What is the best choice ?

A hypertext narrative by

Shed Larose

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Word count: 520

Choice count: 10

Section count: 10

Image count: 12

Error count: 17

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 12 matches (School, choice, college, first, learn, management, school, semester, social, teacher, tutor, university)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 8 matches (accident, fine, force, offer, section, short title, title, young)

Nursing : 8 matches (accident, ALT, forced, psychologist, psychology, SA, section, social)

Target Structure:

time management (1 match)


What is the best choice ?

Ahuntsic College

The begining.

It’s the story of a young woman who is passionate about the psychology since she was a little girl. A dream is to become a psychologist. Now she is studying Social Science for 3 years at Ahuntsic College. It’s her last session and she had a big choice to make for future. She made a university application and she was accepted to McGill and to University of Montreal. It’s a big decision for her because she never goes to an English School and almost all of her friends are going to University of Montreal.

Choice 1 : She should go to University of Montreal

Choice 2 : She should go to McGill


A new step.

She decide to accept the offer from University of Montreal. Everything was going fine. She has completed her first semester. One day, while she was eating whit her friends, she met that boy at the school. She is now wondering what is the best decision that she can make.

Choice 1 : She should talk to him

Choice 2 : She should not talk to him

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A different choice.

It’s a big step for her because she barely speaks English in her life. She knows that it will not be easy to understand what she will have to learn. What is the best choice for her?

Choice 1 : Take a tutor.

Choice 2 : Let the time show her if she's good.


She should talk to him.

It’s been 2 mouth now that she is talk with this boy every day. They became good friends. The boy asks her once if she wanted to be his girlfriend. She knows that he will be a good boyfriend but she also knows that she will have to work on her time management. Because it will be a lot to have a boyfriend, go to work, and focus at school. What is the best decision for her?

Choice 1 : Accept to become his girlfriend

Choice 2 : Give this section a short title.


She should not talk to him.

Finally, she decides to ignore the boy because school was enough for. Unfortunately, a bad thing happens in her life….

Choice 1 : You want to know more

Choice 2 : You dont want to know

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" alt="teacher" title="teacher" style="width:100%;">

Take a tutor.

He didn’t help her the way she needed help. So she decide to quite school.

Write a choice here.

Let the time show her if she's good.

She finally decide to quite school. Because it was to hard for her.

Write a choice here.

Accept to become his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, she get's pregnant, so she quite school.

Write a choice here.

Refuse the offer.

Even if she refuse his offer, something bad happen in her life. She was forced to quite school.

Write a choice here.

You want to know more.

Her father got in a big accident, so she was force to quite school to take care of him.

Write a choice here.

The End.