Chemical Processes

A hypertext narrative by

Diego Alejandro Molina

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Choice count: 31

Section count: 24

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Field Related Analysis:

Education : 23 matches (Enterprise, Jean, School, choice, class, classes, college, course, courses, don, field, first, grade, high school, knowledge, learn, learned, motivation, school, semester, skills, trainee, university)

Psychology : 15 matches (action, biotechnology, carrier, class, dream, family, field, focus, game, knowing that, knowledge, motivation, order, response, sleep)

Tourism : 13 matches (Basic, Carrier, Enterprise, Program, Reserve, bar, cab, carrier, course, field, program, reserve, weather)

Target Structure:

come in handy (1 match)

fulfillment (1 match)

in-depth (1 match)

income (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

purpose (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

retirement (4 matches)

trainee (1 match)


Chemical Processes


The beginning of my future.

Almost a year ago, I graduated from High School by spending 5 years in Calixa-Lavallée and I decided to pursue my dream to study in College and University and obtain a carrier. I wanted to study in a field that could implicate my physical and knowledge skills at the same time. This is why I grew a desire to study Chemical Processes at Maisonneuve College here in Montreal. I had completed all the classes that were required to be accepted in this program, all except one. I still needed to complete my grade ten Enriched Science class. Before starting my program, I had to choose in which College I could complete this course. It was either Ahuntsic College or Dawson College.

Choice 1 : Go to Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : Go to Dawson College.

Ahuntsic College

Go to Ahuntsic College.

I've been accepted in Ahuntsic and meanwhile I'm doing my basic courses, I'm also doing my grade ten enriched science class that could come in handy for me to be accepted in Chemical Processes. During the last week of school, I had to decide if I wanted to keep moving on and complete my semester or just not go to my final exams due to my lack of sleep.

Choice 1 : Keep moving on.

Choice 2 : Don't go to my exams.

Dawson College

Dawson College.

When you go to Dawson College and realise that they don't give any grade ten enriched science class. HAHAHA you were fooled.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Nailed it !

Keep moving on.

I decide to go do my final exams and realise that they were easy to me. Should I celebrate that I completed my first semester of College or should I go home and get some rest.

Choice 1 : Go celebrate with my friends.

Choice 2 : Go home and get some rest.


Don't go to my exams.

After giving up my semester, I've lost all motivation of pursuing my dream to study due to the fact that I'm lazy.

Choice 1 : Game over.


Celebration time !

With my friends, we decide to go to a bar and get drunk.

Choice 1 : Have fun and then take a cab safely and get some sleep.


Go home and relax.

Say hello to my parents and telling them that everything went alright.

Choice 1 : Get some sleep like a true princess.


The next morning.

As soon as I woke up knowing that I still had a fulfillment to complete my studies, I needed to make a choice. Knowing that my dream program wasn't going to start again until next year, I had to choose weather to start another semester and continue my basic courses or wait until next year and working in the meantime. The fact that I'll go to SherbrookeUniversity after College, I'll be in-depth so might as well starting saving money right now.

Choice 1 : Start a new semester.

Choice 2 : Work until the next autumn session.

New Semester.

Second Semester.

I put aside all of my problems and focus on myself and my studies. After 15 weeks of hard work, I finally succeeded my second semester and apply for Chemical Processes at Maisonneuve College.

Choice 1 : Apply for Chemical Processes.


Work time !

I start working full-time to collect incomes. I had to choose between staying in Action 500 or going in the Army.

Choice 1 : Go to the Army.

Choice 2 : Stay in the Action 500.



Work full-time in the Reserve here in Quebec to receive income in my bank account and learn the ropes by becoming a trainee. Apply for Chemical Processes afterwards.

Choice 1 : Apply for Maisonneuve College and wait for the response.

Action 500

Action 500 Paintball and Karting.

Work in the Action 500 all summer.

Choice 1 : Apply for Maisonneuve College and wait for the response.

Admission letter

Response letter from Maisonneuve.

Learned that I have been accepted in Chemical Processes at Maisonneuve College.

Choice 1 : Enjoy the moment and be proud yourself.

Chemical Processes

Chemical Processes.

I've noticed that the first session of my program is very difficult and I don't know if I'm fit in it. Should I give up my program or give all that I have to succeed.

Choice 1 : Give up my program because it was too hard for me.

Choice 2 : Persevere and continue my purpose of completing my studies.


Giving up !

After seeing that my first choice wasn't meant for me, I decide to pursue another thing that I like, becoming a Sergeant in the Canadian Forces.

Choice 1 : Apply for Saint-Jean's military College.



Persevere in my studies and never give up until the very end.

Choice 1 : Finish my program.


Military College.

I've been accepted in Saint-Jean and I have to complete my studies there in order to become a Sergeant.

Choice 1 : Persevere and complete College.

Choice 2 : Give up because it's too hard.


I made it !

Finishing my course at military College and begin my life as a Sergeant in the Canadian Forces.

Choice 1 : Starting my life as a Sergeant.

Here we go

Here we go !

Start my life as a military and meet new people.

Choice 1 : Afterwards...



After accomplishing what I wanted, I start raising a family and take the time to start saving up some money for retirement.

Choice 1 : Saving money.



After all these years working and living life, I've saved money for retirement. Now I can travel with my wife and kids without any trouble.

Choice 1 : The end.


Finishing College at Maisonneuve.

After all the struggle that I went throw, it's finally over and I could go to Sherbrooke University and study Biotechnology.

Choice 1 : Go to Sherbrooke University.

Sherbrooke University

Sherbrooke University.

I complete my 4 years of University and apply for a job for Suncor enterprise.

Choice 1 : Apply for Suncor



Start my career in Suncor enterprise as a Biotechnology engineer and a technician in Chemical Processes. I also start a family and saving money for retirement.

Choice 1 : Afterwards...

The End.