Accounting hypertext narrative

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devi qendro

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Word count: 234

Choice count: 8

Section count: 3

Image count: 3

Error count: 3

Field Related Analysis:

Education : 8 matches (School, choice, college, don, market, school, semester, university)

Business : 8 matches (accounting, administration, brand, business, market, money, pay, stock)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 7 matches (House, living, market, parties, rent, residence, stock)

Target Structure:


Accounting hypertext narrative

Ahuntsic College

Start at the beginning.

I have been studying Business Administration for 2 years now at Ahuntsic College. I am graduating this year and I still haven't made my mind up on which university I am going to pursue my studies.

Choice 1 : Go to the University of Montreal.

Choice 2 : Go to the University of Ottawa.

University of Montreal

Go to the University of Montreal.

I have finally decided to stay here in Montreal, and I am really happy with my decision because I am staying at my parents house, which means I don't have to pay rent and I have fewer bills With this University choice, I have more money available to spend for myself and I need to choose where to spend my money.

Choice 1 : Invest my money in stock Market

Choice 2 : Buy a brand new 2018 car

Choice 3 : Spend money in clubs or parties

University of Ottawa

Go to the University of Ottawa.

I finally decided to attend the University of Ottawa. I am excited to live the experience of living without my parents. I have been putting money aside for a year now and now I need to find an apartment before the semester starts.

Choice 1 : Move in the school residence

Choice 2 : Move in an apartment near the school alone

Choice 3 : Move in an apartment with my friend Billy

The End.