New Life.

A hypertext narrative by

Roua Boufalgha

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Education : 20 matches (CEGEP, School, certification, choice, college, course, courses, failing, first, graduate, graduation, homework, learn, learning, nursery, private, school, semester, student, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 13 matches (African, children, family, international law, International, law, master, office, option, private, section, short title, title)

Computer Science : 12 matches (certification, choice, handle, master, open, pass, Private, Section, session, signed, True, language)

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though (1 match)


New Life.

A new step.

Allyah, an African student came here to Canada with her family for a new life, a new beginning.At first, she struggled to learn with new language"French".Then, it was school.She had to start learning everything in high-school since the beginning.After, 2 and a half years, struggling between learning new language, new school, adjusting in her new life with all the drama she had in her life, she finally graduated from high-school! And she's been excited to what's next.

Choice 1 : She decided to go to college

Choice 2 : She decided to become a baby-sitter

Ahuntsic College

She decided to go to college.

She went and signed herself at Ahuntsic College in springboard program, as a start.Now that she's officially a student at Ahuntsic College, she's been thinking about what she should specialize in for the next semester.She found herself confused.

Choice 1 : Study in Modern Languages.

Choice 2 : She decided to study psychology.

Study in Modern Languages.

She started studying in Linguistics option and she's been very excited.At first, she's been all happy and ready to learn other languages, but once the homework started pilling, she panicked.She's been more focus on languages courses and dropped the rest.She forgot that the program it's not about languages only, she has to pass everything.

Choice 1 : she decided to do more effort and try to save her session.

Choice 2 : she decided to go and cancel some courses because she found out that's a lot for her.

Modern Language.

She's really satisfied with her choice.She decided to save her session without removing any course and without failing any neither.She's been doing good in everything for now.

Choice 1 : Everything is perfect.

Choice 2 : Nothing is perfect

Give this section a short title.

Since she got in this program she kept working hard even though, sometimes, it was hard but she kept the hard work.Soon, it's her graduation, she decided to go and specialize in International Law at Concordia University.

Write a choice here.

Modern language.

At first, she was so happy and satisfied with her choice, but once homework started pilling she hated it.In the beginning, she went and removed three courses.Then, with them homework and exams, she couldn't handle it anymore.She wanted to drop.

Choice 1 : she decided to do more effort and try to save her session.

Choice 2 : she lost hope.

Modern language.

At the end of session, no matter what she did, she kept failing and failing. She lost hope and decided to drop and change the program.

Write a choice here.

She decided to study psychology.

At first, psychology courses were interesting.She loved this course. She's been really good at it.But lately, she reliazed that she wanted more than that.She wanted more intense courses.She thought about going to a private Cegep,.

Choice 1 : should she stay at Ahuntsic College ?

Choice 2 : Change the college and go to College Bois de Boulogne.

Stay at Ahuntsic College.

She decided to stay at Ahuntsic College and graduate from there.In the same time, she works for a psychologist in his office.Once she graduates, she can have her office with him.

Choice 1 : 2 and half years later, She graduated and worked with the psycologist.

Choice 2 : she decided to continue studying by going to the university and have master

Stay at Ahuntsic College.

Finally, she graduated from College and went to University to continue her studies and open her own office.

Write a choice here.

Become a baby-sitter.

Allyah thought well and decided to become a baby-sitter since she always loved children.She started her DEP formation of Baby-sitting.

Choice 1 : Continue the DEP that she choosed.

Choice 2 : Drop that DEP and do something else.

Become a baby-sitter.

Allyah never been happy as she is right now.She loves working with kids.It's true that for a moment she doubted her choice but after she discovered that she really loves it.Now, she's been thinking about opening her own nursery.

Choice 1 : Open her own nursery and be her own boss.

Choice 2 : Work for someone's nursery and gain more experience first.

Open her own nursery.

After she earned her certification of a legal baby-sitter, Allyah opened her own.

Write a choice here.

become a baby-sitter.

After she got her legal certification of a baby-sitter, Allyah chose to work in a nursery to gain more experience before opening her own's.

Write a choice here.

The End.