Computer Science.

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Section count: 23

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Field Related Analysis:

Computer Science : 24 matches (call, choice, clear, Computer science, computer, constant, copy, email, field, internet, jump, member, message, name, News, open, page, Page, resolution, search, searching, sleep, task, video)

Psychology : 20 matches (dream, family, field, game, interview, knowing that, love, member, miss, mood, need, nervous, pain, reason, run, sense, set, sleep, stress, trip)

Education : 18 matches (Down, choice, deadline, diploma, don, failed, field, grade, learn, learned, options, report, research, semester, student, task, teacher, writing)

Target Structure:

intern (2 matches)

internship (20 matches)

lack of (1 match)


Computer Science.

Computer Science.

You are a student in Computer Science. You only have one semester left. You either have to get an internship or make a 30 page report on what you have learned in your program. If you choose to do the internship, you will have to find it yourself. If you choose to do the report, you will have to start it soon. What will you choose?

Choice 1 : Do the internship

Choice 2 : Do the report

The internship.

You decided that you were going to do the internship. You have to start looking for a place to do it soon. But at the same time you want to relax a little since you have been studying and working for the last two years. Do you start looking for a place to do the internship right now or do you relax for a while before doing it?

Choice 1 : Start looking for an internship

Choice 2 : Take it easy for a while

The report.

You decided to do the report. It will be a long and annoying task but you have to do it. 30 pages is a big amount of work that you won't be able to do the night before the due date. You might want to start working on it soon. But at the same time you are pretty sure you can do it in a couple of days so you could relax for a while. Do you start working on it now or do you plan on doing it later?

Choice 1 : Start the report now

Choice 2 : The report can wait for a while

Looking for the internship.

You start looking on the internet for places that would accept an intern in Computer Science. You make some calls and email some people but unfortunately you don't have any responses. Has time flow you start to get more anxious with each passing day. One day your mom tells you that there will be a family meeting next Saturday. You could go to clear your mind and take a short break or since you start to be short on time you could use that time to do some more research.

Choice 1 : Go to the family meeting

Choice 2 : Stay at home and do some more research

Your overly attached girlfriend

Start the research later.

You spend your time going out with your friends. You even manage to make a girlfriend in this short amount of time. You love her and she loves you. She loves you very, very much. You could even say that she is overly attached. As the day of the deadline gets closer and closer you start to get more and more anxious about your internship. You decide to spend less time with your girlfriend and to start researching for your internship. But your girlfriend continues to message you non-stop. It really starts to disturb you. You can call her and politely explain to her that you need peace or you can simply ignore her messages.

Choice 1 : Explain to her that she is disturbing you

Choice 2 : Ignore her

Start the report now.

You start to work on the report from day one, doing a little every day. You find that annoying but you know it is a good way to get it done. One day, one of your friend calls you and ask you if you want to go on a road trip for a couple of weeks. Do you accept?

Choice 1 : Refuse the road trip

Choice 2 : Accept the road trip

Wait before doing the report.

You decide that the report can be done in only a couple of days of work. So in the meantime you should enjoy life. You enclose yourself in your basement, the lights turned off, playing video game non-stop. Three days before the deadline you realise you completely had forgotten about the report. You are in a total panic, screaming at yourself and tearing out your hear. Once you have calmed down, you realise there is only two options left to you. Either you rush the whole thing without sleeping or you copy it from the internet. What will you do?

Choice 1 : Copy something from the internet

Choice 2 : Rush the whole thing whiteout sleep

Relaxing at the family meeting.

You decide to go at the family meeting to cool your mind and lose some stress. You are at your uncle's house. About 24 people are there. You exchange polite but meaningless greetings with everyone. Soon your mind goes back to your internship. Your uncle notices this and comes to you asking what's the matter. Your uncle has always been the kind of person that never took anything seriously and you wonder if it is worth the time to explain to him or if you should just make up an excuse for him to leave you alone.

Choice 1 : Explain your situation to your uncle

Choice 2 : Make up en excuse

Dead end.

You stay at home to try to find some place that would accept you for an internship while your family is having fun. At the end of the day nothing changed for you except that you are now depressed. The dead line is here and you don't have an internship. You are forced to wait for the next semester to try again. For now, you decide to go work for McDonald.

Choice 1 : You failed. Try again?

Call your girlfriend.

You decide to call your girlfriend to tell her that she is disturbing you. Since you were annoyed by her constant messages you were not that kind to her now she is seriously pissed. She threatens to break up with you, annoyed as you are, you just respond with whatever. Now that she has stopped messaging you can concentrate on you research. Sadly, you started to search for an internship too late and do not find anything that could work. Since you could not have an internship, you decided to get a crappy job in a factory. One day on your way home you see your ex girlfriend with another boy much more handsome and wealthy than you. You realise you life is worth nothing and that existence is pain.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

Ignore your girlfriend.

Now that you have finally acquired some peace you can start to work. Soon you receive an email telling you that one of the companies you contacted is interested in you. They want to plan a meeting with you. But since you ignored your girlfriend you had promised her to make up for it by going on a date with her. You know that if you cancel the date she will be pissed at you. But on the other hand you can't miss this chance to get an internship. What do you do?

Choice 1 : Go to the meeting

Choice 2 : Go on the date

Applying yourself.

You decide that a road trip would be a disastrous idea. You politely refuse and proceed to apply yourself even more to your report. Some more days passes and now it's your ex girlfriend's turn to call you. She wants to know if it would be possible for the two of you to meet somewhere. Do you continue to work on your report or do you accept the request of your ex knowing that she has always been very time-consuming?

Choice 1 : Refuse to meet with your ex

Choice 2 : Meet your ex

Road trip.

You accept your friend's proposal and go on a road trip with him. You tell yourself that you can always finish the report once you come back. As each day passes, you have less and less the will to finish your report. You just accept that you lost all interest in being a functioning member of society and settle yourself to do some part-time job from time to time for the rest of your life. But at least, you are happy or you think you are.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

Copying the report.

You decide to copy the report from the internet. You search and luckily find something that you could use. You modify some sentences and you think you are done so you send it to your teacher. Three weeks later, you receive your note. It's a big zero with the mention, "Next time you copy something, don't leave the previous author's name on it". You can't believe you were this dumb.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

Rushing the whole thing.

You decide to rush the report. You spend two days and two nights completely awake writing non-stop, feeding yourself only with energy drinks. You finally managed to complete it. You have one day left to send it to your teacher. Do you wish to spend another night awake and revise it or do you send it to your teacher immediately?

Choice 1 : You revise the whole thing

Choice 2 : You send it as is

Explain to your uncle.

You explain to your uncle that you are presently searching for an internship in Computer Science but that none of your attempts have had any success. Your uncle tells you that he has a good friend that just so happens to work in Computer Science. He tells you that he could call him now to ask him if you could do your internship with him. You gratefully accept and later that day, once you are back home, your uncle calls you to tell you that his friend accepted to have you as his intern.

Choice 1 : You win. Play again?

Make up an excuse.

You do not think your uncle can help you, so you decide to make up an excuse. You tell him the reason you are in such a bad mood is because you have been constipated for the last 4 days. Your uncle believes you and, kind as he is, offers you some laxative to relieve yourself of your misery. You try to kindly refuse but he is persistent. In the end you give up and swallow the pills he gave you. You spend the rest of the day in the bathroom. In the end you did not find any internship and failed your semester.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

You went to the meeting.

The day of the meeting you dressed as good as you could and set out to the interview. The interview went well, you were nervous but you still managed to give them a good impression. At the end of it they told you that you were accepted and that if you did great they were even open to hire you once the internship was done. On your way home you heard the sound of a speeding car behind you and just before it collided with you you managed to jump to the side. The next day you wake up in the hospital and you are informed that both of your legs are broken by the accident. It would appear that mad with anger your now ex girlfriend tried to run you over. The good news is you still got the internship and you should be back to normal just before the beginning of the internship.

Choice 1 : You kind of win. Play again?

Going on a date.

You decide that your girlfriend is more important to you than the interview. You go on your date you have fun and so does your girlfriend. You know you have to wait for the next semester to complete your program but that's alright with you. In the meantime you start to work in a Computer Support job. It's not your dream job but it is easy and quite fun to do. You decide to drop the idea of completing your program and to pursue your career in computer support.

Choice 1 : You kind of win. Play again?


You decide to ignore your ex and to finish your report. On the day of the deadline you are calm and sure of yourself. When the time to receive your note arrive your teacher says he is very proud of you and would even consider giving you a letter of recommendation as a future reference. You soon find a job in your field of expertise and live a happy and boring life.

Choice 1 : You win. Play again?

Change of plan.

You decide to meet with your ex girlfriend and next thing you know, one year later you are the proud father of triplets. It goes without saying that you did not complete your report on time and thus failed your semester. Your hopes and dreams are now replaced by three, mostly adorable, little babies. Congratulations.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

Revising your report.

You decide to brace yourself and to start another all nighter, gorging yourself of coffee. Miraculously, you achieve the task before the deadline and it was a good idea you did, because your text was literally trash. If you had not revised, you would have failed. You send the report to your teacher and then collapse of exhaustion. Many days later you would learn that you barely made enough to get a passing grade. Nevertheless, you are now the happy possessor of a Computer Science diploma.

Choice 1 : You win. Play again?

No revision.

You decide that revising your report is a waste of time. You send it to your teacher and black out from the lack of sleep. Many days later you receive your result. You miserably failed. None of your text made any sense and it was full of mistakes.

Choice 1 : You lose. Try again?

The End.