The Journey.

A hypertext narrative by

Théodore Tremblay

Created with

The Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker


Word count: 165

Choice count: 4

Section count: 3

Image count: 3

Error count: 13

Field Related Analysis:

Psychology : 6 matches (action, dream, focus, game, love, weed)

Tourism : 5 matches (Extra, Food, Goal, Journey, double)

Education : 4 matches (choice, fellow, goal, reader)

Target Structure:


The Journey.


McDonalds! Such a great place! Free Wi-Fi, good food, beautiful cashiers, but whatever, I'm loving it for the Wi-Fi! My mom gave me 100$ for my birthday. Even if sometimes I was the worst prick, I love you mom. Way way more than Oreo Mc Flurry! You gave me money and it's worth much more than anything I have worked for. I invested most of it in cigarettes and weed, now I'm taking action towards my goal, my dream: Trading. About a grand left in my account, my trading journey starts now! PLEASE NOTE that from now YOU are the hero. Make the choices you think are best and if you finish the game: CONGRATS FELLOW READER.

Choice 1 : Buy a Mc Double extra cheese and bacon

Choice 2 : Buy a fresh cofee to increase focus and productivity

Choice 3 : Save your hard earned money

Day One.


Write a choice here.



Choice 1 : Lol

The End.