Hypertext Narrative.

A hypertext narrative by

Narimene Labdoune

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Word count: 2369

Choice count: 68

Section count: 45

Image count: 0

Error count: 71

Field Related Analysis:

Nursing : 33 matches (absence, accident, birth, alienation, ambulance, biochemistry, biology, brain, cancer, coma, contact, test, Doctor, evaluation, filtration, flight, GIFT, Health, heart, hospital, HR, mentor, nurse, pain, pharmaceutical, plane, section, sleep, surgery, nursing, vehicle, brain damage, emergency care)

Education : 31 matches (School, choice, class, college, colleges, course, degree, diploma, don, elementary school, evaluation, exam, first, graduate, graduation, head, learning, library, management, mentor, motivation, pilot, reader, school, speaking, student, teacher, teachers, test, training, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 30 matches (absence, accident, act, alienation, answer, Book, brain, company, condition, contact, corruption, damage, driver, four, gift, harassment, House, interest, issue, land, misconduct, month, offer, section, Sexual, state, test, vacations, vehicle, victim)

Target Structure:

alienation (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

HR (1 match)

income (1 match)

intern (1 match)

internship (1 match)

leave of absence (2 matches)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

thoroughly (1 match)

time management (2 matches)

wage (1 match)

withholding (1 match)

worthwhile (1 match)


Hypertext Narrative.

It all started like this.

I am a student at Saint-Laurent College in the Health Science program. I am going to get my diploma at the end of the month and I need to choose what's next for me.

Choice 1 : I go at the University of Montreal to study Nursing.

Choice 2 : I go study Nursing abroad.

Scene 1.

I am now studying Nursing at the University of Montreal and I am getting overwelhmed with all the work I have to do.

Choice 1 : I am doing my best and I am getting Staright A's.

Choice 2 : I lack too much of motivation to work harder and I am falling my biology course.

Choice 3 : I thoroughly think about my decision to study in Nursing and I decide to change program.

Scene 2.

I graduate and I am now working in a hospital. A college ask me to date him and I tell him that I have to thoughtfully think about it.

Choice 1 : He's seems nice, Idecide to give him a chance

Choice 2 : I tell him that Idon't want to date anyone for the moment because i find my work too maddening.

Scene 3.

We have been now dating for one year. One day I see him winking at a girl and I ask myself if this is considered as an act of filtration?

Choice 1 : I decide to confronthim and tell him that I saw him geting too friendly with another girl

Choice 2 : I decide to just put aside this accident and not tell him anything.

Scene 4.

He tells me that I am overreacting and I set aside this accident and I tell him that I love him.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 5.

One night, I am working overtime and I see him kiss a girl. I decide to confront him this time and tell him that I want to break up.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 6.

He doesn't want to give up and he becomes more and more persistent. I realise that I am being a victim of sexual harassment. I am not sure of what to do.

Choice 1 : His misconducts become even more frequent and I decide to just take a leave of absence to get myself together and hope that he'll loose interest in me.

Choice 2 : I tell my friends and they advise me to call the police.

Scene 7.

His misconducts become even more frequent and I decide to just take a leave of absence to get myself together and hope that he'll loose interest in me.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 8.

My harasser is now fired and I am finally able to work in peace.

Choice 1 : Start again

Section 9.

I am falling biology and I don't know what to do. There is only one exam left and this exam can determine If I can pass the course or not. I need to get a 90% on this exam to pass the course told me the teacher.

Choice 1 : I try to bribe the teacher so he can make me pass.

Choice 2 : I try to work harder and I borrow form the library a book about time management since I really don't know how to properly use my time.

Scene 10.

The teachers refuse my bribe and he reports my misconduct to the head administration of the University. I am now expelled of the University and I am charged with corruption. I don't even know if life is worthwhile anymore.

Choice 1 : I try to take revenge on the teacher who reported me.

Choice 2 : I apply to work at McDonlad's even if I know that it's a dead-end job.

Scene 11.

I killed the teacher and I am know about to job of a cliff because there is nothing withholding me anymore. My life is a mess and I don't want to go to jail.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 12.

I have been working for four years at McDonald's and I am quickly learning the ropes of this job and I even fulfilment in this job. My income is not high but it's better than nohing.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 13.

I got 95% on my test and the teacher even congratulated me. I also found inside the last page of the book I borrowed a phone number and I am curious but I don't know if I should try to call the number and see to who it is.

Choice 1 : I let my curiosity get the past of me and I call the phone number

Choice 2 : I don't call the phone number and just return the book

Scene 14.

I discover that the phone number belongs to a guy that is in my biology class and that I never noticed before. After talking with him for a month he finally asks me to go out with him and I enthusiastically agree.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 15.

When I return the book about time management I decide to borrow one about the benefits of on-the-job training and I discover in it another phone number. I decide this time to call the number and see to who it belongs. When I call an old men answer me and I quickly hang up the phone.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 16.

I graduated form University and I got a degree in Biochemistry. Just days after my graduation two pharmaceutical campaigns offered me an internship. Both of them look really great I don't know witch one to choose.

Choice 1 : I choose company A .

Choice 2 : I choose company B.

Scene 17.

On the first day as in intern I discover that one of my colleges is the girl I hated since elementary school. We ignored each other the whole day but I know that we can possible do this for ever.

Choice 1 : I wait until she makes the first move to try to talk to me.

Choice 2 : I decide to make the first move and go talk to her.

Scene 18.

It has been two weeks now and we are still ignoring each other. I however hear that her mom recently died and I go give her my condolence. After this we aren't really friends but a least we don't ignore each other anymore.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 19.

Me and her are now really good friends. We solved our problems on our own without the help of a HR employee. She even invited me this week at her house.It's crazy how people can change for the better!

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 20.

I love the atmosphere at this company and I am really glad I took it. Today I woke up late and I am in a hurry. I don't know if I should take the train like usual or take a cab. Edit.

Choice 1 : I choose to take the train.

Choice 2 : I choose to take a cab.

Scene 21.

I am late for work but only for 5 min and my mentor doesn't tell me anything. I honestly really love this company the wage is really good and the trainees like me are well treated.

Choice 1 : It all started like this.

Scene 22.

Just before I arrive at work the driver of the cab loose control of his vehicle and we crash on an another car. We both die immediately.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 23.

I decide to go study abroad but theres so many beautiful contries I don't know witch one would be the best for me.

Choice 1 : I go study in France.

Choice 2 : I go study in London.

Choice 3 : I go study in Australia.

Scene 24.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Choice 1 : I decide to try to help the man in pain.

Choice 2 : I try to get a flight attend and tell her that the man is having a health issue an that he needs to go to the emergency care.

Scene 25.

After doing a quick evaluation of his condition I come to the conclusion that he is in a critic state and he needs to go to the hospital.

Choice 1 : I go support the man because he was traveling alone and go with him to the hospial.

Choice 2 : I stay on the plane and hope he won't die and get better once I see paramedics taking him with them to the hospital.

Scene 26.

The man recovers from his heart problem and give me as a gift for staying with him one million dollars!

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 27.

I land in France and I decide that instead of becoming a nurse I want to become a Doctor and be able to help even more people with health problems.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 28.

The flight attend call immediately an ambulance. To thank me for my quick thinking the airline company give me for free a ticket to Hawaii that I can use during this summer vacations.

Choice 1 : I use the ticket and go during summer vacations to Hawaii.

Choice 2 : I give the ticket plane to my mom.

Scene 29.

I am sitting on the plane to go to Hawaii and there is a lot of turbulence during the flight due to a big storm. The pilot has a lot of difficulty controlling the plane. The plane soon crash and we all die.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 30.

My mom arrived safely in Hawaii and had a lot of fun there.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 31.

I arrive safely in London but just before I call a cab I see a poor women pregnant and about to give birth.

Choice 1 : I go help her and get in a cab with her.

Choice 2 : I ignore her because I am too tired and I just want to go sleep in my dorm.

Scene 32.

We arrive at he hospital and she gives birth to a beautiful girl that she names after me. her husband came later to join her and proposed to me to go have lunch with them next week.

Choice 1 : I gladly accept the offer.

Choice 2 : I politely refuse and tell them that I can't.

Scene 33.

One my way to the restaurant where we are supposed to meet I get hit by a car and I get a serious brain damage. I am rushed to the surgery room and I stay in coma for five months.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 34.

The couple tell me that they understand and that they wish me luck with my studies and ask me for my phone number so we can stay in contact. I give them my number and wish them luck with their baby.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 35.

On my way to the dorm I decide to stop at the bank to take some money. Once I get out of the bank someone grab my bag and runaway.

Choice 1 : I run after the thief.

Choice 2 : I let the thief get away and just cry.

Scene 36.

The thief see me running after him and take out of his jacket a gun an shoot me in the head.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 37.

I cry so much that I don't see anymore where I am going and I get hit by a car and die.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 38.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Choice 1 : I smile back and start a conversation with him.

Choice 2 : I smile back but don't try to start a conversation.

Scene 39.

I discover that he is suffering from cancer and that he only has five months to live. He tells me how he suffered form alienation at work and how he wanted for these five month's to feel free and happy. He then asks me if I would like to hang out sometimes with him while I am an Australia.

Choice 1 : I accept and I give him my phone number .

Choice 2 : I refuse and tell him that I really need to study hard and can't go out for the moment

Scene 40.

Me and him are now married, we dated for three mounts and he actually got better and won against cancer.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 41.

I never heard of he guy ever again until I saw him one day in Australia walking hand by hand with a beautiful girl. I didn't went to greet him but I was happy to now that he survived and lived more than a few mounts.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 42.

I read my book during the whole flight and when the plane land we both go our separate ways. I however find a phone number in my purse and I am sure it's his.

Choice 1 : I call him.

Choice 2 : I throw the phone number.

Scene 43.

He answered the call and we are know speaking to each other every single night. One night he asked me to meet him at a cafe and I agreed. I told him that I wanted to become a doctor and we had a really nice date.

Choice 1 : Start again

Scene 44.

I finished my studies in Nursing and I met again with him in the hospital. He recognized me and told be about his health problems and how he won against the cancer. He also told me that now he was under many medications. He asked for my phone number and this time I gave it to him.

Choice 1 : Start again

The End.