Ambivalent future

A hypertext narrative by

Lili Grieco-St-Pierre

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Nursing : 31 matches (accident, disease, professional, ARM, biochemistry, cancer, cell, clinical, test, death, diabetes, Doctor, eye, genetics, growth hormone, Health, hormone, hospital, media, medicine, multiple, muscle, needle, nurse, physical, pons, social, stroke, nursing, injured, sick)

Education : 31 matches (School, campus, choice, class, classes, college, degree, deliver, exam, failed, fields of study, first, grades, head, learn, learned, master's degree, memory, options, reading, reward, sabbatical, school, semester, social, student, students, test, training, university, vacation)

Tourism : 30 matches (Beach, Breakfast, City, Deal, Demand, Internet, Member, Nature, Package, Party, Program, Ride, apartment, beach, coast, countryside, master, media, memory, multiple, package, pass, passing, program, residence, responsible, sea, stop, trip, vacation)

Target Structure:

background check (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

deter (1 match)

intern (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

perpetrator (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

thoughtful (1 match)


Ambivalent future

St-Laurent College

It all started like this.

You are currently a student at St-Laurent College and you are on the verge of finishing your first of the two years of your program. You are studying health science and next year you have to choose what you will do in the future.

Choice 1 : Go to university.

Choice 2 : Take a sabbatical year to explore your options.


Many fields of study.

Health science is a really large program, thus there are a lot of choices for your university program.

Choice 1 : You pursue your student career in biochemistry.

Choice 2 : You choose to apply in medicine.

Choice 3 : You apply in genetics.



Pursuing biochemistry, you had the ambition of doing a doctor's degree. But a very little quantity of students which finished their baccalaureate are accepted for the master's degree. You need to be the best have straight A's. One day, a student of your class ask for your notes.

Choice 1 : You pass your notes.

Choice 2 : You do not pass your notes.

No news.

It's been a week and you have no news of him. You start feeling overwhelmed. You start wondering if his intentions were good or bad.

Choice 1 : He stole your notes.

Choice 2 : He is preparing you a big surprise because he is grateful!

Big mistake.

Oh oh... He stole your notes and he does not plan to give them back! You were the one and only threat to the perpetrator to being accepted for the master's degree. Because you couldn't study without your notes, you failed an exam and your career as a biochemist is finished.

Choice 1 : Start again.


With your notes, your friend made a huge discovery in biochemistry. In fact, he realized, while reading your notes, that it is possible to stop a cancer from growing. The telomerase, which is the growth hormone of a cancer cell can be eradicated. He wrote a text explaining this discovery and kindly put your name on it to thank you! That is the reason he kept your notes for so long!

Choice 1 : Start again.


He is angry.

You didn't do any background check on the guy who was asking for your notes. Now, he informs you that is brother his a member of a gang called BLOOD and he is not happy that you refused to help his brother. You are not sure if he tells the truth or he is just trying to deter you.

Choice 1 : You do not care and ignore his maddening threat.

Choice 2 : You are afraid and want to negotiate a deal with him.

He was telling the truth.

He wasn't kidding and he wants to take revenge. Sadly, you start being a victim of sexual assault and violence. One day, it is too much and you decide to leave the country to flee the BLOOD members who are threatening your life so mad at you.

Choice 1 : Start again.

He gives you a second chance.

The gang respects second chances so they let you negotiate a deal. However, the deal is negotiated with a gun at your head so you end up having to pass you notes and deliver suspicious package to businessmen in the city. You start to learn the ropes of being a gang member and you fall into it. At one point, they make you drop your master's degree and you end up with them into illegal activities.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Quebec City

Far away.

Being accepted in medicine is really hard. You need excellent grades and you need to show your thoughtful side in your interview. You receive multiple university's letters saying that have been refused except for one school, which happen to be in Quebec. You are not sure if you are ready to move to Quebec.

Choice 1 : You move to Quebec City.

Choice 2 : You decide to enroll last minute in a professional program.

Quebec City.

You need to choose your apartment in the city.

Choice 1 : Live with your uncle at his place.

Choice 2 : Live in the residence of the university.



Nobody in your family knew but your uncle is an alcoholic and you end up taking care of him all the time. You miss too much class because of that so you get kicked out of school.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Bad influence.

Your the only medicine student in the dorms and everyone one else is there to party. You start to follow them in their manners and one night you drink a little too much at campus. You get caught and expelled for misconduct.

Choice 1 : Start again.



You've been studying Nursing for a couple of months and it is time to become an intern. At your first on-the-job training, you pass out when you see a person getting its shots because of the needle. The nurse responsible for you tells you that you're probably in the wrong program if needles make you afraid.

Choice 1 : Continue anyway.

Choice 2 : Give up the program.

You were "sick"

You blame your incident of passing out on the fact that you were sick and didn't have any breakfast. However, when it is your turn to do shots to a little boy, you pass out again and end up putting the needle in his eye. The family of the little boy pursue you and you end up with a mountain of dept to compensate the unfortunate incident.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Give up.

You gave up the Nursing program, and you are now wondering what to do till the end of semester. Your mother finds you a little job at her employer but you know it is a dead-end job.

Choice 1 : Start again.



You enter your program in genetics and you need to choose a subject on which you will concentrate your studies. Both sides of your family have an historic of genetic disease. You can choose you mom side to study alzheimer or you dad side to study diabetes.

Choice 1 : Mom side and alzheimer.

Choice 2 : Dad side and diabetes.


You use your mother's blood to run some tests and you discover that your mother will soon show signs of memory lost.

Choice 1 : You tell your mother about what is coming.

Choice 2 : You do not tell her and work day and night on a cure.


You found a possible cure, and you want to experiment it on humans. However, the government refuse your demand for a clinical test. Desperately, you chose to try it anyway on your neighbor who suffers from diabetes.

Choice 1 : The neighbour survives.

Choice 2 : The neighbour dies.

Devastating news.

Your mother is destroyed by this announcement and she decides to take away her life.

Choice 1 : Start again.


You had hope for your mother. It has been four years since you knew when. Your mother is finally diagnosed with alzheimer and you have not found a cure yet. Sadly, one month after her death, you find the cure.

Choice 1 : Start again.



Your cure had a problem and your neighbour died because of it. You are sent to prison immediately for unpremeditated murder.

Choice 1 : Start again.


A few weeks later, your neighbour went to see his doctor and he is announced that he doesn't have diabetes anymore. He wonders how. When you see this in the news, you come out and everybody is acclaiming you for your big discovery!

Choice 1 : Start again.

Plenty of choices.

Waw! You got a year for yourself and you are wondering how you will occupy your time.

Choice 1 : Go see your sister in Germany.

Choice 2 : Go to South America to volunteer.

Choice 3 : Become an influencer on the internet.

Countryside of Germany.

You know your sister lived in Germany, but not on a farm! They are ready to let you stay without rent in exchange for taking care of the animals.

Choice 1 : Stay to enjoy nature.

Choice 2 : Quit for the capital, Berlin.


Goat problem.

One of the goat gets sick. What do you do?

Choice 1 : Save the goat.

Choice 2 : Let it die.



You catch the goat's disease and end up in the hospital for the rest of your life.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Your sister and her family aren't happy you let the goat die. They banish you from the farm and you are left on the streets of Germany, alone.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Big city.

You know you want to get to Berlin. However, you wonder how you will get there. The affordable way or the long way?

Choice 1 : By car.

Choice 2 : By bicycle.

Car accident


There is no speed limit on highways in Germany. You got in accident and you are dead.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Too long ride.

You overestimated your physical capacities. At 10 kilometers of the city, you die of exhaustion.

Choice 1 : Start again.


There is a lot of country in South America that interest you to go volunteering. You have to choose one.

Choice 1 : Nicaragua.

Choice 2 : Costa Rica.



Upon arrival in Managua, the capital of the country, you need to decide if you stay there or you explore the countryside.

Choice 1 : Stay in Managua.

Choice 2 : Go to the countryside.

Not a good hiding place.

You stayed in Managua and hid your money in your room. Someone found it and your stuck. You cry because you came to help people but you now you are the one who needs help.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Nicaragua's countryside is known for not being the safest place in the world. You should have considered that because you have been kidnapped and their asking for five thousands dollars in ransom to your family.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica.

You are offered two volunteering projects in Costa Rica. You need to choose one.

Choice 1 : In a coffee plantation.

Choice 2 : On the beaches to remove the trash.


Too much.

You were already a coffee addict. Now you are offered coffee every hour to " est the product". You have an overdose and you die.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Mother nature.

You were at the wrong place at the wrong time. While washing the beach, a massive hurricane stroke the coast and you drowned.

Choice 1 : Start again.


There is many ways to become an influencer on social media. You need to find your particularity.

Choice 1 : Pose in bikinis.

Choice 2 : Post vlogs on Youtube.


You become very popular and too famous vlogers invite you to see them.

Choice 1 : Go see Mister V in France.

Choice 2 : Go to Coachella with Lele Pons.

Mister V


You travel to France, ready to learn about vlogs. You are really disappointed when you realize that Mister V became a rapper and he doesn't care about vlogs anymore.

Choice 1 : Start again.



So many people were at Coachella, you never found Lele Pons. Also, you come back to Montreal injured because you were trampled in the crowd.

Choice 1 : Start again.

Bikini model

Free trip.

You become a really successful bikini model and you are offered a trip to promote a new line. You can choose where you want to go.

Choice 1 : Bora Bora.

Choice 2 : Bali.


Dangerous beach.

Bora Bora is a beautiful place and you love the beaches there. Unfortunately, while you were in the sea, a shark attacked you and you lost an arm.

Choice 1 : Start again.


Yoga retreat.

While in Bali, you take time to do yoga classes because it is a classic when you go to this island. However, yoga was not for you. You stretched a muscle really bad. You just learned that you can do the photoshoot for which you came. You must pay your entire vacation.

Choice 1 : Start again.

The End.