Social Work or a life rushed.

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christelle myrtil

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Word count: 1321

Choice count: 44

Section count: 21

Image count: 21

Error count: 30

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 32 matches (accident, accused, alienation, arrested, Bar, Bill, compensation, court, General, harassment, House, law firm, law, lawyer, lottery, Member of Parliament, Military, minutes, misconduct, mission, office, Parliament, pension, public, register, rent, residence, security, Sexual, Stock Exchange, stock, trafficking)

Tourism : 25 matches (City, Employee, Guide, Hotel, Member, Package, Program, Restaurant, US, apartment, bar, compensation, customs, guide, hotel, package, pension, program, register, residence, sitting, slow, train, transit, trip)

Education : 17 matches (campus, choice, college, compensation, don, first, general, homework, learned, lesson, register, semester, social, student, trainee, training, university)

Target Structure:

alienation (1 match)

come in handy (1 match)

compensation package (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

HR (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

office politics (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

overtime (2 matches)

overwhelm (1 match)

pension (2 matches)

put aside (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

though (1 match)

trainee (1 match)

undermine (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)

wage (1 match)


Social Work or a life rushed.

College Montmorency

The beginning of my studies.

I am studying now Social Sciences at Montmorency College, it's my last semester, in September, I will go to university.

Choice 1 : Go to Udem.

Choice 2 : I was accepted into the Sociology program at Uqam for the next semester too.


Go to Uqam.

I chose to go to the UQAM campus in Montreal in Sociology. It's far from home because I live in Laval.

Choice 1 : I'm studying part-time and I'm doing a little job at a convenience store.

Choice 2 : i got overtime at work every week, that why I have difficulty doing my homework.

Choice 3 : I canceled my semester because I was hired as a trainee in a law firm


Go to Udem.

I started my studies in Social Work at UdeM it is 5 minutes from home.

Choice 1 : I met a nice student there, it was love at first sight. We decided to live together and we bought a house.

Choice 2 : i found a nice job.

Choice 3 : I joined the Canadian Army.


Work at the convenience store.

During my part-time studies, I work at a convenience store at night.

Choice 1 : I work at a Couche-Tard at night. When I got my first wage, I paid for a trip to New York for the summer holidays

Choice 2 : I learned the ropes and my boss found me smart and invited me out with him and I accepted.

New york city

Travel to New York.

My friends and I decided to go to New York during the summer by carpooling with a stranger.

Choice 1 : The stranger was carrying cocaine in the trunk of the car. Arriving at the customs, the police searched the car and found 5 kg of cocaine in my suitcase. They arrested us all three and accused of drug trafficking. We were taken to a US prison. I was the main accused, but the drug did not belong to me, and I do not know how she got into my bag. I called my father's lawyer who traveled to New York to defend me. He ordered cocaine to be taken from our hands. Only the hands of the man have been tested positive, and he has already been arrested for sexual harassment and marijuana trafficking in Canada. My friends and I were released two weeks later. I learned a great lesson from this trip to hell. Life in prison is though and I don't want to go back.

Choice 2 : The stranger was a beautiful American who came to Quebec because of his work. He started talking to one of my friends who was sitting next to him. My friend seemed to like him. He volunteered to guide us in New York and we accepted. When we arrived at the hotel where we were staying, my friend invited him for a drink at the bar so he could get to know each other better, then it was flirting. They started to kiss each other. The guy wanted to go up to her room, she refused, the guy was insisting on holding her tight against her. She pushed it and called security. He apologized for his misconduct and left. We have not heard from him since that day. My friend is more cautious since this sad story, a chance she was not alone.

Romantic dinner

Date with my boss!

My boss brought me to a posh restaurant in Montreal.

Choice 1 : .We talked about everything and nothing. He was very kind. We both loved Italian cooking. He insisted on paying the bill and I accepted. We kissed in his car and he left me at home afterwards, I dreamed of him All night long. The next morning, I saw him kissing another employee. He was fired a week later because he did not follow the office politics

Choice 2 : I waited for hours at the restaurant, he did not come. The next day, I learned that he had a car accident and did not survive. I was heartbroken for months. I could not go out with anyone for 6 months.


Lack of money.

I bought a BMW at $60,000, I could not pay the monthly payment.

Choice 1 : The bank seized it and I lost my job too.

Choice 2 : I could not pay the rent so I had to relocate to my parents.


Live without a car.

I live in a city where public transit is inaccessible.

Choice 1 : I walk for hours to get on the train every day

Choice 2 : I could not find work because I did not have a car.


Live at home with your parents.

My parents offered me to live with them because I did not have an apartment anymore.

Choice 1 : I lived on social assistance.

Choice 2 : I left their house and I became homeless.

Cancel my semester.

I have found a new job so i canceled my semester.

Choice 1 : I worked for a reputable law firm, it's a vacant position.

Choice 2 : I met a member of Parliament who appreciated my work and offered to work for him.


At the law office.

At the law firm, i am on-the-job-training.

Choice 1 : My employer is demanding, forces me to work overtime.

Choice 2 : He fired me and i have been overwhelm.

A interesting job.

It's my dream job.

Choice 1 : I come in handy, I translate the speeches and I write letters.

Choice 2 : My position was canceled, I had no compensation package.


Meet the best man i have ever had.

At UdeM, i met a nice man.

Choice 1 : We bought a beautiful house.

Choice 2 : We went to live in France


Our life.

I lost my job and couldn't pay the morgage of the house.

Choice 1 : He left me for another woman

Choice 2 : I sued him in court and I asked for a compensation


Broken heart.

After i discovered that he was married with another woman in France.

Choice 1 : I had a depression and I went to a psychiatric hospital

Choice 2 : I met another man and i forget this idiot.

Work at the hospital.

I have been engaged as secretary in HR.

Choice 1 : my colleagues tried to undermine my work the first days because they hated me.

Choice 2 : I won the lottery 6 49.

Conflict at work.

My employer met me in his office.

Choice 1 : He blamed me for being too slow on the computer and offered to pair me with another secretary.

Choice 2 : I was getting sucked up in so I resigned

Win lottery.

I won $ 5 million at the lottery.

Choice 1 : I retired and paid a pension to my mother

Choice 2 : I lost all the money on the New York Stock Exchange


The Army.

I was sent on a mission to Afghanistan after I learned all the ropes.

Choice 1 : I have lost my mind after i came back to Canada so I have been put aside.

Choice 2 : I received the medal of honor for defying a terrorist attack on one of our military bases.

Losing my mind.

I have suffered alienation since returning home.

Choice 1 : I was placed in a vetérans residence for the rest of my life.

Choice 2 : I left the country and went to live in Mexico and work as a social worker.

The honor.

My name is inscribed in the register of heroes of the war.

Choice 1 : I am appointed Governor General of Canada.

Choice 2 : I am sent away from the army without a pension because they discovered that I had been stealing money for 22 years

The End.