Business dream

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Business dream

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beginning of of my life.

I just finished the University of Montreal in Marketing. My head is full of ideas, and I am ready to start my life but I don't know what to do.

Choice 1 : I would like to start my own company. I have a plan but I don't have a lot of money for now.

Choice 2 : I can start to work in a small company to make me some money and perhaps, improve their sells and gain more experience.

Choice 3 : I am a little bit tired of school and all of the work. I would like to do a small trip to change my head off the studies and meet some new friends

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Start my own company.

I would like to buy my own shop to create a project. I know that I don't have much money but I can start in a small place and develop it over time.

Choice 1 : One of my dreams is to open my own skateboarding and surfing shop. This is an opportunity to join my contractor side and my passions.

Choice 2 : I also like the food business. I worked in a coffee place and I learn how it works. I could build my restaurant in Montreal and combine the art of the live acoustic music and the food.

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Working in a company.

I apply in a company as a sells man and I finally got the job. I make money but this is not the kind of job that I thought of.

Choice 1 : I don't really like to work for somebody else because all your efforts do not benefit you. At the end of the day, you realize that you are just feeding the owner. Also, you don't really have direct contact with the customers. I prefer to work for my self and build something. At least, I made some money to start building.

Choice 2 : I made a mistake but now I have money and I'm young. I can enjoy this time of my life and go on a road trip.

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Trip time!

I take my car and I'm going to the USA to change my head and meet some new friends.

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