Youth and Adults.

A hypertext narrative by

Emie Garand

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 15 matches (act, Child, children, contact, criminal, fact, family, intervention, justice, misconduct, objects, office, opinion, release, security)

Psychology : 12 matches (abuse, affect, behavior, bit, dream, family, love, need, nervous, opinion, remember, set)

Corrections-Technology : 12 matches (correctional, correctional officer, criminals, guard, intervention, inmates, jail, prison, prisoners, rehabilitate, security, abuse)

Target Structure:

income (1 match)

misconduct (2 matches)

more often than not (1 match)

overtime (1 match)

pull off (1 match)

though (3 matches)

vacant position (1 match)


Youth and Adults.

The decision.

I have been studying Youth and Adults Correctional Intervention for about two years now. I am aware that I will have to take serious decisions that will affect my near future. The first one being if I want to go with the youth or the adults.

Choice 1 : Youth it is !

Choice 2 : Go with adults.

Youth it is !

I always had a little something for the youth. I love the fact that you can actually have contact with them and make a difference, which is pretty unlikely to happen with adults. Also, kids/teenagers are so energetic and lively which makes me want to work with them even more.

Choice 1 : child protection.

Choice 2 : Youth criminal justice act.

child protection.

My choice is made, I will go with children/teenagers who need to be taken care of because their family couldn't do it properly. Either because the children were sexually or physically abused, maybe they were neglected, they may also have psychological problems due to the abuse etc. Yet I have another choice to make. Either go with the children around 6-12 years old Or 12-18 years old.

Choice 1 : I'll go with 6-12 year old's.

Choice 2 : I'll go with 12-18 year old's.

I'll go with 6-12 year old's.

I've always liked being around children. I just think they are so nice and upfront. My first day was exactly how I expected it to be. It was so nice to see that I made a difference by just caring about them and by just listening to what they had to say to me. They were adorable, even though they have a heavy past. I really hope I will be able to pull off that job because I really like it.

Choice 1 : If I can't pull it off.

Choice 2 : if I can pull it off.

If I can't pull it off.

The children here have been through a lot, which I find really hard for me to dissociate myself from what happened to them in the past. It's so hard to hear and comprehend. Maybe if this is not the job for me, i'll go and take a vacant position elsewhere.

Choice 1 :

if I can pull it off.

If I'm able to set-aside some things I can't control I will be able to make good out of this job. I will try and make a difference in their lives even if that comes with a lot of overtime work.

Write a choice here.

I'll go with 12-18 year old's.

Child protection doesn't only have children they also have teenagers, which we tend to forget. The drawbacks of working with teenagers is that they remember a lot more than 6-12 year old's do. On my first day, one of them couldn't stop hugging me I was wondering if it was okay to allow it.

Choice 1 : It's okay.

Choice 2 : it's not okay.

it's not okay.

I shouldn't let them hug me like that because we are supposed to have a profesionnal relationship and this is a misconduct that should be discussed.

Write a choice here.

It's okay.

posed to have a profesionnal relationship and this is a misconduct that should be discussed. Write a choice here. It's okay. These teenagers are going through a lot and we need to be there for them and to be supportive. They need this kind of affection because a lot of them never had any in their childhood.

Write a choice here.

Youth criminal justice act.

Finally, My first job with criminal teenagers. Today was an exciting and nervous day. I've got to meet all the staff and all the boys in my unit. They were all really kind to me. But I was quite overwhelmed with one boy in particular. He was singing very loudly and was making noises with objects around him.

Choice 1 : Let him sing.

Choice 2 : Ask him to stop.

Let him sing.

I let him sing because he had a beautiful voice and because the others around him didn't seem to be bothered by his actions. Some even volunteered and started singing with him !

Write a choice here.

Ask him to stop.

I ask him kindly to stop because even though he's a good singer, other people have trouble concentrating on their task and find it a little bit annoying.

Write a choice here.

Go with adults.

I've always been fascinated by criminals. In fact, adults may be the best for me because it'll have a lot less "superficial" conflict. I will be able to furthermore understand their mentality. Two choices are offered to me. The first one being a correctional officer, which is more security work. Or be an office worker, which will make me have more contact with the inmates.

Choice 1 : Correctional officer.

Choice 2 : Office worker.

Correctional officer.

My first day in prison was quite something. A bit scary at first but I got used to it during the day. As the day went by, I heard a lot of other officers talking about the inmates in a disrespectful way, that caught me off guard. The income of this behavior cannot be good.

Choice 1 : Don't say anything.

Choice 2 : Confront the other officers.

Don't say anything.

Everybody is free to have their own opinion, I'm new and I don't want any problems with my co-workers. And I knew that more often than not, officers had this behavior in jails.

Write a choice here.

Confront the other officers.

This is very disrespectful, the inmates could hear the officers talking about them. Also, the goal of our job is to rehabilitate the prisoners not to insult them.

Write a choice here.

Office worker.

I now have a job as an office worker in a jail. I check-in with the inmates about their upcoming release date. It's not my dream job but the conditions are good and the pay is nice.

Choice 1 : Find something else.

Choice 2 : Stay there anyway.

Find something else.

Even though the pay is nice and the conditions are good, I don't see myself doing this job for a long time. That's why I'm going to find something that better suits me.

Write a choice here.

Stay there anyway.

I'm going to stay here for a while so I can save some money for my near future.It's not that bad, it's just not what I expected.

Write a choice here.

The End.