O.S. Blogger.

Of course, she would have love to follow her new friends and be a part of this adventure; discovering new areas, learned more about others culture or learn a new language. But Maïly also reminded herself that the first reason of her taking vacation, was because she needed to get some rest. So, instead of mourning, Maïly took her laptop, start taping and then publish her first text. That day, a blogger was born! She loved the freedom that she has when she's writing, so she continued to write different kinds of stories and publish them. Her stories became popular very fast! So fast, that she was nominated as the "Blogger of the year" and she was also getting rich because of the blog so, she was thinking about building her own publication edifice.

Choice 1 : She won the price of the "Blogger of the year".

Choice 2 : She decided to build her own house of publication.

By Trish Steel, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The Delta what?....the Delta Shady!

Being a part of a sorority house was always something Maïly dreamed of! And now she is living it as the president of the crew! She has to learn everything about this sorority house so she could give her knowledge, her legacy to the next new generation. Everybody loved her so much as a president, that she were asked to stay in that post until her graduation! What a request! What do you think she did?

Choice 1 : Well...Of course, she stayed president in this sorority house until her graduation.

Choice 2 : She really underestimates what should be the task of a president of a sorority house so she decides to leave her place to someone else.

Head of counselor

Head of student's counselor.

Maïly really loves her new position. She is taking care of each student's case so, she can be assured that everybody has their say in every decision that is made for their well-being, which is a part of her field of study. Even the Dean is surprise by all the compliment he received from co-workers and other students. With this job being well-done, the Dean offers to Maïly two propositions this time; two decisions that she couldn't refuse: either become a permanent worker at the university once she graduate or to make a recommendation for her so she can be free to work wherever she wants. What would you choose?

Choice 1 : She accepted the Dean's opportunity and become a permanent of one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Choice 2 : She decided to go explore new paths, more close to her field of study, so she just took the recommendation letter given by the Dean.

By Andrew Magill from Boulder, USA - Drip, CC BY 2.0,

When the drop has the wrong color...

Obviously, she loved that man so much, Maïly would be able to do anything just to see a smile in his face, that was getting used of looking mad, dark, evil. Unfortunately all of her efforts means nothing to Cole as he was getting more violent with her and even started to take Maïly for granted! When she finally realize that, Maïly tried to have broken up with him, but I let you guess what happen next. Let's just conclude that now, she's been accepted (again) at Ahuntsic College so she can complete her program. As for Cole? You do remember that he wasn't a citizen? What happen to a non-citizen man that assault a woman? Exactly! He gets a criminal record and then he returned back to his country.

Write a choice here.

Graduate 2

Goodbye Ahuntsic College!

There is one thing we can all agree about ; School is not easy. You really have to find your purpose for being able to stay focused from the start until the end! That's what Maïly did and she didn't regret one bit. Okay she could have had a dream boyfriend or maybe go on vacation and take a break from her daily life. But, you know what, while she was sitting at her graduation, like a few years earlier, she thought about how many doctrines and jurisprudence she had to read to earn her place here, how many different Laws she has to learn ; Constitutional law, Common law, Labor law, etc. She couldn't have passed her goals if she had let herself distracted by a boy or the sand at the beach! And now that she has done with College, the thought on getting on a real break becomes sweeter in her mind and who knows? Maybe, she will find her man in a shinning armor by travelling.

Write a choice here.

Woman broken heart

When love is not enough...

Don't get her wrong! Maïly really loved Cole, even if he was becoming more introvert, she loved him so much and this is why she decide to take a step back and look at the whole situation carefully. Obviously she could have help her boyfriend with his status situation, but is it really an act of love if that means that she has to put herself aside? Sometimes love isn't just about letting go? For your own sake? It was for MaÏly and because of that, when she told Cole that she couldn't stay with him, even if he was really sad, they spend the night in each other's arms until the morning and Cole bring himself to the immigration consular. Now that she is receiving her degree, Maïly knew that she took the right decision for her and for Cole.

Write a choice here.

By Ktr101 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I'm a paralegal from the "Palais de Justice"

Finally, Maïly chose to start the training at the Palais de Justice. Obviously that means a couple of extra hours for her homework, but she knew it was worth it. She couldn't wait until the end of the session to starts collaborate with lawyers, judges and even the officers. Maïly was looking forward to getting inside of a courthouse, assisting the lawyer in a courtroom, being a silent witness during the whole trial. She really wasn't able to wait to be a part of this world of order.

Write a choice here.

By Unuplusunu - Own work, CC0,

Let's give to that new version of Bonnie and Clyde a taste of their own medicine...

MaÏly tried to confront the travelers couple about their sins, but naturally they laugh at her accusations, making her feel like a fool. Maïly was so mad that she decided to team up with other people, who has been robbed by the couple also, to teach them a lesson. The avengers (Maïly and the victims) made up a plan to let the travelers think that there was a treasure hiding under the roof of the yacht (don't forget they were travelling around the world). The couple was so excited hearing this spoiler that they didn't even wait until midnight to go get their price! Unfortunately, when they arrived t the place, the only treasure they got was a bunch of light red and light blue that came to steal them something more important than everything they could have stole before; their freedom.

Choice 1 : Maïly should inform the police officer and make them have a criminal record.


The next stop of the travelling around the world: The prison.

Maïly knew for a fact that as soon she got involves in making the right thing, not only for her, but for all the victims that has been keeping silence, she would have to become a witness and make an appearance in court. She was ready to do it. By the time the accuses where bringing at the police station, Maïly was already filling the affidavit given by a police officer, to make a statement and to report what she had lost. In the courtroom the couple was accused of a felony and even if the defendants tried to claim their innocence and event tried to have a case by claiming the "Habeas Corpus", the judge was really insensitive to their words. Until today Maïly don't have any news from them....which is good...right?

Write a choice here.

By Ibrahim.ID - Own work based on:file:F icon.svgfile:Twitter logo.svgfile:Twitter Logo Mini.svgfile:Blogger icon.svgfile:Digg.svgfile:Delicious.svgfile:Flickr.svgfile:Google plus icon.svgfile:Linkedin icon.svgfile:Instagram Shiny Icon.svgfile:Myspace icon.jpgfile:Openid.svgfile:Pinterest Shiny Icon.svgfile:Quora icon.pngfile:Sharethis.svgfile:Rss-feed.svgfile:Skype-icon.pngfile:StumbleUpon Logo.svgfile:Vimeo.svgfile:Soundcloud-logo-black.pngfile:Logo Youtube.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Meet the new Maïly Zuckerberg!

After she won the price of "the blogger of the year", Maïly decided that it was time to expend her wisdom to all social networks. "Wouldn't be wonderful to be able to making people more aware of what is happening around the world? Only the good part since it's not really hard to find wars, rapists, killers, extremists on the internet nowadays, but what about the goodness? How I'm feeling? How everybody's feeling?" She was thinking about all of that and she was right because as soon she shared her blog everywhere, she became a real reliable source.

Write a choice here.


House of publication: Stay aware!

Who could have believed that?! Maïly becoming an editor! Of course, when she was younger, she would spend all day long sitting in some comfy corner and eat every book she had. But, she always thought for herself that she would end up working in the field of study of Law. On the other hand, if I told you that she wasn't happy to be reunited back with her youth passion, that would be a big lie.

Write a choice here.

Public Domain,

Delta Shady one day, Delta Shady ever!

What MaÏly loved the most about her experience in the sorority house, is the bounding she developed with the other members through the years. The capacity of understand what it is the real sense of the word "fraternity" and being able to call people, who were pure strangers at the first sight, "sister". She loved her experience so much, that after she got her diploma, she got approached to get in the select sorority; Kappa Delta Shady, an extension of the Delta Shady. Obviously she accepted! Maïly was thrilled to stay close to the sorority who changed her student life and now she was about to contribute in changing life of the future students who will apply to become a Delta Shady.

Write a choice here.

When your "fraternity radar" goes off, it means one thing: RUN!

When Maïly was younger, she used to spend time in front of the television and watching series about sororities and fraternities. She was always intrigued by the rituals and the traditions that was inflicts to the new members, so they be accepted in the group. Some rites were easy and others were too intense, but she was glad that in was only on the television. Then, she got into the sorority and see things happening for herself...In spite of her desire to be a part of a fraternity, a family, she wasn't comfortable, as a student of Law, to start hazing the initiates. Let me tell you that she takes the right decision because two weeks after she resigns, there was a lawsuit against the house of the Delta Shady.

Write a choice here.

By Paramount Television and Grub Street Productions - Ripped from with

Started from Dean's side, now we here!

Even if she was a little bit disappointed that she had to choose between her youngest dream and an opportunity that will change her whole life, Maïly was really happy with her decision. What she wasn't aware of, is that she was about to get everything she dreamed as by being the dean's side in a permanent position, she got a free pass in a recruitment to become a member of "Skull and Bones" one of the most selective fraternities but also the most secrecy group in the world, a direct connection to the president and the politicians.

Write a choice here.

By Trish Steel, CC BY-SA 2.0,

A recommendation letter: The new word for a "lifelong free pass"

As soon the Dean hand the recommendation to Maïly, her phone starts ring off! It was a Depute from New York that needed help to boost his campaign. She received another one from the Parliament of Canada! They were interested of having her as an intern! The calls didn't stop until the nights and Maïly was so happy and stunned! At this time, she understands that everything will be fine for her and her future.

Choice 1 : No, she is not a least not in a proper title.

By Tom Lemmens - This file was derived from: Crown of the Crown Prince of Sweden (Ströhl).svg:, CC BY-SA 3.0,

No, she is not a least not in a proper title.

But, we can say that now that she has become a successful woman, Maïly can leave on her own and explore more aisles and add new abilities to her curriculum. Just the fact of being aware of that statement got her delighted and inspired because she has so many center of interests where she wants to contribute beside Law.

Choice 1 : She resolves to make her dream of becoming a designer come true.

Choice 2 : Maïly create her own sorority house.

Choice 3 : She decides to build an Art School.

Public Domain,

When the designer has been designed.

Maïly always had love for fashion. Even if she was studying Law, she didn't really could express herself freely as she wanted in her clothes. Actually, what helped her to keep on with her courses was the world of fashion, this world of creativity and fantasies. She needed fashion as an exit from the world of rules, settlements and rigors. Because of this, she wanted to make a contribution, on her own, in the fashion world, as a grateful thanksgiving. While Maïly was thinking that her surroundings would be please and excited as her, not everybody was, if I can say, the poor successful woman didn't know what was going on behind her back.

Choice 1 : Maïly gets her line sabotage by one of the models.

Choice 2 : One of her rivals stole her designs and copied them.

Sorority house 2

KAPPA DESIRE TÊTAH : The day a new fraternity was born!

Because her experience has been so rich when she was a part of sorority house, Maïly couldn't imagine not create a world like this for the next generations. She wanted to create an environment to people like her, who is studying in a strict program and don't really have time to relieve the stress or to feel freedom. Although she had a great idea, she didn't know if she should recruit the new arrival students or the senior ones...

Choice 1 : Maïly recruit the new arrivals so they can feel welcome.

Choice 2 : She decide to recruit the graduate, so they can run the world.

Art School

Build an Art School? Why not?!

For Maïly, art should be a part of the of every human. By building an Art School, she feels that she's contributing in humans life, but also in the history. She really hopes that she can find partners to work with and making this dream comes true. For now, it is only an idea, but it seems to be pleased everybody, since they can't stop talking about it. Even the media starts making speculations about it!

Choice 1 : The government don't want to contribute in the new project.

Choice 2 : The Art school receives a bad review from the media.


Runway time or sabotage time?

WooooW! It's Maïly's first fashion show and she can't wait to show people what she has been doing this past few months. She has work so much hard on it, she feels it was like giving birth. But, like a new born, all that long hours and exhaustiveness was worthy. Well, that statement was before she discovers the horror that has been made on her designs.

Choice 1 : Maïly opened a case so she can find who's really responsible for the sabotage.

Choice 2 : Maïly turn her misfortune into her advantage.

By Unknown - Rijksmuseum: The Muiderslot, Muiden, The Netherlands, original uploader was Nandesuka at en.wikipedia, Public Domain,

When "Naïle's Fashion" becomes a "Maïly's Fashion" 2.0.

Tomorrow, Maïly is supposes to lunch her fashion show! She is so happy about it because she works hard to make this achievement comes true and she what's excited her more was that she will be the first designer to launch her collection. Well, that's what she thought until she saw the "Naïle's Fashion" throwing a live fashion show on the internet. Not only Naïle produces a fashion show before Maïly, more than that, Maïly was able to recognize her own designs, lightly modified, in the live fashion show!!! How on earth these copiers had access to her top secret designs?! What is she going to do now? She only has 24 hours to come out with an idea, as she can't cancel her launching.

Choice 1 : Maïly sues her rivals.

Choice 2 : Maïly find a way to get her revenge.

Bienvenue, welcome, bienvenido

"Kappa Desire Têtah" : Welcome to the new arrivals!

Maïly wanted to be close with the new students that came out of high school so she can give them the best directions and advice from the stars. She remembered when she was a new student herself, she made a lot of unnecessary mistakes and now she feels good to know that she can prevent them with the new students, so they can have a great time during their programs and also enjoy every bit of their university life.

Choice 1 : Maïly trained the initiates as a future member of the Kappa Desire Têtah.

Choice 2 : She decides to add an extension to her sorority house by opening a second fraternity house.

By Internet Archive Book Images - book page:, No restrictions,

"Kappa Run the World" : A world for grown people only.

Even if a part of her wanted to be surrounded by young people and be able to guiding these students during their time at university, Maïly also wanted to be a guide for the seniors students, as once the got their degrees, they will be alone in front of the whole world! At least the new students are still framed by the whole school administration. But, once you are graduated, who are you suppose to reaching if you have a question, if you need a clarification, or simply, when you are not feeling yourself? Maïly wanted to become a refuge for these senior who had worked hard to be where they are now.

Choice 1 : She recruits the potential members by sending them a mysterious codified message.

Choice 2 : One of the members tried to take over the fraternity house.

<a href=CC BY 2.0, Link" title="CC BY 2.0, Link" style="width:100%;">

An Art School as a heritage?

Maïly's biggest wishes was, once she's gone, at least she could leave a heritage for everybody as her contribution into making a world better. When the idea of building an Art School pop in her head, that was it! She didn't think twice about it. She knew that everybody would love the idea of going to school to improve as an individual person instead of going to school to become somebody you don't really wants to be. The thing she didn't know, is that the people who send you to school to be someone you don't want to, and who also controls the town, yes you get it, we are talking about the government, wouldn't be pleased about her idea! This is why, when Maïly came to them to expose her idea and also get supports, they just turned down her offers and then they bribe everyone who could love Maïly's idea.

Choice 1 : As the government didn't listen them, Maïly decides to protest against them !

Choice 2 : As the government don't want to be by their side, Maïly decides to find a bigger investor; the Mafia.

By Txllxt TxllxT - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Lesson of the day: Being surrounded by media really means; being surrounded by a bunch of snakes!!

Maïly always knew that sometime, the reporters can made up some gossip topic about innocent people or celebrities just to inflate his listeners. But how could she have thought it was at that point?! While she was checking her e-mail, a cookie page appear to her page. She was about to close it, when she found something that keeps her attention in the page. The article on the website was talking about her! Not only it was talking about Maïly, it was full of lie! Why would someone do that to her!? They were telling that she used illegal money to build her Art School or she tried to threat the government because they didn't support her. At this time, the only thing Maïly wanted to do was to scream until she becomes mute!

Choice 1 : Maïly hires a "geek of information" to protect herself and her school from situations like that.

Choice 2 : She organizes a party inside of the school so she can invite her surroundings and the media to show that the whole ads on the internet wasn't true.

By Original uploader was BenduKiwi at fr.wikipedia - Transferred from fr.wikipedia; transfered to Commons by User:Padawane using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Who? Why? How?

Who could have do this to Maïly? why would someone done this to her? That's a question she won't know the answer. This is why she has decided to report it and go to the courtroom. While they were proceeding of lawsuits, Maïly was looking everywhere to see if she could recognize by herself the guilty, but unfortunately she didn't.

Write a choice here.

By -, Public Domain,

Didn't you know Maïly knew how to sabotage too?

After she got sabotaged, Maïly got so mad that she didn't want to do any kind of art anymore! Until she remembered that, she had cameras rolling! So, of course, she went to get the cameras so she saw if she could identify the one who did this to her. You know what? She was right! She could fine the person responsible! But instead of handing the evidence to the police, She sells it to a journalist so not only everybody will see the video but also, everybody will know who did this to her.

Write a choice here.

By Nsaum75 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Fashion Show or Fashion Court?

When it comes to her designs, Maïly don't play. This is why when she realizes that her rival has been stoles from her, she really was shocked! She knew a little bit what was going on in the industries of fashion, but she never thought that she could end up stolen too. Now instead of doing the runways, the poor new designer is making appearance in court with the hope of gaining justice.

Write a choice here.


Don't play with Karma!

You remember when I told you that when it comes to her designs, Maïly don't play? When she found out that her designs has been stolen, before she acts and does something that she might regret, she decides to follow the "basic protocol" ; make her own investigation to find enough proofs and then exposes them in her own blog (don't you forget that she has her own blog?).

Write a choice here.

By Hillary for America - Hillary for America, Public Domain,

The perfect purpose.

Maïly was thrilled to create her own sorority house. This experience has marked her college life and she couldn't wait long enough to mark another student life. She loved the fact that she will be the one who's going to create her rules, her rituals, her traditions, her history, the initiations etc... Maïly wants to create this fraternity house for the first year students, as they are still getting comfortable and they don't need a senior student to come and starts to torture them. Maïly wants to protect the first year students from being hazed.

Write a choice here.

By Wolfgang Beyer - Created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Having one of them is good, but having two of them is better!

Her purpose was right. Her plan about her fraternity house was perfect and it worked! It worked so well that she decided to implant her fraternity house at another university! Because of "Kappa Desire Têtah", a lot of students have felt welcomed and really less lost! Maïly was really proud that she achieve one of her goals.

Write a choice here.

Public Domain,

"Kappa Run the World" : D3C0D3D.

Maïly will always remember her time when she was by the dean's side and she got recruited in the Skull and Bones fraternity. We can't say if she is still a member or not, because as we said earlier, this sorority is one of the most secrecy society in the world. But discreet or not Maïly can't deny that being a part of this fraternity has been useful for her, either she was in university or outside of the university. Now, as an independent woman who has her own sorority house, she wants to bring the same utility to the senior who will make his entrance in the hardworking world, once he or she gets their diploma. She's so excited about the recruitment that she even create a mysterious codified message, that has to be decoded! Only the one who has resolved the problem will be an official member of the fraternity.

Write a choice here.

CC BY-SA 2.0,

Try to steal one day and you will disappear forever...

Kappa Run The World has become a notorious Fraternity and Maïly couldn't be happier about it! Every one that has joined the group has become someone with a high status society. Unfortunately, in every group, there is always someone who is hungrier than everyone else and want more. This is what happened with the Kappa Run The World. A senior, who has been a member since three years, have tried to take over the sorority behind the back of Maïly, by trashing her and criticize her principles in front of others member. Hopefully, Maïly, who has always been kind, honest and funny, didn't have nothing to worry about, since everybody loved her. So, the plan of the senior got reject right away and he even has disappeared since that day.

Write a choice here.

By Than217 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Common Good using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

Sit-in : on the government's throat.

Maïly was really stunned that Montreal's government wasn't agree to contribute into building an edifice that will help the children to develop and maintain their creativity, their passion. As the government ignore Maïly, she decides, with a lot of help, to organize a sit-in in front of the edifice where she is supposed to build the school. Her friend spent all day long sitting in front of the door. At the end of the day, they wasn't able to prevent the government, but at least, she is still having a chance to get the ground as they can't do anything on it for now.

Write a choice here.

By Koodari15 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

"El Maïly y la mafia".

As she is still having a chance to get the she is dreaming of, so she can build an Art School, so everyone who loves Art can come over there and express themselves freely. Now that she knows for a fact that the government won't help her with her goals, Maïly decides to turn herself in the network mafia, as they own a part of the town too. That wasn't what she wanted, but at this point, nobody was able to get in the middle of her and her goals. The risk was worth it because she finally got her ground!

Write a choice here.

great and powerful

"Geeks" ; the new words for "Great"

Maïly will be forever grateful for the "geek of information" because if it wasn't for him, she could have lost her school because of the "fakes news" that has been circulating on the internet. Now, that the name of her school is cleaned, Maïly went to court to protect the name of her school from bad mouthing, bad gossiping and judgmental critics.

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By sj -, CC BY 4.0,

If someone talks about you, make them have enough to say!

Maïly's mom always told her; either someone is saying something good or bad about you, the most important thing is that they are talking about! In that case you have two choices: you can let that person win and be mad or you can ignore him and make that person keeps talking about you because of your silence and your smile. This is why Maïly decides to throw a classic party at her house and invite each one of the media that has bashing her. When they came there, they thought there will be a scandal, but everything went so perfectly, in the next morning, all you can read in the journal was: "In the name of all the media, we're sorry Maïly".

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The End.