A hypertext narrative by

Pierre-Karl Matte

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Word count: 1077

Choice count: 42

Section count: 29

Image count: 29

Error count: 20

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 19 matches (CEGEP, School, choice, class, college, don, fail, field, field of study, grades, high school, knowledge, learn, principal, project, school, students, teacher, teachers)

Psychology : 12 matches (blood, class, field, focus, game, harassment, knowledge, love, miss, need, nose, sexual harassment)

Archaeology : 10 matches (class, college, component, HER, pick, punch, Re, study, tell, thing)

Target Structure:

background check (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (2 matches)



 Notre-Dame College

It all started like this.

I was finishing high school at Notre-Dame College in Montreal. I knew I liked sciences so I chose the Chemistry field of study but I didn't know which college to go to that could make me learn the ropes of chemistry faster.

Choice 1 : Go to Cegep Saint-Laurent.

Choice 2 : Go to Ahuntsic College.

Cegep Saint-Laurent

Go to Cegep Saint-Laurent.

Great! Cegep Saint-Laurent is an amazing school and I have a few friends with me! But I noticed that one of my enemies named Jack is there. Should I change schools or confront him?

Choice 1 : Confront him.

Choice 2 : Ignore him.

Ahuntsic College

Go to Ahuntsic College.

College Ahuntsic is really nice! I already made a lot of friends and can't wait to expand my knowledge in chemistry but I have 2 choices of teachers. Should I pick Miss Bennett or Mr. Burbank?

Choice 1 : Miss Bennet.

Choice 2 : Mr.Burbank.

Confront him.

So I went and confronted him... He was also really angry to see me in the same school as him. I then told him to stop talking to me or I will end up punching him in the face. He didn't agree to that, what should I do?

Choice 1 : Punch him in the face.

Choice 2 : Ignore him and walk away.

Ignore him.

So I ignored him and didn't hear from him again!

Choice 1 : Restart

Miss Bennet.

I picked Miss Bennet and she is the sweetest teacher ever! I get straight A's in her class and she is totally not biased with her students! I am secretly falling in love with a girl in my class. Should I take her on a date?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : No


I picked Mr. Burbank and he is the worst teacher ever! He made me hate chemistry! The school have done a better background check because I feel like he has done some sexual harassment in the past... Should I tell the principal?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : No

Punch him in the face.

I punched him in the face and broke his nose! There was blood everywhere and we fought until people stopped us. He was really angry and said he was going to pull up at my house with his friends. Should I call the police or bring my friends and fight his friends?

Choice 1 : Call the police

Choice 2 : Bring my friends at my house

Ignore him and walk away.

I ignored him and walked away but later I found out he was in my chemistry class! Should I lose an opportunity and retake the class another time or make him fail the class?

Choice 1 : Quit the class

Choice 2 : Make him fail


I took her on a date and we had a great time. She's also in the same field of study as me and love chemistry! There's definitely some chemistry between us... Should I ask her out or focus on school?

Choice 1 : Focus on school

Choice 2 : Ask her out


So I didn't ask her on a date and nothing happened.

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!


I went and told the principal and he kicked him out the school! He got what he deserved!



I didn't tell the principal and things got worse. No one in the class likes him. I still really need to get an A so do I go ask him to explain better or not?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : No

Call the police.

I called the police and they came to defend me. They arrested my enemy with his friends because they had weapons, good for them!

Choice 1 : Everything is fine, restart!

Bring my friends at my house.

My friends came and they were scared so they left. But I am now working on a chemistry project at home. What should I invent?

Choice 1 : A cure for cancer

Choice 2 : A new chemical component for the army

Quit the class.

I quit the class and didn't feel like retaking it so I ended up poor and begging people on the street for money.

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

Make him fail.

I made him fail by telling the teacher he was cheating! Was telling the teacher a great thing?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : No

Focus on school.

You're right. School is much more important for my career, I need to study if I want good grades!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

Ask her out.

I asked her out and she is now my girlfriend! Should I study with her or alone?

Choice 1 : Alone

Choice 2 : With her


I went and asked him if he could explain better. He got really upset and threw a chair at me! I should really go tell the principal now, right?

Choice 1 : Yes


I didn't go see him and now I don't understand anything at all!

Choice 1 : Game over,restart.

Call the police.

I called the police and everything is fine!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

A cure for cancer.

Great! I can't wait to start working on this but it will take many years!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

A new chemical component for the army.

The army didn't need me on their team so I won't be able to work for them.

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!


It's always right to be honest and say the truth and make sure everything is equal.

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!


I shouldn't have told the teacher because he knew it was me and now he is mad at me!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!


Studying alone is always better and makes it easier to concentrate, on my way to straight A's!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

With her.

She is also really good in my field of study so she can help me with the concepts I don't understand!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!


Telling the truth is always the right thing to do in these kinds of situations. This is what has been going on in the chemistry field of study so far!

Choice 1 : Game over, restart!

The End.