A hypertext narrative by

Annabelle Desfonds-Hénault

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Word count: 2156

Choice count: 83

Section count: 55

Image count: 52

Error count: 22

Field Related Analysis:

Psychology : 37 matches (anxiety, art therapy, behavior, bit, brain, class, cognitive, concept, dependence, depression, dream, drive, drug, Eve, field, language, love, meditation, mindfulness, miss, nightmare, panic attack, phobia, phone, psychology, psychologist, psychotic, register, remember, resistance, run, set, stomach, suicide, therapy, trip, unconscious)

Nursing : 30 matches (ambulance, anxiety, body, brain, breathing, cognitive, dependence, depression, DI, Doctor, drug, exercise, flight, Health, hospital, medication, massage, phobia, pill, plane, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychology, pulse, resistance, SAD, social, stomach, suicide, unconscious)

Tourism : 27 matches (Cafeteria, City, Driver, First class, Flight, Hotel, Map, Metro, Plane, Program, Restaurant, bar, bit, cab, customs, door, field, first class, flight, hotel, language, program, register, stop, through, trip, waitress)

Target Structure:

purpose (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

though (2 matches)

thoughtful (1 match)




Start at the beginning.

Congratulations! You are happy to have graduated from Ahuntsic College and you really want to go to university in Social work to help people with addictions and mental health issues.

Choice 1 : you choose to go to UQAM.

Choice 2 : you choose to go to UdeM.


You are going to UQAM.

You choose to go to UQAM but, you have no friends there because everyone that you know chose to go to UdeM or another university. You want to make new friends.

Choice 1 : You decide to join a sports team.

Choice 2 : You decide to enroll in the art committee of the school.


You are going to UdeM.

You're happy because your best friend decides to go to the same university. She wants to do the same job as you, social worker, so you're in the same program. On the first day of school, you have your first class with her but she's not there.

Choice 1 : You decide to call her.

Choice 2 : You do nothing because you know she always miss classes.

Join the sports team.

You decide to join the football team of UQAM and you met a guy. You find him very attracting during the semester and fall in love with him.

Choice 1 : You tell him how you feel.

Choice 2 : You don't tell him because you're afraid of what he will think of you.

art committee

Join the art committee.

During the semester, you discover that you truly have a talent and that it makes you feel great to create art.

Choice 1 : You participate in the mural contest.

Choice 2 : You love art so much that you decide to change programs.

Call her.

You decide to call her because you're worried about her but she doesn't answer to her phone.

Choice 1 : You run to her house because she always answers to her phone.

Choice 2 : You decide to call her later.

Do nothing.

You will never know what's going on with your best friend.

Choice 1 : restart.

Tell him.

His feelings are reciprocal and you decide to hang out together. He becomes your boyfriend and you finish your university with him.

Choice 1 : restart.

Don't tell him.

You will never know about his feelings and you move on.

Choice 1 : restart.

Participate in the mural contest.

You decide in participate in the mural contest to change the look of the cafeteria. What themes do you choose?

Choice 1 : You do a mural with a school theme.

Choice 2 : You do a mural with abstract art.

School theme.

You lose because nobody liked your concept.

Choice 1 : restart.

Abstract art theme.

You win the contest and you begin to believe in you skills in art. You realize that art help you with your emotions and you don't feel set aside anymore.

Choice 1 : You start a committee of art therapy.

Choice 2 : You register for a group in art therapy in your neighborhood.

Committee of art therapy.

You find a lot of people who like art and who want to improve their skills and also who want to talk about what they are going through by creating.

Choice 1 : restart.

Group of art therapy.

You make friends in the group and you realize that they go to the same university as you, so you're not alone anymore. It's a fulfilling experience.

Choice 1 : restart.

Change program.

You love art so much that you decide to change your program to go study contemporary art in another country. You want to find another purpose.

Choice 1 : You decide to go to '' Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma '' in Italy.

Choice 2 : You decide to go to '' l'École nationale supérieures des arts '' in France.


You have to take a plane to go to France but you have a phobia of heights. During the flight, you have a panic attack. You are feeling overwhelmed.

Choice 1 : You take a pill to calm down because normally it works well.

Choice 2 : You call your father because he has panic attacks to sometimes and he is the only one that really helps you calm down.

Call your father.

By talking with your father and by rationalizing your ideas, you finally calmed down.You always think that your father is very thoughtful.

Choice 1 : restart.

Take a pill.

You have to wait before the medication have an effect on your body and your brain, what do you do during this time?

Choice 1 : You decide to stay awake and try to do breathing exercise.

Choice 2 : You try to take a nap.

Stay awake.

You realize that the pill doesn't work even after one hour of waiting. The fact that it doesn't work make you panic even more and you have a black out. When you wake up, you're in a hospital and the doctor propose you to choice.

Choice 1 : You can see a psychologist.

Choice 2 : You can see a psychiatrist.

Take a nap.

When you're sleeping you dream that during your trip to France, everything goes wrong and that you miss your first day of school, which is possibly the worst nightmare that you could have.

Choice 1 : You decide to continue the trip even though you're scared of the unknown.

Choice 2 : As soon as you arrive in France, you take the next flight to return to Montreal because you think that your panic attack and your nightmare are signs that this trip is a bad idea.


Finally, you were afraid for nothing because everything goes well.

Choice 1 : restart.


You return in your normal life and you decide to go return at UQAM.

Choice 1 : restart.


Psychologists offer different therapies with different approaches according to your problem. You surely have anxiety so, you have to choose a therapy according to that.

Choice 1 : You choose a psychologist who does a cognitive behavioral therapy.

Choice 2 : You choose a psychologist who does a mindfulness based therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy.

It's a therapy who changes the way you think (cognitive) and how you act (behavior) so that you can feel better. This kind of therapy is offer alone and in groups.

Choice 1 : Alone.

Choice 2 : Group.


You work with your psychologist to find tricks for reducing your anxiety. You find that drawing mandalas help with and the technique 4-2-6 as breathing exercise help you too.

Choice 1 : restart.


You realize that there are other people like you who have the same problem as you and you help each other. You make new friends.

Choice 1 : restart.

Mindfulness based therapy.

It's a therapy who is made for you because you change completely. It's a therapy who teaches you how calm down when you panic by meditation and by controlling your thoughts. You are calmer and you don't have your phobia of heights anymore.

Choice 1 : restart.


Psychiatrists, like doctors, can offer a medication therapy and since you have anxiety and panic attacks, your psychiatrist offers you two types of medication.

Choice 1 : Seroquel.

Choice 2 : Rivotril.


You continue your life with this medication and it's going very well.

Choice 1 : restart.


This medication is strong and since you take it every day for a moment, you developed a dependence and a resistance. You have to stop it because it doesn't have an effect anymore, you decide to try a therapy.

Choice 1 : restart.


You decide to go study in Italy but you don't know where you are going to live.

Choice 1 : You call your aunt to live in her house in Italy.

Choice 2 : You take a hotel room.

Your aunt.

It goes well and you learn the language and customs of the country with your aunt.

Choice 1 : restart.

Hotel room.

You hear people talking in the hallway in front of your room door and they are talking about the same program and the same school as you. You hang out with them sometimes and they are not speaking Italian only so you have a lot of fun with them. On the eve of the first day of school, they offer you to go at a bar in the city with them.

Choice 1 : You accept the invitation.

Choice 2 : Refuse the invitation.

Accept the invitation.

You go to the bar with them and during the evening, someone offers you to take drugs with them.

Choice 1 : You accept the drug.

Choice 2 : Refuse the drug.

Refuse the invitation.

Your first day of school goes well even though you are anxious. You see that none of your friends are there and you know why.

Choice 1 : restart.

Accept the drug.

You wake up on your first day of school but not in your room. You are at the other end of the city and you don't know where you are. You are already late and you hate being late.

Choice 1 : You take a cab.

Choice 2 : You ask someone walking on the street how to get to your school.

Ask a passerby.

He indicates you the right way and you make it to school.

Choice 1 : restart.

Take a cab.

You realize when you come in the cab that you don't remember either your hotel's name either the address. You have difficulty remembering the name of your school.

Choice 1 : You ask him to drive you to the closest metro station.

Choice 2 : You decide to tell him to drive you to the bar of last night to maybe find your friends.

Metro station.

You realize by looking at the map in the metro station that you are far away from your school but you succeed to find your way back.

Choice 1 : restart.


You meet your friend, Julia, at the bar and ask her what happened last night but she seems surprise that you talk to her. She tells you that she doesn't know you.

Choice 1 : You show her the pictures from last night.

Choice 2 : You run away because your ashamed and you don't understand.


By looking at the pictures, you realize that on none of them your friends are there. You begin to freak out a little bit.

Choice 1 : You're telling yourself that you have visual hallucinations.

Choice 2 : You're telling yourself that you have a psychotic episode due to the illicit substances that you took last night.

Run away.

You take another cab and you try to find your way back to your hotel by talking with the cab driver.

Choice 1 : restart.

Run to her house.

You found her unconscious on the floor.

Choice 1 : You call the police.

Choice 2 : You try to reanimate her.

You call her later.

You forget to call her and later that night you see her on the news ; she committed suicide. You feel bad.

Choice 1 : restart.


They arrive but she is already dead and they can't save her because she took too many pills because of her depression.

Choice 1 : restart.

Reanimate her.

You are doing the cardiac massage and you find a pulse.

Choice 1 : You continue.

Choice 2 : You call the ambulance.


She's breathing and she's alive, now call the ambulance.

Choice 1 : Call the ambulance.

Call the ambulance.

They arrive and they continue what you are doing. You're happy that she's alive.

Choice 1 : You go with her to the hospital.

Choice 2 : You return to your class.

Go with her.

The doctors tell you that she will not continue the semester because the damage to her stomach are too important.

Choice 1 : You continue your semester without her.

Choice 2 : You change university to go to UdeM.

Return to your class.

You continue your day being sad and anxious and you'll go see her tomorrow at the hospital.

Choice 1 : restart.

Continue your semester.

You feel alone and you're unsure about the program that you're in.

Choice 1 : Change program.

Choice 2 : Quit university.

Change program.

You decide to go as a teacher to really explore another field of study.

Choice 1 : restart.

Quit university.

You find a full-time job as a waitress in a restaurant.

Choice 1 : restart.

Go to UdeM.

See the other story with UdeM.

Choice 1 : restart.

Refuse the drug.

You wake up a little bit hangover but you are alright for your first day of university.

Choice 1 : restart.

The End.