A real life choice.

A hypertext narrative by

Christina Soldati

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Choice count: 44

Section count: 21

Image count: 21

Error count: 14

Field Related Analysis:

Tourism : 31 matches (Airport, City, Construction, Control, Event, Flight, Goal, Hiking, Landscape, Opportunity, Party, Passport, Permanent, Program, airport, architecture, bit, bridge, door, event, field, flight, multiple, national, passport, program, slip, stop, times, to visit, trip)

Archaeology : 28 matches (ARM, bed, bit, citizen, class, college, comes, component, control, culture, exchange, HER, here, history, landscape, lead, monument, NASA, pick, sacrifice, section, site, slip, space, study, tell, temple, thing)

Computer Science : 26 matches (architecture, bit, bridge, call, check, choice, Class, system, emergency, field, noise, open, Pick, Private, quantum, search, Section, security, share, sleep, static, supervisor, traffic, translator, True, design)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

background check (1 match)

HR (1 match)

intern (1 match)

internship (3 matches)

lack of (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

office politics (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)

trainee (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)

worthwhile (1 match)


A real life choice.


What should I do after college?

You just graduated from Cégep de St-Laurent with a brilliant diploma in Pure and Applied Sciences. Besides, you already know what you want to do. You have always had a passion for physics, such as the work and the energy, the gravitation, the fluids and the astronomy...You bigger desires since youth as always been to become an electrical engineer, like your father. However, you are now facing a great dilemma. In fact, you hesitate between entering university directly or taking a break to travel.

Choice 1 : Travel

Choice 2 : Study


Choosing a country.

You want to discover many things, but you have only one year of travelling, so you can choose only one country. First, there are the United Kingdom. You have been there with your parents when you were younger and you were immediately charmed by the landscape and the architecture. Then, there is also Kenya, where there is a really interesting volunteering to do. Lastly, there is South Korea because you find the culture highly interesting.

Choice 1 : The United Kingdom

Choice 2 : Kenya

Choice 3 : South Korea



You now have to choose where you will do your advanced studies. In Montreal there are a lot of universities that offer the program in electrical engineering. However, these programs are not all exactly the same, so you must pick a university offering the one you prefer. Your advantage is that you have always had straight A's so you don't have to fear to be rejected by a university.You have three choices, the École polytechnique de Montréal that offers a more theoretical program, the ÉTS that gives a more practical program or the UQAM.

Choice 1 : École polytechnique de Montréal

Choice 2 : ÉTS

Choice 3 : UQAM


The end of your studies.

To complete you studies, you have to achieve perfectly a six-months internship in the company of your choice to learn the ropes. Your first choice is the NASA. The problem is that it is you best friend's first choice too and this internship accept only one intern. That gives you only two options. You sacrifice your first choice for your friend or you don't let anything get on your goal's way and you take it.

Choice 1 : You let it to your friend.

Choice 2 : You take it.

Electical engineering

A second choice.

You received your second choice, but everything turned down well. The office politics is really strict, but the projects you were working on were highly interesting and varied. For example, there was one on static electricity. You are now finishing your time as a trainee in an Engineering firm in Montreal. The boss just offered you a permanent job, but you hesitate. In fact, you like it here, but you may also want to try something else before settling down.

Choice 1 : You accept the offer and receive a stable job in the field you like.

Choice 2 : You reject the offer and you go back to university for a mastery.



Your internship at the NASA is like a dream come true, except for one thing. The projects you are working on, for example parts of a satellite, are though, but also stimulants and you love it. However, there is a disagreement. You have no idea why, but your supervisor is talking under your back to others and making you work in overtime every day! It is making you really uncomfortable. What should you do?

Choice 1 : You talk to boss of your section and the problem is eventually solved.

Choice 2 : You confront the supervisor and you get fired because you got into a fight.


A big project.

To finish your studies, you have to develop a project on your own. You decided to design of a slip control system. It has been one month since you started your project when you realise that a guy in your class is copying your work! You want to tell the teacher, but you have no proof against him. What should you do?

Choice 1 : You decide to go spy on him during the next week.

Choice 2 : You decide to sneak in his room to see if he hides your work there.



You placed cameras in your room and, indeed, you caught him! Two times during the week he came in your room, according to the videos, while you were outside with friends. This is a complete proof against him. It gives you two options. First, you can show them to the teacher and he will receive the consequences for his act. Next, you can also talk to him and show him de videos you have. With all these proofs against him, his only solution is to stop stealing your ideas or you will tell the teacher about it.

Choice 1 : You show the videos to the teacher.

Choice 2 : You talk to the student.

Stolen papers


Friday afternoon, while he is out in downtown Montreal, you enter his room. Silently, you examine the whole room and suddenly, you find your stolen papers! You just have the time to pick them all up when someone open the door! You panic and froze in place. Who is facing you?

Choice 1 : It is him. He is helpless. Yes, you are in his room when you should not, but you also found your stolen work in his room. He let you go.

Choice 2 : It is his roommate. He knows nothing about his friend stealing your work so he thinks you are actually stealing his friend's work. You are screwed.


Change of interest.

You are completing your studies when you suddenly realise that you have a lack of interest in engineering! You are tired of maths, waves, energy, well everything in fact! You are lost and don't know what to do anymore. You are in a real dead-end. You worked truly hard these last years to be where you are now, it is really frustrating.To solve this problem, you could travel a little bit to change your ideas and see if you interest comes back, but you could also start immediately a new program in a different field.

Choice 1 : You decide to travel.

Choice 2 : You decide to start a program in a completely different field, history.



While you are in Germany, you meet the owner of a private company that create specific component for cars, space stations and more. He has a vacant position for an engineer and really like you. He offers you the job and invites you in an interview after the HR did your background check. What a great opportunity you think. Even if you lost interest in this field lately, you could try to see if it works. If you don't even want to try, well it is your choice.

Choice 1 : You decide to try and you realise that it is actually quite exciting. You take the job, moving instantly in Germany.

Choice 2 : You decline the offer and continue your trip.


A new start.

In your second year in the history program, your interest in engineering comes back. You are now passionate about magnetic field and quantum physics.However, you enjoy studying history and are sure that you would enjoy it also as a future job. You are stuck in this situation because you like deeply two completely different fields. What should you do?

Choice 1 : You choose the first passion you ever had, engineering. You finished you studies in this field before starting the ones in history, so you easily find a job.

Choice 2 : You decide to pursue in history and become a great historian.


Welcome to South Korea.

Until now, your trip has been a true perfection. Everyone is kind to you. You even made some Korean friends. Today, they took you to visit a famous temple. This monument was completely stunning and unique. You were spending a wonderful time until you fell of one of the multiple staircases and broke your arm. You are now lying in a hospital bed in Seoul. Who is next to you?

Choice 1 : An exchange student from France.

Choice 2 : A Korean citizen.


The Seoul National University.

You befriend with her and learn that she is actually studying chemistry at the Seoul National University. She invites you at a party next week with her friends from the university. Do you accept the invitation?

Choice 1 : You accept the invitation and you meet at this party plenty of students in engineering that motivate you to enter the university here in Seoul by explaining all the interesting projects on magnetism, electricity, energy and way more, that they work on. You apply there.

Choice 2 : You turn down the invitation because you want to pursue your trip instead.

Korean citizen

A new acquaintance.

You don't speak Korean so you don't understand any of the words he is saying. Should you let your curiosity take the lead and ask for a translator? You could also just show him by any ways that you don't understand and don't ask for a translator. You ask for a translator.

Choice 1 : You ask for a translator. The guy is actually really nice and you decide to stay in touch. Eventually, you two get married.

Choice 2 : You don't ask for a translator, but you both still could exchange formalities before you both fall asleep. You never see each other again.


Welcome to the United Kingdom.

You trip have been awesome. A lot of hikes and of breathtaking landscapes can resume your trip threw Scotland, England and Ireland. You are presently at Heathrow airport and you are ready to come back home. Suddenly, you realise that you are no longer in possession of you passport! Should you go back to the bathroom to see if you forgot it there or should you contact the friend that drove you to the airport?

Choice 1 : You decide to go back to the bathroom.

Choice 2 : You decide to call your friend.


The bathroom.

Now in the bathroom, you search everywhere, but you can't find you passport anywhere. You can't leave the United Kingdom if you don't have it! You must find it. Two options are proposed to two, call your friend or contact the airport security to see if they found your passport.

Choice 1 : You contact the airport security, but it turns out they can't find your passport. You are officially screwed.

Choice 2 : You call your friend and it turns out he is already driving back to the airport because he found your passport in his car.


Late flight.

You decide to call your friend and you are relieved to hear that he found your passport in his car. Actually, he is currently coming back to the airport to give it to you. However, he is stuck in the traffic so he will arrive late for your flight. What should you do? You could wait for your friend, but you will miss you flight or you could also decide to not wait for him and try instead to solve the problem with the airport security.

Choice 1 : You decide to wait for your friend and take the next flight. Back in Canada, you are ready to start university.

Choice 2 : You decide to not wait. The security can't do anything so in the end, you still have to wait for your friend.


Welcome to Kenya.

You decided to do a volunteering that consist in building little bridges to cross small rivers in the country. During the year you spent there, you build, along with other volunteers many bridges. The end of your volunteering is coming and you feel so lucky to have had such an entertaining experience before starting university. At the end of the day, the supervisor surprises you by offering you the whole supervision of a bigger bridge. He tells you that he has trust in you and your work. It is a worthwhile opportunity. What do you decide to do? You take the opportunity to gain even more experience or you relax a little bit before going back home?

Choice 1 : You accept the offer.

Choice 2 : You refuse the offer.


A bigger work.

The project is going fast and everyone is satisfied by your work and the spirit you share. This experience seems a lot like on-the- job-training and you are liking it a lot. Near the end of the project, you hear a great rumor coming from the construction site. What should you do? Do you go on the site to see by yourself what it is? You could also wait for someone to come to explain it to you instead.

Choice 1 : You decide to go see it by yourself. On the way, you fall and severely injure yourself. You are repatriated in emergency to Canada. Turns out all this noise from the construction site was because a part of the bridge had fallen!

Choice 2 : You wait for someone and learn that a part of the bridge had fallen and the site is really dangerous. The project take more time than expected because of this unexpected event. In the end, you come back safe home and ready for university, already a foot in the door.


A night out?

You decide to relax before coming back home. You explore the cities and do some hiking too with a friend you made while the volunteering. On you last night, your friend suggest you a night out. She says that you two could explore the bars of the city. You are taking your flight tomorrow morning. What are you going to decide? Are you going to go to sleep early? You could also let yourself be tempted and choose to explore the bars for you last night in Kenya.

Choice 1 : You decide to go to sleep early. You have a pleasant flight and come back home thrilled by your trip and you are ready to start university.

Choice 2 : You decide to explore the bars with your friend. You can't remember when, but you got drugged by someone and had a terrible hangover. Your flight was a real horror. You obviously regret to have not chosen to go to sleep instead.

The End.