My Fate as a Technician in Environment, Hygiene and Security at Work

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Adrian Grigor

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My Fate as a Technician in Environment, Hygiene and Security at Work

How it all started.

I just graduated from high school and it was time to choose a program to study in. Despite the research that I've made online, I am having a hard time deciding which path to take. In the end, I decided to pick one that offers me a promising future. My family directed me to this Technology of Environment, Hygiene, and Security at Work; their argument being that it's a field in developing and that there will be many well-paid jobs available. At the same time, I could just stop my education and go look for a full-time job.

Choice 1 : Look for a full-time job.

Choice 2 : Go to college.

Look for a full-time job.

Infuriated by my choice of not pursuing my education my family kicks me out of the house. Now I'm on the streets with my school backpack containing strictly what is needed for one's survival. I can still go back and tell my family I changed my mind or I could try and get in contact with some social service agencies and see where it takes me.

Choice 1 : Go to college.

Choice 2 : Look for help.

Look for help.

With the help of McDonald's free Wi-Fi a charger, and my phone I managed to find an organization that would help me. Now all that's left to do is to prepare the itinerary and get on my way to start a new life. To be continued.

Choice 1 : The end

Go to college.

Glad that I chose to pursue my education, my parents let me live with them on the condition that I study. The first year in college went pretty smooth, sure, some classes were a little tough but I managed. Now that summer approached, I had the choice of applying for an internship or spend the vacation going on trips all over North America with my family. How should I spend the vacation?

Choice 1 : Apply for an internship.

Choice 2 : Spend the summer vacation with my family.

Apply for an internship.

I went to Omnivox to check on my program specific internship offers. There were quite a few of them, but I was disappointed to see that they all required the student to be in his second year or later. Therefore, I spent the summer mostly working and visiting iconic touristic attractions.

Choice 1 : Next year.

Spend the summer vacation with my family.

The summer vacation was amazing, most of it was spent visiting touristic attractions all over North America and working. Although I did feel a bit bad that I didn't apply for an internship, it could have proven to be a valuable working experience.

Choice 1 : Next year.

Next year.

My second year wasn't as easy as the first one so I had to put in some extra effort to keep my grades high but I managed in the end Now it was almost the end of spring and I had to choose once again how I would spend my summer. Since I was in my second year now I could finally apply for an internship! But then I remembered a friend of mine telling me that he can provide me with a Laronde attraction park seasonal pass with a 90% cut in its original price. Which one should I choose?

Choice 1 : Apply for an internship.

Choice 2 : Spend summer with friends at Laronde.

Apply for an internship.

Finding an internship wasn't so easy, most of them required the student to have a car at their disposal, which I didn't. I had to sort through the offers in order to find the ones that didn't require a vehicle. Surprisingly, after only a dozen minutes I managed to find a few and applied to one that specializes mostly in the security and prevention side of my field.

Choice 1 : Last year of college.

Spend summer with friends at Laronde.

I still have the chance to get an internship next year, but what if I never get such a huge sale on Laronde tickets ever again? I couldn't decline my friends' invitation. Later in July, some of my classmates were posting about how hard their internship was but very rewarding experience-wise. I didn't care, I got a 90% discount on my seasonal pass! Later that month, while at the attraction park, I was using a swing of a hundred meter height when all of a sudden, the rope snapped at the base and I fell to my death.

Choice 1 : The end.

Last year of college.

The internship went great. Even though I wasn't doing very well at the beginning and it was hard work compared to my last job, I managed to overcome most of the difficulties and ended up enjoying what I was doing. And it showed. The boss at the company was so impressed with me that she asked if I could come work next summer too. I accepted. My third year went very well. I have got to use a lot of the information that I acquired during my internship at school and it boosted my grades by quite a bit.

Choice 1 : Summer time.

Summer time.

Towards the end of the year, while I was roller skating on the side of a street during a rainy day, I slipped and got into a small collision with a car that was driving a few paces behind me. Unfortunately, the collision wasn't small enough to avoid me a fractured leg. Now here I was, sitting on my couch, playing a video game on my console with my foot in a cast laying lazily on a small chair. Suddenly, I remembered about the internship last year and how the people there were looking forward to having me work with them again. I thought about calling them and explain why I couldn't come, but another part of me just wanted to relax and not do anything until my leg is fixed. What should I do?

Choice 1 : Call the company.

Choice 2 : Don't call the company.

Call the company.

I decided that they must be worried sick about how I was doing. The least I could do was warn them about my absence. When I called, a familiar voice answered, it was the secretary. After making some casual conversation with her, I told her about my situation and how I couldn't come work for them this summer. She told me that it was very considerate of me to warn them and to get better as soon as possible. After some small, we hang up, and I got back to my game. As the summer went by, my leg was healing and I started to look for a job in my field. The first place I wanted to check was the company I was an intern at. After all, I really enjoyed working there. When I contacted them, they told me that I'm more than welcome to come and work for them full-time as soon as I could with the condition that I work as well as last time. The benefits and the salary for the job were more than decent so I gladly accepted. With my life seemingly set, I laid back in my chair and started making plans for the future.

Choice 1 : The end

Don't call the company.

I decided not to bother them, after all, they were busy people. Now that I finished school, I started looking for a field-related job more inclined towards security and hygiene. I ended up finding one that looked very promising. I decided to apply. A few days later I received an electronic letter from their recruiter saying that they can't take me because I'm missing a certain certificate that I can get by taking a specific university class. Should I accept or look for a technician's job that doesn't require any certificate?

Choice 1 : Take an university class.

Choice 2 : Look for an alternative.

Take an university class.

I decided to get a certificate. It did prolong my studies by a year but it was worth it since I'm getting paid significantly more than I would have been if I went on to work directly after college. Now that I seriously entered the job market, what's next? To be continued.

Choice 1 : The end

Look for an alternative.

Since I didn't have a car license and no university-level studies, the job pool narrowed considerably and the only ones left were more than an hour of public transport away from my house. Nonetheless, I applied to one of them and decided that I'd work there for some time and if the job satisfied me, I might just move into a new apartment closer to it. To my joy, I was accepted and they asked me to come to the interview as soon as I could. Now that I seem to seriously enter the job market, what's next? To be continued.

Choice 1 : The end

The End.