Nightmare on the Job.

A hypertext narrative by

Michaela Kaseka

Created with

The Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker


Word count: 556

Choice count: 19

Section count: 13

Image count: 12

Error count: 2

Field Related Analysis:

Psychology : 16 matches (attention, behavior, blood, client, harassment, hit, mean, nightmare, psychologist, risk, run, sexual harassment, sleep, superior, sweet, touch)

Dance : 15 matches (Back, Follow, Front, Number, Out, Run, Running, shows, social, Spot, Through, Touch, tour, Walk, Wall)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 11 matches (blood, client, criminal, harassment, inmate, misconduct, notice, Rules, security, Sexual, truth)

Target Structure:

income (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)


Nightmare on the Job.


School is Finally Finished.

After years of hard-working, no sleep,no social life and straight A'S. You apply for your first job as a criminal psychologist in jail. It wasn't what you wanted but the job has a good source of income and there was a vacant spot. Beggars can't be choosers! You're waiting for your boss in the hall way when you hear strange noises coming from another room.

Choice 1 : Wait for your boss to come.

Choice 2 : You're to curious and wait to see what's going on.

Welcome your Boss !

Your boss finally shows up when you notice blood stains on his hands. He's smiling at you and is ready to give you a tour of the jail.

Choice 1 : You ask him about the blood because it is weird.

Choice 2 : You nod but can't help to wounder what happened.

Strange man.

As you walk near the room you peak through the window and see a man with bloody scratches all over him.

Choice 1 : Run back to the hallway and wait for your boss to find you.

Choice 2 : You want to get his attention so you make some noises

Dirty Situation.

Your boss explains that you'll have to get dirty doing this job.

Choice 1 : Get the hell out of here you don't want to touch blood.

Choice 2 : Take a risk. This job is more interesting than you thought.

Welcome to Jail.

You follow your superior around the halls. Inmates are covered in scratches, blood stains and are making mean faces. Your boss asks you to introduce yourself.

Choice 1 : Make it short and sweet.


While running, you get lost and end up in different rooms, strange rooms.

Choice 1 : Call your friend. You're getting out of this place.

He's Coming for You !

The man screams and is banging on the wall : " He's coming for you!" "He's coming for you" he shouts.

Choice 1 : Ask him : " who's coming for you"

Choice 2 : Run out


Your boss is asking where you're going. You already reached the front door with no intentions of coming back.

Choice 1 : Start over

Work Polities.

He explains the rules and the work polities of this jail and your job. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated . Misconduct will on the other hand be accepted. He explains to you, that while assessing a client, for your security you have the right to hit and punch if needed.

Choice 1 : Start over.


After introducing yourself, your boss makes you pick an inmate to work with.

Choice 1 : pick the inmate in the back sees less intimidating.

Choice 2 : pick the inmate on the front seems more intimidating.


You see your boss running towards you with blood.

Choice 1 : Out of here


Inmate number 5 explains how he's been abused by his boss and never really been treated for his abusive behavior in the first place.

Choice 1 : Speak with the boss.


Inmate number 10 explains how he's been abused by his boss and never really been treated for his abusive behavior in the first place.

Choice 1 : Speak with the boss.

The End.