The Future of a Wannabe Movie Director

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The Future of a Wannabe Movie Director

Everything Starts by a Beginning.

After a thorough Cinema study at the cegep of Saint-Hyacinthe, you decide to make a movie before returning to your Cinema study at the university in September. You’re doing that to practice and already have projects to show to your teachers and teammates. You think that with the knowledge you already have acquired with your cegep studies, it’s going to be easier to make a movie, for teachers to see your mistakes and to you to correct them for your next movies. With these ideas in mind, you feel able to produce an interesting, original and of quality movie! However, you don’t know what story to tell and there are several captivating genres that make you want to make a film about. You are hesitating between your three favorite genres: romantic comedy aka rom-com, horror and experimental. Which one should you choose to make a good film that, in addition to impress the public and your future teachers, could win prizes at festivals?

Choice 1 : Rom-Com.

Choice 2 : Horror.

Choice 3 : Exprerimental.


You choose to make a romantic comedy! This sort of movie is well-designed to combine humor and true love in one very entertaining film. It’s without a doubt a good sort of movies to attract and amuse the public. You find a cliché idea that everyone would love about a beautiful and very rich prince who was searching a girl to marry with true love. However the actors were missing! A producer approaches you to finance your movie, make it more commercial and hire professional actors for you. In another vein, all your close friends wanted to be in your movie and you probably want a more familial atmosphere. What should you choose?

Choice 1 : Professional Actors.

Choice 2 : Friends as Actors.


You choose to make a horror movie! A horror movie searches to create a feeling of fear, repulsion or anxiety at a spectator. There are a lot of horror subgenres. Indeed, you have to choose between a ghost movie, a serial killer one or something about vampires and werewolf….

Choice 1 : Ghosts.

Choice 2 : Serial Killer.

Choice 3 : Twilight???


You choose to make an experimental movie! Experimental films are a most perfect mix between the visual arts and traditional cinema. Those sorts of movies are really difficult to well execute and to make the public understand. Are you sure you want to continue in this way?

Choice 1 : Yes!

Choice 2 : No!

Friends as Actors.

You ask your friends to join your movie! Your familial atmosphere rapidly turns into a drama atmosphere. They were not good at acting and they were not helping you with the camera and the boom, so it was a disaster. You still finish the movie, after a rough editing with shots that suck, but it was not a success and your movie was bad. Better luck next time.

Choice 1 :

Professional Actors.

You call back the producer and you say yes to his offer! The producer was truly happy, he found you the best actors, cameraman, boom man and all the directors you need for your movie. You found these men really helpful, kind and in love with his work. During the shooting of the movie, you also found the leading actor pretty gorgeous and funny. The two of them ask you out for a date. Who should you say yes to?

Choice 1 : The Producer.

Choice 2 : The Actor.

The Producer.

You say yes to the producer, he was financing your movie so you thought it was the least of it to accept his date. Finally, your date was awesome, like the producer. Your love story was spinning very well and out of nowhere, after only a couple months of being together, he asked you to marry him. You knew that your relationship was perfect and you were really starting to feel that he was the one for you. However, you also though that his proposal was a little bit too fast in your relationship. Should you marry him or not?

Choice 1 : Hell Yes!

Choice 2 : What? No!

The Actor.

You say yes to the actor, he was so handsome! Your movie's story begun to transfer to your life when you discover that this man was the love of your life and when he asks you to marry him. At the end, your movie was not bad and you were the wife of the best actor in town. However your husband was hired in another romantic movie and had to act in love with another woman. You were shocked and had to do something. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Divorce.

Choice 2 : Kill Your Husband so He Would Never Be with Someone Else.


You decide to divorce of your husband because seeing him with another woman all day long was to rough for you. Unfortunately, he took it well and married the actress he was acting with. Finally, you ended up alone and sad with lots of cats.

Choice 1 :

Kill Your Husband so He Would Never Be with Someone Else.

No one should touch your husband except you! You decide to kill him to protect him from every other woman. The police found the body soon and you were arrested and lock up in jail for murder. You were placed in psychiatric department and end your life there without guilty and without understanding how you ended up here. Thought it would be a great idea for a movie!

Choice 1 :

Hell Yes!

You said: “I do” and you were husband and wife. Your husband tough it would be a good time to have children. In another vein, you tough it would be great to finally end your movie. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Have a Family Life.

Choice 2 : Finish Your Movie.

What? No!

You refuse to marry him, you thought it was too soon in your relationship. The producer was so sad that he broke up with you, refused to continue to finance your movie and quit. Without his money, your movie was not as good as it could be and it ended up that it was not very good.

Choice 1 :

Have a Family Life.

They live happily ever after and had many children! Unfortunately, you never finish your movie...

Choice 1 :

Finish Your Movie.

You decide to finish your movie first. To go faster, your husband used all of his contacts to make a lot of publicity and distribution to your film. Your movie was well-received by the public and got a lot of money but didn’t win a price in any festival.

Choice 1 :


You thought that a film about ghosts was sounding legit. Everyone on set was enjoying your concept and appreciates your supernatural atmosphere. One of your actors proposed to use real sigils against demons and all this stuff. All the crews thought it was a great idea! However, you are a little bit superstitious and felt uncomfortable with that idea. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Don’t Disappoint Your Team and Had Real Sigils.

Choice 2 : Listen to Your Poor Little Scared Self and Use Fake One.

Serial Killer.

You choose to make a serial killer movie. Realism is very important for your film and the cameraman and the artistic director said that it will be easier to show realism with real blood for the bloody scenes. The technical teams are counting on you to make a film as realistic as possible. Contrariwise you thought it would be too intense and gore with real blood and propose to do it with some fake one. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Use Real Blood.

Choice 2 : Use Fake Blood.


You choose to make a movie about nocturnal creatures. If Twilight was popular, your movie should be too! You decide to mix all those kinds of creatures in the same movie, more creatures, better will be your movie! Vampires, werewolves, zombies and a lot more in front of the same camera were a little bit too much. And unfortunately, your movie was a real abomination. The special effects were poorly done, the sound had been badly recorded by the boom man, the actors were playing badly, and in short your film was a real walking nightmare.

Choice 1 :

Use Real Blood.

You choose to go with pure realism and use real blood to your movie. The serial killer actor was amazing and all the shots were good. The movie was about to be great. Unfortunately, the police caught you when you were stealing the blood from a blood bank, because, you know what, stealing blood is illegal...

Choice 1 :

Use Fake Blood.

You choose to go with the cheapest (and legal) version of blood: red, liquid and cold fake blood. Strangely, you sort of begun to like it. You liked the color. You liked the texture. You liked the feeling on your skin. A movie was not enough for you and you decide to start with something bigger. You started killing people for real to feel their blood on you while you opened them up. You became addict. To go further in this adventure, you think that eating the body would not be so bad, but the police seemed to suspect someone for the murders and you should quickly hide the bodies. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Eat Your Victims.

Choice 2 : Hide the Corpse from the Police.

Eat Your Victims.

You decide to start eating your victims and taste their delicious flesh and their pretty hot liquid blood. The cannibalism was your new way of life. Unfortunately, the police officers found out the corpse you left behind earlier. They went up to you and stopped you while you calmly finish the brain of the actor of your previous film. You were interned and never saw the light of day again.

Choice 1 :

Hide the Corpse from the Police.

You decide to hide the corpse so the police officers will never find them. If they never find the proof, they can’t inculpate you. You continue to kill people more often. Finally, you became a serial killer just like in your movie. You ended up more enjoying killing people than making movies. Your career as a great filmmaker will not have been long...

Choice 1 :

Don’t Disappoint Your Team and Had Real Sigils.

Real sigils were a great idea, they really made the scene more realistic. Soon after, someone else proposed to play a real Ouija game in the movie to call real spirit. If it works it would be really realistic and your movie will going to be amazing, but your set would be haunted...

Choice 1 : Let’s Go Play Ouija!

Choice 2 : I’m Too Scared, I Don’t Want to Live with Ghosts for the Rest of My Life.

Listen to Your Poor Little Scared Self and Use Fake One.

You were too scared and decide to use fake sigils. All the team was disappointed by your decision. To cheer them up and regain their confidence, you had the idea to add some very expensive special effects! Should you buy those big special effects and didn’t have enough money for the rest of the movie, or don’t do it?

Choice 1 : Add Some!

Choice 2 : I Don’t Want to Be Poor, so No.

Add Some!

You propose at your team to add some very big, amazing and expensive special effects. Everyone was truly happy with your decision! Unfortunately, the entire budget of the producer and the executive producer for the movie went in those special effects. You did not have enough money to pay the editors and you had to take it from your personal money. As a result, you did not have enough money to pay for your session at the university, for your apartment, for your food, you became ill because your lacked vitamins and finally died in sickness and poverty.

Choice 1 :

I Don’t Want to Be Poor, so No.

You didn’t want to waste the producer and executive producer money in some special effects so you decide to let the movie like it was. Unfortunately, after the editing part, when the film was release, you realized that it was not good. You started to feel really sick about your incredibly bad movie. Everyone was disappointed and sad. You felt guilt for their disappointment and started a severe depression about your failure. Take care of yourself buddy.

Choice 1 :

Let’s Go Play Ouija!

You agreed to play Ouija on set. It was a good idea to summon ghosts and demons for your movie, it does add realism. Suddenly, while the camera was rolling and the actors were playing, a vengeful ghost gets out of nowhere and started attacking your team. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Grab the Knife near You to Stab It in the Heart.

Choice 2 : Grab Some Salt from Your Previous Lunch.

I’m Too Scared, I Don’t Want to Live with Ghosts for the Rest of My Life.

You were too scared to play Ouija for real on the set of your movie. You didn’t your set and your equipments to be haunted. Unfortunately, lots of bad luck happened to you and your crew and the movie never released...

Choice 1 :

Grab the Knife near You to Stab It in the Heart.

You rapidly grab the knife and run toward it. You stabbed it in the heart. Unfortunately, a ghost is immaterial, so your knife just got through and did nothing to it. You had made the ghost angry so it killed you shortly after. RIP.

Choice 1 :

Grab Some Salt from Your Previous Lunch.

You grab some salt from your previous lunch not sure to know what to do with it. Luckily, the boom man knew exactly what to do. He took it and sprinkled it on the ground to make a circle around everyone. He said that all the team would be safe with that. Everyone was skeptical. You should really found another solution.

Choice 1 : Call a Priest to Exorcise the Ghost.

Choice 2 : Call Some Ghost Hunter to Hunt the Ghost.

Call a Priest to Exorcise the Ghost.

You decide to call a priest so he could exorcise the ghost. Unfortunately, the priest arrived and could not exorcise this strong vengeful spirit who as soon as he arrived jump on him and killed him. So, you were all stock in the salt circle. However, the camera was rolling so if someone finds that about day, it would do an awesome movie!

Choice 1 :

Call Some Ghost Hunter to Hunt the Ghost.

You decide to call some weird ghost hunter. They arrived with equipments against ghosts and demons and they really looked like professionals. After rescued your team and you they explained to you that they were hunting supernatural things to save people. You thanked them a lot and they gave you their business card for next time you would need some help with demoniac issues:

Choice 1 :


Good choice! You choose well, the experimental films are very personals and interesting! You can choose on what you want to experience the most in your film is the sound or the image.

Choice 1 : Create a New Way to Hear.

Choice 2 : Create a New Way to See.


You're right experimental movies are too complicated, it takes courage (which you obviously did not have). You should better change careers, becoming an English teacher to give a narrative hypertext as the final project of the session to your students. Good idea! Continue like that you'll have a good life!

Choice 1 :

Create a New Way to Hear.

Reinventing the sound in a movie sound great! You can make your movie about voices to create something weird and insane or about noises to create something more down earthing about nature and life.

Choice 1 : The Voice!

Choice 2 : Some Random Noises.

Create a New Way to See.

Reinventing the images seemed a good idea! It only remains to know if you want the sound of the movie anyway or if the images are enough and if you are ready to make a silent movie.

Choice 1 : Silent Movie like Chaplin All the Way!

Choice 2 : I Need to Hear Something or It Will Be Weird.

Silent Movie like Chaplin All the Way!

You decide to do a movie without any sound as Charlie Chaplin used to do. Sadly, you were not as funny as him and you didn't have the technique to make people understand your story without dialogues. So, the jury at the festival said it was the worst silent movie they had ever seen and your career was now destroyed. You had to find a job in a fast food and sold your beautiful house to live alone in a small apartment with your goldfish.

Choice 1 :

I Need to Hear Something or It Will Be Weird.

You decide to take the sound for your movie. The boom man you hired was not excellent unfortunately. The sound of your movie was limit horrible and your movie was a mess because of that. Better luck next time.

Choice 1 :

The Voice!

Adding voices to your concept seemed like a great idea! Unfortunately, the voices you heard were mysteriously not recorded by the boom man. You heard them more and more. They became insistent. They spoke especially when you were alone. You felt into psychosis and died in excruciating pain a few weeks later.

Choice 1 :

Some Random Noises.

You choose to record some random noises but to have a straight idea and mind you decide to choose a lead story. You had two ideas: you could do something about a rock quarry to be original or you could record sound of your house to show the real life.

Choice 1 : The Very Original Rock Quarry.

Choice 2 : The Home Sweet Home.

The Very Original Rock Quarry.

There is already a movie about rock quarry. The judges at the festival remarked it and disqualified you directly from the contest. You were sad to win no prize.

Choice 1 :

The Home Sweet Home.

Your house really seems to be the best place to record everyday noises! You had several ideas of concept: to record your house directly so that the spectator feels the deep emptiness and loneliness of your life, to record fire to show the combustion of your emotions, or to record a satanic ritual to attract demonic entities. What should you do?

Choice 1 : Listen to Your Empty House.

Choice 2 : Record the Sound of a Fire.

Choice 3 : Do a Ritual to Call Spirits.

Listen to Your Empty House.

You send your film in a festival. The spectators and the jury come out stunned. They understand and feel very well your pain and psychological distress. Your film is spectacular and has amazed everyone. You win a prize for the best film of the whole festival! You succeed! You will have a good life! Continue like this!

Choice 1 :

Record the Sound of a Fire.

You want to record the sound of the fire. It was a nice sound after all. You started a little fire with some branches you found here and there but it was not enough. You put some bigger things on fire like an old car or a doghouse and without noticing you put your own house on fire. You were happy. This was a really big fire. But than you notice that you was stupid and you lost your house so you go in the fire to kill yourself.

Choice 1 :

Do a Ritual to Call Spirits.

You choose to do a ritual because you heard strange noises while you were recording your house and you may think it's haunted. So, you lighted candles in the shape of a circle and said the text you found in an old grimoire. An old spirit started talking with you and you kind of enjoy the moment. Turns out the spirit was the phantom of the serial killer Ted Bundy and he killed you before you could do anything. At least, your recorder was on "play" so you went viral on YouTube for a couple of weeks.

Choice 1 :

The End.