The tragic path of a student

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Lucky Phommasak

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Education : 11 matches (Education, School, choice, college, courses, don, management, school, student, teachers, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 6 matches (company, fee, insurance company, insurance, vocation, young)

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come in handy (1 match)

dead-end job (1 match)

drawback (2 matches)

income (1 match)

internship (1 match)

time management (1 match)

wage (1 match)


The tragic path of a student


Start at the beginning.

I am a student at Ahuntsic College, and I am now questioning my life. My life has always been full of tragedies and debts, I don't know what I did to deserve this but I have to do something and take actions. These thoughts made me question my life : "Which vocation will I choose? What will I become? Where will I go? Should I stay at this school or should I go to university?"

Choice 1 : Go to UQAM.

Choice 2 : Stay at Ahuntsic College.

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Go to UQAM.

I am glad I chose to go to UQAM, there I met fantastic people that I appealed to. I feel like that is where I belong. My courses didn't seem too harsh, so I think I'll do well. Just when everything was going smoothly, something happened. It was my tuition fee, my courses were over $1000 ! How can I afford to pay off my education? What should I do next?

Choice 1 : Work harder and save money to pay off the tuition fee.

Choice 2 : Drop out.

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Stay at Ahuntsic College.

I feel like I'm stuck in here, I don't feel comfortable. The teachers are great but I feel like I am too old and tired of doing meaningless courses. Maybe, I should just drop out. It might be a drawback but I would feel better knowing that I no longer have to stay in College, and I am sick of young girls trying to flirt with me. I don't want this, what if I became tempted. That's really bad ! What should I do?

Choice 1 : Go to UQAM.

Choice 2 : Drop out.

Insurance company.

Work harder and save money to pay off the tuition fee.

I'm glad I chose this path, now I can finally see the results of my hard work. I was accepted for an internship in a well-known insurance company. This will eventually come in handy, although the studies have been overwhelming, it only took time management and dedication to do what I desired. I also met this beautiful girl that I hope one day I will marry and live happily ever after.

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Drop out.

Dropping out was a drawback, I can't believe I am still in a dead-end job. I wish I could go back in time and made better choices. My income isn't enough for me to fulfill my dreams I wasn't able to use my potential to the fullest thus making me earn a low wage and it hurts to see my surrounding progressing in life, while I am stuck here, but this was all my fault and now I am all alone, and there's nothing I can do. I just wish I had a second chance at life.

Choice 1 : Start at the beginning.

The End.