The Life of a Computer Science Student.

A hypertext narrative by

Philippe Lalonde

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Computer Science : 20 matches (application, Bug, choice, Class, Computer science, computer, crash, Facebook, field, Google, mobile, network, path, platform, Programmer, Programming, security, streaming, update, video)

Education : 20 matches (School, choice, class, classes, college, degree, don, fail, field, field of study, first, games, grades, options, school, streaming, student, teach, teacher, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 9 matches (company, fact, family, gaming, hire, House, living, offer, security)

Target Structure:

though (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


The Life of a Computer Science Student.

chose between the 2

Choose your career path.

You just finished your first year at Montmorency College in Computer Science and now you must decide if you want to continue in programming or network security.

Choice 1 : Programming.

Choice 2 : Network security.


Network security.

Now that all of your class are related to network security, and that you fail all of them because you realise that it was not what you thought it would be. You can either go back to programming and lose one year of your life or quit school and find a job.

Choice 1 : Programming.

Choice 2 : Find a job after quitting school.

job or university


After 2 years in programming, you know that you are at the right place. Your grades are high and you are passionate about programming. Now you have to decide either if you go to university or you find a job in programming.

Choice 1 : University.

Choice 2 : Find a job in your field of study.

bad choice

Find a job after quitting school.

You found a job at McDonald's but your parents don't accept the fact that you are not at school anymore so they decide to kick you out of the house.

Choice 1 : Start over



Now that both "Université de Montréal" and "École de technologie supérieure" has accepted you, you must choose between the two.

Choice 1 : Université de Montréal.

Choice 2 : École de technologie supérieure.


Université de Montréal.

You have made it to Université de Montréal in programming, but you find it really boring because there are too many theoretical classes. Now you are wondering if you should quit or not.

Choice 1 : Continue university.

Choice 2 : Looking for a job.


Continue university.

University is so hard and boring that you only see problems in your life, and you are depressed. You decide that you do not want to live anymore and you take your own life.

Choice 1 : Start over


École de technologie supérieure.

You have made it to "École de technologie supérieure" and you are the best student of your entire school. Everything is going well and you love what you are doing. You now have to find a job because there is only 4 weeks left to university.

Choice 1 : Find a job.

Choice 2 : Go on a one year trip.

Looking for a job

Looking for a job.

You are looking for a job in programming, but since you don't have a university degree not many business wants you because of that. Your only options are either to accept the job at Montmorency College or start your own business.

Choice 1 : Go teach at Montmorency College.

Choice 2 : Create your own business.

college Montmorency

Teaching at Montmorency College.

You become a programming teacher at Montmorency College. Even though you don't have the most paid job, you like it and you are happy because of it.

Choice 1 : Start over.


Create my own business.

You have decided to create a video game company named Huwiz. Your business is specialized in bug fixing for other games. With Huwiz, you make plenty of money and live a happy life.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Job offers

Find a job after university.

Now that university is over and that you were the best student, many companies are looking to hire you and you can only choose one offer. You have to choose between Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Choice 1 : Facebook.

Choice 2 : Google.

Choice 3 : Amazon.


Go on a one year trip.

After finishing university, you decide that you need a little break and that you want to travel for a whole year. You hesitate between a trip to Australia or to Africa.

Choice 1 : Trip to Africa.

Choice 2 : Going in Australia.



Now that you work at Facebook, you have a really good wage. Your job is to constantly update the mobile application. You really like your job and you are happy in life.

Choice 1 : Start over.



Even if you make a really good wage, your boss is constantly in your back saying that you should do better. You hate your job but stay in it only for the money.

Write a choice here.

choose between 2


You get hired at Amazon and they propose you two options. You either work for amazon Canada or for "twitch" a gaming streaming platform that is owned by Amazon.

Choice 1 : Twitch.

Choice 2 : Stay at Amazon

Uganda flag

Trip to Africa.

You decide to go to Uganda because it is well-known for its landscapes. After being there for one week, you get attack by people that live there. They take everything from you so you are now stuck in this country with nothing you can do.

Choice 1 : Start over.


Going in Australia.

You decide to go to Australia. After living there for six months, you meet a girl named Annabel. You quickly fall in love with her. She asks you to move to Australia with her.

Choice 1 : Stay in Australia with Annabel.

Choice 2 : Go back home without Annabel.

Plane crash

Plane back home.

You have decided it is better to come back home with your family and friends. You take two planes to do it, one from Sydney to Paris and the other from Paris to Montreal. Unfortunately, you die in a plane crash halfway to Montreal.

Choice 1 : Start over.

Happy life

New life in Australia.

You chose to move in with Annabel. You find a job at as big company as a programmer. You have 2 kids named Robert and Lily and you live a long happy life.

Choice 1 : Start over.


Working at Amazon.

You work at Amazon and you love it. Your boss thinks really highly of you, and working is really fun.

Choice 1 : Start over.



Working at twitch made you addicted to video games. You are passionate about your job and you like everything about it. You live a happy life.

Choice 1 : Start over.

The End.