Help Me With My Life Choices.

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Eukaris Ramos

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Education : 32 matches (Down, England, Maria, PhD, School, campus, choice, class, classes, college, course, degree, don, field, first, goal, graduate, graduation, knowledge, learn, learned, project, reader, research, sabbatical, school, students, teach, teachers, university, vacation, work experience)

Tourism : 29 matches (Accommodation, Client, Europe, Food, Goal, Hotels, Meal, Opportunity, Program, US, accommodation, adventure, bar, course, door, field, hotels, language, movie theatre, option, park, program, single, stop, through, to visit, trip, vacation, weather)

Nursing : 24 matches (accident, accommodation, biochemistry, biology, pressure, Doctor, hospital, lead, medical, medicine, mean, MR, O, pancreas, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, play, position, scalpel, supervisor, surgeon, surgery, injured, prescriptions)

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internship (6 matches)

lack of (1 match)

though (3 matches)


Help Me With My Life Choices.


What should I do next?

So, I just graduated from my two-year DEC at Saint-Laurent College!!! I am so happy I finally finished it. The only problem is that I want to take a sabbatical year to travel the world and explore new things that I will not have the time to explore later. My parents think otherwise. They keep telling me that I should go to the university right away and not waste any more time. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Travel

Choice 2 : University.



Here I am looking at a Google Maps in my bedroom. Were should my first adventure take place? I really want to visit my family in Venezuela, but things are very difficult over there. There is a lot of poverty and danger in the streets. I really miss my family though... The other choice I have is to go to Europe (Italy, France, Spain, England...) I really don't know what to do... The other problem is that I might not have enough money to go to Europe and go to all the locations I dream of going. I have enough to go to only one country. Maybe, I will have to spend a part of my sabbatical year working.

Choice 1 : Visit my family

Choice 2 : Go to Europe, but not do everything I would have wanted to do

Choice 3 : Work.



Here I am in Venezuela. I am laying in the grass at my Nona's house in Tucupido. Life is good. I keep reminiscing. I see my Nono everywhere I go, singing and plying the cuatro. I also see me and my brother running around the house barefoot eating tequeños. The weather is warm and perfect. I suddenly hear out of nowhere a little girl crying and asking for help outside the house.

Choice 1 : Help the little girl.

Choice 2 : Not get involved in anything.



I decide to go to Europe instead of visiting my family. I only have enough money to visit only one country. Should I go to Italy or Spain? I have family in Spain which means I won't be spending too much money on hotels. Italy on the other side has been on my bucket list for so long. I really don't know what to dooooooooooooooooooo.

Choice 1 : Italy.

Choice 2 : Spain.



I decided to work the whole summer in order to save money and maybe go on vacation later. I have many work opportunities. I can work in a hospital, but it is very far away from my house. It would take me an hour and a half every morning to get there. Although it would be good for my resume. My other option is working at the movie theatre near my house. It is only five minutes away, but I have already worked there and it was horrible.

Choice 1 : Hospital.

Choice 2 : Movie theatre.

poor girl

Help the little girl.

So, I decided to help the little girl. I ask her what she is doing all alone and she tells me that she lost her mom. It has been many years since I have visited Tucupido and if I helped her look for her mom I would get lost... I could give her the phone so she can call someone.

Choice 1 : Help her look for her mom.

Choice 2 : Call someone.


Not get involved in anything.

I decide to ignore her. I don't want to get involved in anything. After all, I would get lost walking around town. It has been ten years since I have visited this town. I can't risk anything. I go to the kitchen because I am very hungry. I don't really have many ingredients to cook a meal. I can cook arepas or I can make myself chicken soup.

Choice 1 : Arepas.

Choice 2 : Soup.

immigration law

Help her look for her mom.

So, we look for her mom. The little girl, called Maria, keeps telling how horrible it is to live in Venezuela because of all the poverty and criminality. She told me all the horror stories about how her brothers got murdered after school and how she lost her dad because they couldn't find the medicine to heal him. We finally found her house. I spend the day there talking to her mom. She was really nice with me. I noticed how miserable she was. She told me many things about Venezuela and how the country is deteriorating. A few weeks later, I go back to Montreal feeling very heartbroken because I had to leave my family and all my new friends. Instead of studying medicine, I decide I want to study law...immigration law. I want to help people like Maria's mom get a better life in a safer country. I am glad I went to Venezuela after all.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


Call someone.

I call the police and they don't come because the system sucks in Venezuela. I tell the little girl that I am sorry. I close the door and go back to laying on the grass.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



I cook arepas and it is delicious. Nothing that special happened in my trip. I go back to Montreal and start school.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



I cook my soup and it is delicious. Nothing that special happened in my trip. I go back to Montreal and start school.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



Here I am in the bella Italia. I have been here for about two weeks. It is almost time to go home. I have met so many great people and been offered so many good opportunities. My friend's dad offered me an internship in a hospital. I could be a very great experience, but it is a 2 year internship. I really don't know if I should take it or go back home. I would have a job to pay all of my expenses and I would have accommodation, but it is so far away from my family in Montreal. It would be very good for my resume, but I would be in a country where I don't know the language...

Choice 1 : Take the internship!

Choice 2 : Go back home.



Here I am in the beautiful Barcelona. It is so welcoming here. I can speak Spanish so everything is easy. Ordering food is easy, asking for directions is easy, getting to know people is easy... One night I go out with my new friends, Maya and Pedro. We go clubbing because YOLO. Suddenly I see a handsome man, my age, standing outside a bar. He is alone, so I go talk to him. Turns out he is the lead signer of the band that was going to play at that club. He invited me and my friends backstage and hing out there the whole night. After they played he, the lead singer, Alfonso, took me to Park Güell which is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. We fell in love that night. He was so dreamy. We went back to Canada together and spent the rest of the summer together. When he had to leave to Spain he proposed! Should I accept or refuse because of the distance (Canada-Spain)? He said that he could move to Montreal, but I think it is not really what he wants.

Choice 1 : Accept.

Choice 2 : Refuse.


Take the internship!

I made it through two years of internship in Italy. It was such a great experience. I met my soon to be husband, Paolo. He is a surgeon. We fell in love while he was repairing a woman's pancreas and I gave him the scalpel. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight. A couple of minutes later the woman died, but at least love was born in that room. We bought a house in Venice, raised two beautiful kids and lived happily ever after.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


Go back home.

I went back home and started school. I never spoke to my Italian friends after my trip. It was a good experience but I felt like it was very underwhelming. At least I brought a lot of Italian cheese home.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



We get married in Madrid, Spain, where Alfonso's family live. He move-in with me in Montreal and I couldn't go to the University because I had to take care of my husband and accidental kids. Life got very hard suddenly.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



I refused. He got mad. He burned my closet and cursed my family. Things got messy really quickly. I wish I had never met him.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



In the hospital they give me two choices: assist in the surgery room while the surgeon does his surgeries or assist the pharmacists in the pharmacy. One is more entertaining than the other, so much more stressful. Which one should I choose?

Choice 1 : Assit in the surgery room.

Choice 2 : Assist on the pharmaceutical floor.


Movie theatre.

I hate my job. I see the same faces every day and nothing exciting ever happens. I can't even eat popcorn. I really don't like my coworkers. They are so snobby and annoying. I wish I would have taken the other job at the hospital... One day while I was serving a client, another client interrupted us screaming. The man that was making a scene wasn't satisfied with his popcorn. He kept yelling at me because it didn't have enough butter in it. I really wanted to throw the bag of popcorn on his face!!! Of course, I would have gotten fired. What do you think I did?

Choice 1 : Throw the popcorn.

Choice 2 : Breathe and meditate.

surgery room

Assist in the surgery room.

This is so stressing!!! Everyone is so tense and concentrated. It is so interesting to see how they work under pressure. I love it. I have learned so many things and I think I want to study surgery as a career. This summer job really paid off.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning

surgery room

Assist on the pharmaceutical floor.

It was so boring. All I did everyday is organise prescriptions and documents.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


Throw the popcorn.

So, I threw the popcorn... I got obviously fired. At least I didn't regret it. I was left with no job after that so I called the hospital to see if they still had a position for me. They said yes!

Choice 1 : Hospital.


Breathe and meditate.

I called myself down and talked gently to the man. I told him to wait until I was done with the client that was before him. He got even madder and yelled at me even louder! So, I threw the popcorn... I couldn't meditate anymore. I got obviously fired. At least I didn't regret it. I was left with no job after that so I called the hospital to see if they still had a position for me. They said yes!

Choice 1 : Hospital.



I got accepted in so many great universities! I got accepted in medicine at UdeM. I got in the biology program at McGill. I also got in the biochemistry program at McGill too. All these are very great choices and I would really want to go to every single one of those!! Which one sounds better?

Choice 1 : Medicine at UdeM.

Choice 2 : Biology at McGill.

Choice 3 : Biochemistry at McGill.


Medicine at UdeM.

I love this program. The teachers are so great. Everything we do fascinates me! I think I really belong in this field. The only thing is that I don't do the amount of labs I was expecting. My friends at the Biochemistry program at McGill are having so many labs and research. Should I switch Universities and programs?

Choice 1 : Yes

Choice 2 : Nope


Biology at McGill.

It has been a few years, and I am really enjoying myself in this program. I love the campus and my teachers. I got very close too many of my teachers and have learned so many things about science careers. Mrs. Eukaryote told me that if I wanted, I could do an internship in one of her classes so I can decide if I like teaching science. On the other hand, Mr. Carbonate also asked the same thing. With Eukaryote I would have many hours of work, which means more money, but I may not have enough time to study for my classes. With Carbonate I would have a very flexible schedule but the classes he wants me to teach are at night...

Choice 1 : Eukaryote.

Choice 2 : Carbonate.


Biochemistry at McGill.

McGill university is so big! I really feel like I chose a good university and a good program. I enjoy all of my classes and teachers. I have met so many great friends and have had so many good job opportunities since I have been studying here. In fact, I got offered a job in a research lab. Even though I only have a bachelor in biochemistry, they think it is enough to work with them. By them I mean: a big research company here in Montreal. It really changes my plans. I have always wanted to pursue my studies and get a PhD. I could give up my PhD and work with the company or I could continue my studies.

Choice 1 : Give up my PhD goal and work.

Choice 2 : Continue my studies

Stay at UdeM.

I stay and graduate as a Doctor Geneticist! I am finally done with school! When I go get my car that I parked outside right before my graduation, I get in a big accident. A car hit me! They bring me to the hospital and tell me that my legs are paralyzed. They tell me that I will never walk again which would make my job hard to do. Should I find another job that I can do at home on a computer or learn how to work with my condition?

Choice 1 : Work at home.

Choice 2 : Pursue my career no matter what.


Work at home.

All I do all day is send e-mails because I am a doctor's assistant and that is all Dr. Smith asks me to do. It is the most boring job in the whole world. After of couple of weeks, I died of boredom on my couch.

Choice 1 : Start again, I died.


Pursue my career no matter what.

I am the most successful Doctor Geneticist in Canada. My phone rings all day long. It is so annoying. I had to throw it away. It was driving me crazy. After a few years I retire because I don't need to work anymore (I am so rich). I buy a house in Margarita and live happily ever after with myself and my money.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning



Here I am at the end of the hallway where the class I am teaching is supposed to be. There are two doors in front of me. I check the paper Mrs. Eukaryote gave me and notice that door number is not written on the paper! The first door seems to small to be a classroom and the other one seems too big...

Choice 1 : Door #1.

Choice 2 : Door #2.

falls down


It is late at night and I just finished teaching my last class of the week. It is exactly 10 o'clock. I go get my car when suddenly I see a man walking towards me. I start walking faster. He starts running. I start running.. He falls. I stop. Should I help him get up? Maybe, he got injured...

Write a choice here.


Door #1.

Yay! It's the right door! I teach my class and realise I hate teaching so I just leave the classroom in the middle of a sentence. The students are confused but I don't care. I finished my PhD in biology and became very rich working for some big company.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


Door #2.

Ahhh! There's a lion in here! I die.

Choice 1 : I died, start again please


Yes, help him.

I help him. Guess who it was!!! It was Justin Trudeau. I am so glad I helped him because he invited me to his house to have lunch the day after and hired me as his main biologist for a project he was directing.

Choice 1 : You can go back to the beginning if you want, but if I were you I wouldn't change anything. I mean... it's Justiiiin


No, don't help him. Are you crazy?

I keep walking without taking care of the man. Turns out I left Justin Trudeau injured on the floor last night. My life would have been so much more interesting!

Choice 1 : Help the man pleaaaseeeeee


Give up my PhD goal and work.

It has been about a year, and I am still working with the research team of this big company. It really has been a good year. I made a lot of money, I have learned so much about science and I have gained great work experience. I really miss studying though. I feel like I lack of scientific knowledge. I talked about how I feel with my supervisor at work and he told me that if I wanted, he could give me fewer hours of work a week which would give me the opportunity to go back to school, get my PhD and maybe get a better job position. It sounds great, but I feel like it would be so much work. So, if I go back to school, I will eventually quit my job. Should I comply with the job and degree I have or quit and focus on my PhD?

Choice 1 : Keep my degree and keep my job.

Choice 2 : Go get a Phd and quit my job.

Continue my studies.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.


Keep my degree and keep my job.

Nothing exciting happens. My life is very peaceful and not at all challenging. I spend the rest of my life working in the lab with different research teams.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning


Go get a Phd and quit my job.

I get my PhD in biochemistry and become a supervisor of various research teams! At some point, I build my own research company and work with many big medical companies. I am glad I got my PhD.

Choice 1 : Go back to the beginning

The End.