Path of Life

A hypertext narrative by

Manuel Rosales

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Choice count: 33

Section count: 21

Image count: 21

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Field Related Analysis:

Education : 22 matches (Education, School, choice, classes, college, continuing, course, diploma, don, field, field of study, first, further, grades, graduation, high school, management, principal, project, school, training, university)

Computer Science : 18 matches (aspect, bit, bridge, call, choice, close, departure, drawback, field, internet, manager, path, restart, search, searching, sign, sleep, switching)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 15 matches (bankruptcy, close, company, debt, departure, fact, government, highway, interest, living, order, premium, Principal, qualification, road)

Target Structure:

come in handy (1 match)

drawback (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

premium wage (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

retirement (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (2 matches)

thoughtful (1 match)

time management (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


Path of Life


A new beginning.

You have just finished high school and after celebrating your graduation and your success its time for you to actually go to college. You were willing to do a program that during your last year of high school, you have looked through it and it really has taken your interest so you decide to apply at two different college and surprisingly you were accepted in both so the choice is yours which one would you chose.

Choice 1 : Ahuntsic College.

Choice 2 : Dawson College.

Ahuntsic College

Ahuntsic College.

You have decided to go to Ahuntsic College. During your years of study, you had a great success and you were getting straight A's in most classes. You success has given you an opportunity to go further more in your education. You then decide to look at what university you could go but you are unsure about continuing you studying maybe it is time for you to actually start working on a real job and not just at your current job that is only able you to be able to live.

Choice 1 : Go to University.

Choice 2 : Go find a job on your field of study



You have decided to go to university, it is really not what you have expected. It is really harder than what you thought it would have been. You began to have a lack of sleep and began to be overwhelmed by study and work but you manage to go through most of it. You began to be short on money but you would be able to borrow money at the bank to finish your study. You know that finishing that diploma would come in handy in the future. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Drop university to work

Choice 2 : Continue University.

Finding jobs

Finding a job.

You have chosen to not go to university and go directly in a job with your field of study. After looking on the internet you have found some good job and you have decided to apply to some of them. You have been answered to some of them for interviews. One of the jobs that you have applied that answered you really interest you and you really want to do that job.

Choice 1 : Job: Structural Engineer.

Choice 2 : Job: Field Engineer.

Dawson College

Dawson College.

You have decided to go to Dawson College even if your English wasn't perfect. You had a bit of difficulties and your grades weren't the best. You tried to apply to some university but not much accepted your appliance, in fact only one did, maybe it's your lucky day or is it a sign to just go find a job and work on your field of study?

Choice 1 : Finding a job.

Choice 2 : University.


Continue University.

You have chosen to continue university, it was rough and a lot of work but you have managed to go through all of it though. Time management was what you needed with a little perseverance. You are so proud of yourself. You have opened new doors in the future and you have found better job due to your qualification. The only drawback at the moment is being in debt but it would be cleared in the future.

Choice 1 : Choose your career with the study you have.


Job: Structural Engineer.

You have applied to find yourself a job as a Structural Engineer. Sadly your first job interview was a total mess. You have tried to apply at different compagny but more often than not you were rejected. After weeks and weeks of search. You have lost so much money that you weren't able to pay for your appartment and your car, both got seized. After realizing how this is going, you have finally decided that you should put aside this job. Time for you to make a new beginning again.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Field engineer

Job: Field Engineer.

You have chosen to go with Field Engineer, you have done a job interview and it went perfectly, after a small amount of time of wait, you received a call from the job and they asked you to come the next Monday. Congratulation you have found your job after working hard at school!

Choice 1 : What happened next.

Choice 2 : Restart.

The End

What happened next.

You have found your dream job, you worked so hard for something that you would be thoughtful for your job. After doing your on-the-job-training, you have fall in love with your new job. Even your future has seen a good career and you have lived happily with the job you have done. Well done.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Future Career

Your future Career.

After finishing university, you have found five jobs that you would really like to do both are seems really interesting but sadly you have to choose only one of them. Choose wisely.

Choice 1 : Job: Project Engineer.

Choice 2 : Job: Principal Bridge Engineer.

Choice 3 : Job: Wind Turbine Engineer.

Choice 4 : Job: Road and Highway Manager.

Choice 5 : Job: Drafting and Survey Technician.

Project Engineer

Job: Project Engineer.

You have chosen to give a try with Project Engineer. After a couple of years, you have earned a wage and successfully did your life. Company were requesting for your expertise and were willing to give you a premium wage for it. You can say that your life was really nice and university was a really a good idea.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Brigde project

Principal Bridge Engineer.

You have chosen to do Principal Bridge Engineer as your job. At first, you found it kind of boring but as you begin to do more and more you finally found your dream job. Sadly 3 years after doing your job, the company decided to close its door due to a bankruptcy. Money began to be a problem little by little, but you have managed to find a similar job somewhere else. So, you haven't lost too much money. You have lived your life happily until retirement.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Wind turbine engineer

Wind Turbine Engineer.

Your choice was to go in Wind Turbine Engineer. You enjoyed so much your work that you decided to do work hard in it, your success was remarkable you really brought a good aspect to the company that hired you.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Highway plan

Road and Highway Manager.

Your choice stopped on Road And Highway Manager. You job was nice at first you really liked it but at the end, it began to be really the same every time, nothing new, making new road, making new highway, redesigning the same over and over. You felt like you haven't done any progress. Furthermore, you have thought about switching job but you have decided to stay in it due to difficulty finding a new job.

Choice 1 : Restart.

Drafting and survey technician

Drafting and Survey Technician.

You have chosen "Drafting and Survey Technician" in the Canadian Army Forces. You have thought for so long that you would have love that job but you didn't, you had a good life but you weren't happy with your job. Maybe another job would have been a better choice?

Choice 1 : Restart.

new start

Dropping university to work.

Your choice was hard to do, you have made your mind to drop university to go work and make money it was a well planned departure but only one thing didn't come into your mind, what would happen if you don't find a job? You have been searching for about a week and yet you haven't found any job. You don't want to lose your courage and you kept searching everywhere for a civil engineer job. After a little while you began to be short on money and the government wouldn't help you any further. You have either to keep searching for a civil engineer job or, to go on a small job that you know you wouldn't like it.

Choice 1 : Keep searching.

Choice 2 : Find a small job not related with civil engineer.

new start

Keep searching.

After searching a little while, you have found only two jobs that would like to have you. It's only a matter of which one would you like now?

Choice 1 : Job: Surveyor

Choice 2 : Job: Estimator

find a job

Find a small job not related with civil engineer.

Well, you have made a hard choice to find a small job, at least you are not doing a bankruptcy but neither you are living with a lot of money. You are barely surviving. You have decided to go live in a small apartment and sell your car. Maybe if you had stayed in university it would have been better.

Choice 1 : See what happened next

Try again

Maybe better next time.

You have started a small job, but it was hard to keep up, you had to sell about everything you used to have in order to live correctly even though you have done that. You apartment got seized and now you are now homeless. Now its just a matter of how long would it takes to be rescued. Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Who knows really?

Choice 1 : Restart.


Job: Surveyor.

The job you have chosen was surveyor. It's of course better than nothing but yet, you would have rather had something else but you ain't mad at it because life gave you a second chance.

Choice 1 : Restart.


Job: Estimator.

The job you have also found was as an estimator. At first, it sounded so bad but after a while you kind of started to like it. More and More you worked at this job and you might have found your dream job. Congratulation.

Choice 1 : Restart.

The End.