An Interview to Remember.

A hypertext narrative by

Mégane Landry

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Word count: 944

Choice count: 13

Section count: 9

Image count: 9

Error count: 3

Field Related Analysis:

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 12 matches (accused, company, fine, hire, master, minutes, offer, office, surprise, theft, volunteer, witness)

Education : 10 matches (CEGEP, choice, don, field, first, graduation, library, project, teacher, training)

Computer Science : 8 matches (architecture, choice, field, Library, master, metric, session, trunk)

Target Structure:

internship (2 matches)

overtime (1 match)

though (1 match)


An Interview to Remember.


This is how it all started.

It was my last session in my new program at Cegep Montmorency. I was in the architecture program. One evening, I stayed late at the library to work on my final project that I had to present at the end of my internship, and it ended in 2 days. So, I was working that night on the last details of my project when my phone rang. It was my internship teacher, he wanted to tell me that 2 architect offices wanted to hire me after my graduation. He also told me that I had to make a choice that night, to know which one I wanted to meet first.

Choice 1 : Meet GEO-METRIC architecture first.

Choice 2 : Meet Master Achitecture first.


Meet GEO-METRIC architecture first.

I chose to meet GOMETRIC Architecture first because I knew that it was a safe choice and that if they wanted me, I would probably say yes even if my dream was to be taken in a company better known as Master Architecture. The day of the meeting, I dressed well to make a good impression, and I brought with me my final project to present them. Everything went very well, they went out 10 minutes to talk after my presentation to make their decision. When they came back, I was very stressed, I told myself that if they aren't making me a job offer, I would never find another company to hire me. To my surprise, they offered me a full-time job as a technician. It was now my turn to decide whether I accepted the job or not.

Choice 1 : Accept.

Choice 2 : Decline.


Meet Master Achitecture first.

I chose to meet Master Architecture first because it was my dream to work for a company as famous as this one. I was very stressed that morning, I got up late so I rushed to get dressed, then arrived there, I realized that I had completely forgotten my project that I had to present them then I had to improvise. Unfortunately for me, my interview was a disaster. They did not even take the time to discuss and they immediately told me that I was not taken for the position of technician. I had just seen my dream burst into a thousand pieces.

Choice 1 : Start crying and leave.

Choice 2 : Beg for a second chance.



I immediately accepted the job. I was so happy to have found work in my field. My first day of work didn't go as planned. At first, everything was fine but towards the end of the day, I was witness to a theft of money in the trunk of the boss. I didn't know what to do, I was afraid to talk because I was new but I couldn't say nothing.

Choice 1 : Tell the boss.

Choice 2 : Don't say anything.



I decided to refuse the work because I absolutely wanted to try my luck at the other company because it was my dream to work for them. On the other hand, the boss of GEOMETRIC badly took my refusal. He started threatening me by saying that he was going to tell bad stories about me and that I will never be able to find work in my field. So, I left there crying, I was discouraged and now I regretted to have refused this wonderful opportunity.

Choice 1 : The End.


Start crying and leave.

I was so sad and disappointed with myself because I knew that I could do better and that I could get this job. I lost all confidence because I had done so much overtime to finish my project and I couldn't even introduce it during my interview. I felt overwhelmed, I wanted to give up everything. I decided that I would persevere by telling myself that someday another company could give me a better opportunity than this one.

Choice 1 : The End.


Beg for a second chance.

I was so sad and disappointed about myself, I knew I could do a lot so I begged them to give me a second chance that I could come back when they want to introduce them to my project and they wouldn't be disappointed. I even told them that I could volunteer at the beginning for my training and that at that moment, if they didn't like me they could fire me. They took the time to discuss it and decided to give me a second chance because they had heard only positive things about me. I was so happy, I will not forget my project this time.

Choice 1 : The End.


Tell the boss.

My boss was so happy that I told him because someone had been stealing money from the safe for a long time. He even decided to give me a promotion after my training for my honesty. I was happy and very proud to have made the right decision for once.

Choice 1 : The End.


Don't say anything.

I did not say anything because I didn't want to make a false accusation. Unfortunately, my colleague who stole the money noticed that I had seen him steal in the trunk so he trapped me by hiding the money in my office and telling my boss that I had stolen this money. My boss believed it even though I defended myself but immediately fired me. I was so sad to have been wrongly accused I thought I should have denounced it right now instead of saying nothing.

Choice 1 : The End.

The End.