A blessed career path...or not!

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Reda Abdennebi

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Choice count: 51

Section count: 28

Image count: 27

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Field Related Analysis:

Education : 25 matches (Enterprise, School, advanced, adviser, choice, courses, degree, diploma, don, evaluate, field, first, games, goal, head, learn, learning, management, market, reliability, reward, school, teachers, test, university)

Business : 23 matches (accounting, agents, bankruptcy, business, company, competition, enterprise, finance, financial, firm, firms, gain, interest, leads, management, market, marketing, office, opportunity, pay, products, profitable, salary)

Law/Paralegal-Technology : 20 matches (answer, assets, bankruptcy, company, Enterprise, Financial, gaming, goods, illegal, interest, judge, Local, market, master, minimum wage, office, option, products, test, vacations)

Target Structure:

drudgery (1 match)

fulfillment (1 match)

HR (1 match)

lack of (1 match)

more often than not (1 match)

set aside (1 match)

the drive of work (1 match)

vacant position (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


A blessed career path...or not!


Got Accepted!

Accepted at HEC University for a B.A.A.

Choice 1 : Go for a 2 weeks trip to Jamaica

Choice 2 : Why not study Finance? It seems interesting...

Choice 3 : I don't want to pay $8000 for school...I'd rather go work at a minimum wage

By: luis_miguel, https://pngtree.com

Go for a 2 weeks trip to Jamaica instead of studying.

Wrong choice! Getting a diploma is very important to get to accomplish my career ambition.

Choice 1 : Go back!

By: https://hlidacipes.org

Choose to study Finance.

That's a great choice. I shall focus on school if I want to start my ''real life'' ASAP!

Choice 1 : As ESL teachers would say, « Don't drop the potato! ». Keep going!


Quit HEC and go work...

Game over! Working at the minimum wage for the rest of my life is not an option for me.

Choice 1 : Go back!

Choose a branch.

After 2 years, I have to choose a branch. Should I maintain my idea and keep studying Finance or...?

Choice 1 : Business Accounting.

Choice 2 : Choose Finance.

Choice 3 : Choose Marketing.


Business Accounting.

Business accounting is all about the good management and the ins and outs of an enterprise.

Choice 1 : Got a B.A.A in Business Accounting, why not opening a company?

Choice 2 : Why not taking some vacations?

Choice 3 : I got lazy of all these numbers-related courses!



I keep going in Finance. After all, it was my first choice! My ambitions are growing, I love what I'm learning: to take care of other people assets. Once I'm done with school, I would really enjoy having a trip to Jamaica.

Choice 1 : I choose to relax for a year before getting me a job.

Choice 2 : Go to Jamaica as a self-accomplishment reward!

Choice 3 : Look for a job.



Marketing is all about enhancing the productivity of a company and evaluate the reliability of the advertising and the location of this latter. Is it really worthwile to change my mind and study marketing?

Choice 1 : Go back to school and try another path...

Choice 2 : Apply for a job in some marketing firm.

Choice 3 : I go for a trip to Jamaica and stay there.


Opening my own company.

What kind of company could be very profitable in Quebec nowadays?

Choice 1 : Sportswear shop.

Choice 2 : High quality food market.

Choice 3 : Coffeeshop.

Choice 4 : Try again!



Because of that I didn't choose finance, I did not accomplish what I really wanted to be: Financial Adviser. I think I'll go for some vacations, but not in Jamaica. When I am back, I will know what to do.(A few days later...)What should I do now?

Choice 1 : Try to find a job in an office.

Choice 2 : I got lazy...let's become a buddhist and draw a line in the sand when it comes to working...

Choice 3 : decide to cross the U.S. borders to test the efficiency of borders agents.



I finally got my B.A.A in Finance! I achieved my goal. I always wanted to go to Jamaica...What to do when I am back?

Choice 1 : Why not becoming a Rastafari and stay in Jamaica?

Choice 2 : I can apply for a job in a bank.

Choice 3 : Before leaving Jamaica, I could take a walk alone in the forest to think about my life...


Go back to school...

If I choose to go back to school and change my career path, I will die studying and will finish school at an advanced age...This isn't an acceptable choice: Game Over!

Choice 1 : Go back!


Apply for a job.

I feel a lack of interest in this field. Let's apply for a job in any marketing firms to see where it lands. Or should I open my own company?

Choice 1 : I start my own company.

Choice 2 : I applied and got a job opportunity in Google, at Silicon Valley U.S.



All these numbers-related courses drives me crazy...so I will start to play video games and become a gaming addict!

Choice 1 : Die of a bad hygiene and fast-food abuse...GAME OVER!

Choice 2 : Go back, it is still time to change!



I thought it was a good idea to stay home for a year and not work, but...an earthquake occurred in Laval in 2022. I survived to it, but I am now handicapped: I can't talk, I can't walk and I obviously can't work anymore. GAME OVER!

Choice 1 : Go back!


Too early.

I started looking for a job too early and I got employed in a bank in the first week I applied. The result: I got a burnout crisis the second week. It ends up like this more often than not if you go too fast, without taking a break when it is time to. Game Over!

Choice 1 : I may need some vacations!

Choice 2 : Game Over, restart!


Trip time, now!

I wanted to go to Jamaica even if my life is falling apart... What a bad choice! No Pain, No Gain! Remember it. Game Over!

Choice 1 : Going to Jamaica is not the best solution, I went stressed and I came back even more stressed and lost... GO BACK!

Choice 2 : Start from the beginning.



Not the best choice, there is too much competition in this line of business. It leads to bankruptcy and GAME OVER!

Choice 1 : Go back!


Top Quality, Folks!

Selling high quality nutrition products is a very profitable business, but some kind of physical work too. What's next?

Choice 1 : I hate the drudgery of this job. The drive of work got me sick. Choose again?


Coffee? Tea?

In Quebec, there is many coffee shops. It may have not been a good idea to start one. It is not profitable at all, not even for a little set aside. What a wrong decision!

Choice 1 : Bad choice, go back!


Office jobs...

I got a job in a local grocery Head Office, at a very low salary. That's not what I have expected for myself...Game Over!

Choice 1 : Go back!

Choice 2 : Start from the beginning.


Basic mantras!

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I will devote the rest of my life to Buddhism and learn to get rid of lust for material goods. (A few weeks later) I died of breathing too much incense. Game Over!

Choice 1 : Go back!


Cross the borders.

The border agents seems unhappy...I got sucked up in illegal activities and ended up in jail! What a bad joke! I will have to explain myself in front of a judge now. Ouch!

Choice 1 : Game Over, restart!



I became a rastafari and stayed in Jamaica. Game Over!

Choice 1 : Go back!


Real life.

I got a job at HSBC bank, in Toronto. What a good future perspective! It is the fulfillment of my childhood dreams! Now that I have a job, I think I can start thinking about getting a master degree while working! I remember that it is never late to progress in life and multiply success and achievements. Well-done!

Choice 1 : Success! Try again to see what else can happen!


One last thing!

(In Jamaica, just before coming back to Montreal) I went for a walk, alone in the jungle. I thought it will help me think about my future and plan it but... I got kidnapped and eaten by some crazy monkeys!

Choice 1 : Go back or die!

Choice 2 : I prefer dying...Try again!


My own firm.

I started my own marketing firm. The thing is that I don't really like working in marketing and I don't even get big contracts. What an unfortunate life.

Choice 1 : I'll have to start again, let's hope for more success!



I got an answer from Google HR: they have a vacant position and want me to go work for them at Silicon Valley U.S.A. The problem is that my girlfriend doesn't want to move there because of Donald Trump politics, and I can figure out why. I missed that chance I had and I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Choice 1 : Try a more successful life path!

The End.