The Free Will

A hypertext narrative by

frederik jutras

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Word count: 2101

Choice count: 58

Section count: 40

Image count: 40

Error count: 14

Field Related Analysis:

Psychology : 28 matches (accent, anxiety, blood, dope, dream, drive, ego, field, identity crisis, language, love, mean, memory, need, philosophy, proposition, psychology, psychologist, psychosis, reason, remember, rod, self, selfish, sleep, stress, trip, unconscious)

Sociology : 26 matches (competition, cartel, society, corporation, School, Proposition, fact, free will, group, identity, identity crisis, illness, care, justice, language, philosophy, power, psychology, psychosis, sacred, school, self, social science, World, unconscious, wants)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 25 matches (arrested, Bar, blood, cartel, case, clients, company, corporation, criminal, equity, fact, fine, identity, justice, land, law degree, law firm, law, lawsuit, lawyer, loss, power, prosecutor, sheriff, society)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

fulfillment (1 match)

learn the ropes (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

the drive of work (1 match)


The Free Will

Yin Yang

The beginning.

So, you finally finished you Social Science! Those 6 years have passed so quickly! You're now pursuing a Law degree and you have been accepted to both UQAM and the University of Ottawa. Of course, UQAM is cheaper and most of your friends are going there. This means more room for partying and less for career focusing. Which one shall you choose?

Choice 1 : UQAM.

Choice 2 : University of Ottawa.



You are now at the UQAM. Which means all of the money you saved for the Ottawa is at your hands. You have pretty much two choices. Either you go out and get wasted or you start saving for a trip.

Choice 1 : Go out.

Choice 2 : Save for a trip.


University of Ottawa.

Well you must be rich. On the first day, your roommate asks you if you want to party tonight.

Choice 1 : You accept, as you want to meet fresh blood.

Choice 2 : Solely refuse.


Go out.

You are now at the Trash bar, pretty wasted and re-considering your life. You friend Pablo is telling you how exciting is the cartel life in Columbia. Plus, you just realized that you don't want to defend people: you want to understand them. You now have the choice between a thrilling life full of sins and a full potential retrospective analyzing life.

Choice 1 : Criminal life in Columbia.

Choice 2 : Career in psychology.


Criminal life in Columbia.

You had your fun and all, but are not achieving your full intellectual potential. You are feeling depressed and you have to do something, if not you are going to blow. The Colombian cartel gave you so much money that you could even retire! You can now afford to pursue your law studies at Harvard. Will you lose yourself in this life of sin or will you actually do something?

Choice 1 : Do nothing, life is good

Choice 2 : Pursue your law studies at Harvard.

Choice 3 : Retire.


Career in psychology.

It's been 4 years since you started studying Psychology and you just discovered that the only reason why you went in this program is for a better understanding of your inner-self. But you don't actually care about people and you're starting to wonder about your future.

Choice 1 : I don't care about people, I want to play music.

Choice 2 : Become an unempathic psychologist.

Exemple of life failure

Do nothing, life is cool.

You die of overdose, after having stressed over countless opportunities.

Choice 1 : Start over.


Pursue your law studies at Harvard.

You finally arrived, everything is fine, but the rich Americans who studies there are real morons. One of them mocks your French accent, and you remember how were things done in Columbia. Either you smash them or you deal this with great wisdom.

Choice 1 : Smash the Harvard Hockey team.

Choice 2 : Try wisdom.


Smash the Harvard Hockey team.

You attacked them because your inner rage can't be contained. Sadly you got arrested and there's no hope about your future. You can't even join your Cartel friends because you're stuck in this country forever.

Choice 1 : Become a Janitor and live a boring life.

Write a choice here.

A broom

Become a Janitor and live a boring life.

At least, you're working with a Columbian friend you met back there!

Choice 1 : Start over.

You're dumb

Try wisdom.

You have no wisdom. All you've done in your life is deal dope and drink beer, what did you thought?

Choice 1 : Smash the Harvard Hockey team.


I don't care about people, I want to play music.

You let go of your studies and start an Indie/Progresive music band to sing about how you're depressed. You make a lot of money but as your inner rage intensifies, you overdose and die at the age of 27.

Choice 1 : Start over.

That's you, man!

Become an unempathic psychologist.

Nice ego! You became a selfish and narcissist psychologist who only cares about his own illness. You gave to your last five clients a psychosis and you are getting sued. The prosecutor is your UQAM's friend who made you get wasted. What are you going to do?

Choice 1 : Do nothing, life is cool.

Choice 2 : Criminal life in Columbia.


Save for a trip.

Studying is getting you bored, you want to do something new. You are hesitating between beautiful British-Columbia and Bolivia.

Choice 1 : British-Columbia.

Choice 2 : Bolivia.

Choice 3 : You have no friends to go on trips with.

your friend


Your hippie friends who you went with wants you to stay with them forever in this sacred land, to become a cherry-picker!

Choice 1 : Become a cherry-picker.

Choice 2 : I'm out!


Become a cherry-picker.

Cherry-picking in B-C can be really fun, with the beautiful landscapes. There's less fun when the picking season is over... But don't worry, you'll be able to save money, as a Hippie.

Choice 1 : Start-over


I'm out!

You don't care about people, so you sail on a boat for the world, with a guitar and a fishing rod. You discover a way to catch fishes by enchanting them with your guitar. You are excited to tell the world about it, but you die of dehydration before reaching the land.

Choice 1 : Start over

Bolivian sands


After deep meditations and walks on the Bolivian sands, you come back in Montreal at peace with yourself and easily finish your law degree. Back in Bolivia, you made friend with Sergio, who just finished his Law degree too. He has a lot of money and wants to start a firm with you.

Choice 1 : Accept the proposition.

Choice 2 : Refuse the proposition.

Your boss

Accept the proposition.

You accepted the job as a foot in the door and most of the lame lawsuits are given to you.You realize that wherever you are in life, there will never be justice. But you won't do anything about it and you will have a burn out at 40 years old. This is pretty much your life.

Choice 1 : Start over


Refuse the proposition.

You refused and opened your own Law firm to live a life of fulfillment and overwhelming competition. The rivalry was nice and all but after 3 years, both you and your nemesis doesn't have any clients. What did you think? You have to learn the ropes and start from the bottom!

Choice 1 : Start over

Your client

You have no friends to go on trips with.

Being lonely, you quickly become a criminal lawyer. You have to defend a pedophile on your first case, but you don't really want to do it.

Choice 1 : Purposely fails the case.

Choice 2 : Let go of your convictions, you're a lawyer!


Purposely fails the case.

You relinquish to this lawsuit, and everybody thinks you're a bad lawyer. You aren't sure what to do. Stress is taking control of you and you need to do something about this.

Choice 1 : Let go of your convictions, you're a lawyer!

Choice 2 : Accept your choice.


Accept your choice.

As you accept the choice you made and see it as a virtue, you start studying philosophy at the UQAM and become rich on the mind but broke in money. It's okay, as long as you are rich in something!

Choice 1 : Start over

Criminal lawyer

Let go of your convictions, you're a lawyer!

You will put your convictions aside, accept the hard knock criminal lawyer life and become the Hell's Angels lawyer. Congratulations, you have in front of you a life of fear and anxiety.

Choice 1 : Start over.


Join a corporation firm.

If you were looking for lawsuits, don't worry you'll find plenty here. By plenty, I mean a lot. By a lot I mean that the only free time you will have, you will use it to sleep. Then, before you know it you'll be 45 years old with lots of money. But no memory about life.

Choice 1 : Start over

Dwight 2

You accept, as you want to meet fresh blood.

At the party, you hear about the GRC program, which allows Canadians to enter the national police ranks in a really sort amount of time, without entering any college or university programs. There is also that hot girl you're into telling you about the equity and environmental sustainability program and how much they need students right now.

Choice 1 : Join the GRC forces.

Choice 2 : Impress the hot girl.


Join the GRC forces.

You made your dream about being an officer became true! You are on your way to Saskatchewan, where you will be trained for the next 6 months. Then, you will be supervising in a Nothern territories city named Inuvik. After 10 years of service in there, you're not recognizing yourself anymore.

Choice 1 : Become the Sheriff of Inuvik.

Choice 2 : Be one with the nature.


Become the Sheriff of Inuvik.

You accept your life as a tough Northener sheriff and exceed power trips, coming from the fact that your identity crisis fills you with inner rage.

Choice 1 : Start over


Be one with the nature.

The incurable lifestyle of the natives affects you so much that you end up being one of them. Your name is now White Paw and you are one with the universe.

Write a choice here.

Not touch the earth!

Impress the hot girl.

You have finished the equity and environmental sustainability baccalaureate, to realise that you don't care about the earth and that you've only joined this program to impress a girl who left town about 3 years ago.

Choice 1 : Go loose.

Choice 2 : Continue.


Go loose.

Quit any affiliation with this program and go work in an oil company in Alberta. You will have a beautiful 4x4 but will be trapped in the unconscious lifestyle that comes with it and will surely die for pride.

Choice 1 : Start over.



You blindly continue in this field of study, convincing yourself that you're a great fit, until you burn a Californian forest while trying to hike. It happens that the girl who pushed you to study this program is at the same place at the same moment. Double loss.

Choice 1 : Start over.


You refuse.

You collapse and tell him how bad are the effects of partying for the mind and the soul.

Choice 1 : You give up.

Shaolin monk

You give up.

The western world is to your eyes too much of a problem and the full abundant life style reflects its poor system of values. You travel to China to stay and pray with the Shaolin monks.

Choice 1 : Start over

Pursue your Law degree.

You're about to complete your mastery, after spending 5 of the best years of your life at this school. You really liked the energy of the school and you want to stay here forever. English has become much more important to you and you don't like the way it is represented in the French Canadian society.

Choice 1 : You pursue a career in English as a second language teaching.

You pursue a career in English as a second language teaching.

Write this part of the story here and present your reader with choices.

Write a choice here.

Snowbird land


The criminal life taught you that you life goals don't matter, all that does is fun. You don't care about any career, right now. You only want to feel pleasure, and Florida seems like a pleasurable place. You want to meet new people, you see a bunch of old people playing lawn bowl and a group of hippies playing guitar.

Choice 1 : Meet the snowbirds.

Choice 2 : Join the hippies.

Snowbird couple

Meet the snowbirds.

You've made really great friends and you want to stay here forever, being the new land bowl All-Star. You embrace this lazy lifestyle, and you become one of them. Florida will be your grave.

Choice 1 : This is the end.

Join the hippies.

You decide to chill with the hippies. Most of them are going to British-Columbia when the winter is over, to cherry-pick. They want you to come with them. George is the only not going, he is staying here to sell lemonades.

Choice 1 : British-Columbia.

Choice 2 : British-Columbia.


Sell lemonade.

You love selling lemonade and you want to sell it forever.The drive of work got you maddening but became worthwile. You become a lemonade-man!

Choice 1 : This is the end.

The End.