The choice of his life

A hypertext narrative by

Hugo Brisebois

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 29 matches (action, alienation, arrested, company, court, criminal, death, distribution, drugs, escape, fact, harassment, hire, House, intervention, law, living, minutes, order, power, procedure, rehabilitation, riot, section, security, sentence, Sexual, Special, young)

Corrections-Technology : 29 matches (correctional, correctional officer, courtesy, criminality, defense, delinquency, detox treatments, drug, escape, gang, intervention, isolation, jail, law, law court, mental health, order, penitentiary, prisoner, prisoners, rehabilitation, rehabilitation center, security, sentence, sexual, therapy, violence, young, killed)

Psychology : 19 matches (action, alienation, capacity, class, depression, drug, field, focus, harassment, isolation, love, marijuana, mood, motivation, order, rehabilitation, sense, sexual harassment, therapy)

Target Structure:

alienation (1 match)

background check (1 match)

deter (1 match)

flirtation (1 match)

income (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

perpetrator (1 match)

put aside (2 matches)

sexual harassment (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)

wage (1 match)


The choice of his life

Convenience store

Big choice.

Tommy had been studying Youth and Correctional Intervention at Maisonneuve College for one year. He enjoyed smoking marijuana with his friends and stealing money in a convenience store. Should he continue to committed offenses or should he put the emphasis on his studies?

Choice 1 : Continue to committed offenses.

Choice 2 : Focus on his studies.

A knife

Continue to committed offenses.

Tommy decided to make a plan with his gang to rob a bank. During the hold-up, Tommy stabbed an employee with a knife. A few minutes later, police officers arrived and arrested Tommy for his violations.The perpetrator had anything to say for his defense.

Choice 1 : Tommy got a 15 penitentiary.

Choice 2 : Tommy received an order to complete with success a 5 years in a rehabilitation center for hostile men.

Blond girl

Focus on his studies.

In the morning, Tommy went to his Delinquency Class. He saw a beautiful blond girl.That young lady was very good at school. Some classmates said to her that she was a straight A's. The time passed and Tommy's eyes became bigger and his heart started beating faster. Tommy was a very shy guy so do you think he should begin a conversation with her or ignore the girl?

Choice 1 : Talk to the beautiful blond.

Choice 2 : Put aside the project.


Tommy got a 15 penitentiary.

A penitentiary sentence is more difficult than you think. Tommy had a tough time in jail. In fact, Tommy became a violent prisoner and a drug dealer inside the walls. To increase his income, he began to bully other cellmates. He got a lot of consequences for his violations. For example, he stayed in isolation for 3 days. One day, a rival gang wanted to kill him for being involved in drugs distribution. Tommy got 2 choices. For the first choice, he had to leave his criminal gang or for the second choice, he recruited 5 more men to join his gang.

Choice 1 : Leaving his criminal gang.

Choice 2 : Recruited 5 more men to join his gang.

Rehabillation center

Tommy received an order to complete with success a 5 years in a rehabilitation center for hostile men.

The law court decided to give a therapy sentence to Tommy. The court did a background check and it found anything. The court obligated Tommy to follow a 5 year program. That decision was to deter Tommy from jail consequences. In fact, Tommy was still young and he had a lot of time to change his life path. Tommy's motivation was low and he planned to escape from the center.

Choice 1 : Planned an escape.


Talk to the beautiful blond.

Tommy decided to talk with the girl. More often than not, the flirtation was important between them and Tommy became very interested in her. During a course they had together, Tommy asked Kate if she wanted to come at his house. One week later, they spent time at the park. Tommy fall in love with Kate ! A few months later, their relationship began to get serious. One day, Kate told Tommy about her secret. The criminality teacher committed sexual harassment on her. What does Tommy should do?

Choice 1 : Nothing.

Choice 2 : To beat the teacher.

Good grades

Put aside the project.

Tommy's life became boring. He got good grades in school but he didn't have any girlfriends. His life is normal and there weren't any interesting things to say.

Choice 1 : Try again.


Leave his criminal gang.

Tommy took the best decision to avoid his own death. If he hadn't left the group, he would have being killed by the other gang. Unfortunately, even if he quit, his group wanted revenge against him. Tommy felt in danger and decided to tell the story at a correctional officer. Every jail sections knew about Tommy's action and the mood became maddening. Moreover, acts of violence increased and the situation was out of control. Tommy lose his power and he couldn't hide him anymore. In order to reestablish his power, he could decide between starting a riot or he could choose to pay $50 000 for his life protection.

Choice 1 : Starting a riot.

Choice 2 : Paid $50 000 for his life protection.

Metal stick.

Recruited 5 more men to join his gang.

The hiring procedure was awesome. Tommy talked with each man who had a potential. He decided to hire John first. John was a good man though. He already worked as an Engineer. Unfortunately, his particular field hadn't have a lot of opportunities. John told Tommy it was dead-end jobs. In jail, the past job of John could be useful because he had the capacity to change tools into arms. John had mental health problems. During lunch, he thought that Tommy was an enemy and he killed him with a metal stick.

Choice 1 : Try again.



He decided to do nothing. Kate broke up with him and Tommy fell into a depression. His life didn't have a sense and he began to take drugs more often. Two mouths later, he needed to go in a detox treatments. Tommy's lifestyle was awful and he decided to end his life.

Choice 1 : Try again.


To beat the teacher.

Using violence was not the solution to solve a problem. Tommy was kick out of the College.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Center window

Planned an escape.

Tommy tried many times to escape from the center. There was nothing to do, he couldn't. The security of the center was perfect. However, Tommy followed security officers during a week to find out more about their habits. Tommy wanted to use alienation of their job conditions to achieve his goal. Nevertheless, it didn't work and he had to stay in the program.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Isolation cells

Starting a riot.

In the morning, Tommy started a brawl. He had punched a guy. The riot was so big that a Special Intervention Team came. The team shot plastic balls at the prisoners and then arrested many men. Tommy was put in the isolation section and did his time quietly. He didn't make a wave for 15 years.

Choice 1 : Try again.

Plumber job

Paid $50 000 for his life protection.

Tommy sent a message for his parents to borrow him the money. They accepted and Tommy had the protection. He made 15 years of jail with courtesy. Nowadays, he is living with a wife and a dog in Montreal. Tommy is looking to apply on a vacant position as plumber on a company. His on-the-job-training will start in 2 weeks. The wage he will make is about $45 000 per year.

Choice 1 : Try again.

The End.