My First Week at University

A hypertext narrative by

Alice M

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Education : 22 matches (P, School, choice, class, classes, compensation, course, don, field, field of study, first, grade, homework, management, reader, school, student, teacher, teachers, trainee, training, university)

Tourism : 20 matches (First class, Package, Party, Reserve, US, adventure, bit, compensation, course, door, field, first class, option, p.m, package, pension, reserve, residence, sex, watch)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 17 matches (compensation, director, dismissal, four, harassment, House, minutes, misconduct, offer, office, option, pension, residence, section, Sexual, short title, title)

Target Structure:

background check (1 match)

compensation package (1 match)

dead-end job (2 matches)

flirtation (1 match)

getting sucked up in (1 match)

ins-and-outs (1 match)

internship (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

misconduct (2 matches)

office politics (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

pension (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

time management (2 matches)

trainee (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)


My First Week at University

Day 1.

Here we go ! I am now in university. I am so excited. The classes begging tomorrow. I need to choice a student residence as quickly as possible. I have two choices.

Choice 1 : Omega

Choice 2 : Gamma.

omega letter


I come in my new residence. It is so big and aesthetic ! There are already ten other girls. We met then they ask me if I want to go at a big party. They say it would be sick !

Choice 1 : Yes, I want some fun !

Choice 2 : No, I need to rest and be in shape for tomorrow. I can't be hangover for my first day !

gamma letter


I open the door. Ten guys half naked and very surprises look at me. Oups! Gamma residence is for men only. I need to come back on my step and go at Omega residence.

Choice 1 : Too bad! Do it again.

Beer pong

Party !

We are now at the party ! It is midnight. Half of the girls want to go home and the others want to stay until the curfew at 2 a.m. I need to choice.

Choice 1 : I stay, I have so much fun!

Choice 2 : I quit, I am tired and I need to sleep


Relax !

I decide to stay home. I unpack my suitcase and decorate a little bit my new room. The girls are gone and the house is calm. What should I do now?

Choice 1 : Watch a movie

Choice 2 : No, I need to rest and be in shape for tomorrow. I can't be hangover for my first day !

alarm clock

Day 2.

Oh no ! I forgot to set my alarm yesterday! I should have sleep earlier. Now, I am late for my first class in ergonomy. What should I do?

Choice 1 : I take my time. Anyway, I'm late.

Choice 2 : Omg! I am late. I need to go fast!

Day 2.

I just wake up. I feel good, and I am really excited to start university. I don't know what to wear to impress people.

Choice 1 : a red dress

Choice 2 : a sports outfit

1 hour later.

I open the door. Everyone looks at me ! The teacher does not seem very nice. He yells at me and says I am too late. I see red.

Choice 1 : Go back home.

Choice 2 : Nobody talk to me in this way.


30 minutes later.

I am so sweaty. I don't even brush my teeth ! I open the door. Nobody pay attention to me and I sit at the back of the class. The teacher explains how dead-end job are miserable and that's why we need to study hard. Then, he gives us the first homework. It is 5% for tomorrow.

Choice 1 : Do it ! I want to get a straight A's.

Choice 2 : I can't do it. I have a lack of time because I need to sleep.

Oh no!

The director is upset against me that I refuse his invitation. He gives me another chance. Should I take it?

Choice 1 : No no and no again!

Choice 2 : I can make an effort and go see him.



I run! I take too much time to dress up. Suddenly, I see my dream's guy. So perfect! It's like Cupid himself put this angel in my life. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Flirt with him!

Choice 2 : Stalk him!

Four years later.

I am now a junior industrial engineer. I got a trainee at Bombardier. My teachers were right : I get more experience on-the-job-training!

Choice 1 : Have some fun!

Misconduct toward my teacher.

I am so angry and injures him. He told me that if I don't change my attitude, he will cancel my internship because of my misconduct. He told me again to quit the class.

Choice 1 : Go back home.

Choice 2 : Go in his office and wait still he finishes the course.


Day 3.

Today, I have again an ergonomy course. The teacher asks the homework. I did not do it. " Not so fast! Everyone who did not do the homework has to stay in class and do a teamwork. " I am so frustrated. I am getting sucked up in still 6 p.m.

Choice 1 : I don't want to do it

Choice 2 : I prefer study physic.

human intercourse

An inappropriate proposal.

The teacher accepts me at his office. He offers me to sit on his couch. Then, he listens to me and says he would forgive me If I accept do to a little treats to him... and I know exactly what he is talking about. I don't know what do to!

Choice 1 : I quickly think about ins-and-outs and I accepts.

Choice 2 : No! This in more than simple flirtation.


I work hard and I get 100% on my homework. I am very proud of myself! The director wants to see me at his office, but I am a little bit scare. Some people argue that he is very unpleasant to talk. I don't know if I should go talk to him.

Choice 1 : Don't be so shy!

Choice 2 : No! He scares me.

Give this section a short title.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.

I don't like industrial engineering.

Finally, I decide to chance my field of study. I want to know more about time management, compensation package and background check. This is why I decide to study in RH. Now, I am really happy and I feel good. I know more about time management and my boss is proud of me.

Choice 1 : Do it again!


It's enough. I quit !

Oh no! I drop out school after 3 days ! I deserve a better future that a dead-end job at McDonald! I need to do it again.

Choice 1 : Do it again!


I am a little bit early in class. I am alone with the teacher. I know I have some difficulty in algebra. I have an idea to get better notes. I can seduce him and maybe offer him something more. Also, I know the teacher is very attracted to me with this little dress super sexy.

Choice 1 : Offer him sex in exchange for a good grade.

Choice 2 : Ask him the homework and start it.



I can't imagine that you really take this option. Come on guys! This is never the good solution. I am really disappointed.

Choice 1 : Go back and do better choice!


Good choice!

I run out off his office and go see the director. He takes this very seriously and says that sexual harassment was against office politics. He fired my teacher immediately. I decide to celebrate his dismissal.

Choice 1 : Relax and smoke marijuana

Choice 2 : Celebrate with the director


End of the adventure.

Unfortunately, I was too high and the director saw me. Her retires my pension. I do not have money to pay university now. I am also suspended because I smoke weed in school.

Choice 1 : Do not let go and try again!


The director was very impressed about me. He decides to reserve a vacant position to me after my study. I am so happy!

Choice 1 : Retry the adventure!

The End.