Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention

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Amelie Pilote

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Law/Paralegal-Technology : 28 matches (answer, arrested, assault, blood, complaint, criminology, director, drugs, excuse, House, intervention, minutes, misconduct, murder, offer, office, pension, police officer, premium, release, security, sexual assault, Sexual, shock, Special, street, surprise, trust)

Education : 28 matches (CEGEP, Down, School, ability, adult, choice, class, classes, college, course, don, exam, fail, failing, field, first, head, intervention, learn, learned, mark, review, school, semester, student, teacher, training, university)

Computer Science : 27 matches (bit, button, call, check, choice, Class, closed, field, floor, lock, mark, message, name, News, period, Push, release, resource, review, security, shift, sleep, Soft, station, store, unlock, window)

Target Structure:

a foot in the door (1 match)

background check (1 match)

cursory (1 match)

deter (1 match)

maddening (1 match)

misconduct (1 match)

on-the-job-training (1 match)

pension (1 match)

perpetrator (3 matches)

premium wage (1 match)

pull off (1 match)

put aside (1 match)

retirement (1 match)

straight A's (1 match)

though (1 match)

wage (2 matches)


Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention


It all started like this.

You are in your last semester at Ahuntsic College and you don't know what to do. You have so many choices in front of you, but you don't know which one is the best for you.

Choice 1 : You decide to go to University.

Choice 2 : You decide to start out in the workforce.

The University Decision.

You decide to go to university. You want to go in criminology, but there's so much university who gives this program.

Choice 1 : UdeM! It looks good

Choice 2 : UQAM! It looks great!


University of Montreal.

So, you decided to go to the University of Montreal but you don't know which teacher you want for the introduction course.

Choice 1 : You decide to take Mrs. Pepin

Choice 2 : You decide to take Mr. Caron

The class of Mrs. Pepin.

Today is your first day in the program. In class, in the morning, a boy sits beside you and starts to talk to you. You find him so pretty and you are very shy. The boy invites you to have a coffee this week.

Choice 1 : You accept with pleasure the invitation

Choice 2 : You find any reasons to refuse his invitation


The special day.

It is the best day of your life. You meet him in a Tim Hortons. For two hours, you've been talking together of your lives. He is very kind to you and he is funny. You seem to flirt with each other, and he shows you interests. He invites you to go to his home to continue the evening in a place more quiet.

Choice 1 : You accept

Choice 2 : You tell him that you are tired and you want to go home


The night.

When you get to his home, he offers you to drink something. You accept with pleasure. After 30 minutes, you start to feeling bad and you want to go home, but he retains you. He becomes aggressive and he sexually assaults you. You will remember this night for the rest of your life. You don't know if you will complaint because you are scared of him.

Choice 1 : You complaint

Choice 2 : You don't say anything because you're too scared


Great choice.

The day after, you go to the police station and you lodge a complaint against him for sexual assault. 1 week later, he was arrested for sexual misconduct and he went to jail.

Choice 1 : The end


The hell.

You didn't complaint against him because you are too scared. He is taking advantage of the situation and he starts to sexually harassing you. You are stuck in the situation because he menaces you to post sexual pictures of you that he took during this night. You try to deter him telling him that you will do all that he wants.

Choice 1 : The end


The decision of your life.

He tries to convince you to go with him, but you tell him that you have a course tomorrow morning and you don't want to be tired. You get to home, and when you arrive home, you ask your mother, who is a police officer, to do a background check on him because he looks suspicious. She finds his name and she finds that he is dangerous and the police officers have been looking for him for 2 years.

Choice 1 : The end



On the moment, you are so stress that you refuse to have a coffee with him. He tries to convince you but you refuse, so he gave you his number if you change your mind. You are regretting because you think that you will lose all of your chances with him.

Choice 1 : You change your mind and you text him to accept his invitation

Choice 2 : You don't change your mind and you go study at home


This night, you got home and you studied all night. 1 week later, you were looking at the news and somebody was wanted by the police. It was at this moment that you recognized the guy who invite you last week. He did sexual assaults on three girls at your university. You were in shock and you told this to your mother. She said that you had to go see the police to tell them what you told her to find him as soon as possible.

Choice 1 : The end


The class of Mr. Caron.

It has already been two months since you started university. You have some difficulties in the course but you are shy to go ask some questions to the teacher.

Choice 1 : You decide to ask questions to your teacher

Choice 2 : You don't ask any questions

Asking questions.

Finally, you decide to go see your teacher after class for asking questions. When you were at the CEGEP, you were a straight A's and you don't understand why you have some difficulties in university. To answer to your question, he does a cursory review on what you don't understand and he asks you to leave.

Choice 1 : You do a complaint against him at school

Choice 2 : You decide to leave without saying anything

Director's office.

You go to the director's office to make a complaint against Mr. Caron. You tell him that it is very maddening that a teacher didn't want to answer to your questions. You want to succeed but you can't because Mr. Caron don't want to help you, he just reexplain what he already explain during classes. The director answers you that it is not the first complaint against him, so he will fire him.

Choice 1 : The end


You decide to put aside your difficulties and you do the exam without understanding anything. 1 week later, you receive your mark and you have fail.

Choice 1 : You decide to quit school

Choice 2 : You decide to ask a student for helping you

Not the best choice.

You decide to quit school and you tell it to your parents. Your parents are mad at you and they kick you out of your house. You don't have enough money to get an apartment. So, you sleep in the street and you start to consume drugs.

Choice 1 : The end


During your next class, you ask a guy beside you to help you because you don't understand some things that you learned in the course. He helps you during the rest of the semester. You fall in love with him and he does too. 1 year later, you've got an apartment together, and since this day, you are inseparable.

Choice 1 : The end


You are in criminology at UQAM and you love it. You pull off and you're very proud of you. The only problem is that you don't know, though, how you would manage a full-time job and the end of the semester. So, you have a choice to do.

Choice 1 : Continue to work

Choice 2 : Stop working

Work and school.

You decide to keep your job even if you know that the end of your semester arrive. You ask your boss for fewer hours during this period because you need to be able to study if you want to succeed. Your boss answers you that he can't give you fewer hours because he didn't have enough employees, but he offers you a premium wage.

Choice 1 : You decide to quit your job

Choice 2 : You decide to stay

That moment.

You decide to quit your job because you can't do 30 hours of job and study in the same time. So, you have to tell your boss that you will quit the job.

Choice 1 : You talk to him directly

Choice 2 : You text your boss

No chance.

During your shift, you go see your boss and tell him that you have to quit the job because you can't do both during school. Your boss becomes very angry and becomes mad at you. He starts to scream at you and says that you are so bad. He goes in his office, he comes back with a knife and he kills you.

Choice 1 : The end

No answers.

You decide to text your boss because you can't wait until your next shift at work. You announce him that you have to quit because of the school. He doesn't answer to your text message. You think that he doesn't receive it, so the next day you go to work, but the door is lock. So, you knock at the door, but nobody answers it. When you look inside, there was nothing left. Your boss had closed the store because he didn't have enough employees.

Choice 1 : The end


You decide to work in the field you choose to get experiences. The only problem is that you don't know where you want to work.

Choice 1 : Penitentiary.

Choice 2 : Detox centers.



You choose to work in penitentiary at Saint-Anne-des-Plaines because you know that when your retirement will arrive, you will have a good pension. They offer you the job of correctional officer II (CXII). You are very happy to get this job because you will have a very good wage, but you have to decide in which wing you want to work.

Choice 1 : Murder's wing

Choice 2 : Sexual abuser's wing


Bad day.

You decide to work with the murders. It is your first day in the wing and you are very exciting. You are looking around and you see two guys who are fighting together. One of them jumps on the other and hold a shank to his neck.

Choice 1 : You call the SWAT

Choice 2 : You try to separate them

SWAT is coming!

You choose to call the SWAT because it is too dangerous for you. During this time, the only thing you could do is to put the rest of the prisoners in dead-lock to avoid disorder. When the SWAT arrives, the prisoner who has been stabbing was dead. They took the perpetrator of this murder and they took him in administrative segregation because he was too aggressive.

Choice 1 : The end

The worst decision of your life.

Considering that it is your first day, you want to prove to your partners that you have the ability to solve the problems alone. So, you get out of the gate and you go see both of them. You ask the perpetrator to release the shank and stop fighting with the other guy. He tells you that if you don't go back in the gate, he will kill you. You decide to not go back so, he tries to kill you with his shank. He touches you in the stomach and you fall on the floor. 2 minutes later, the SWAT arrives and take the perpetrator in administrative segregation.

Choice 1 : The end

Sexual abuser.

You choose to work with sexual abusers because they intrigue you. It is a big challenge for you and you take the opportunity without hesitation. After two weeks in the wing, a prisoner comes at the gate because he wants to talk to you now in your office.

Choice 1 : You accept

Choice 2 : You refuse.

In your office.

You accept to see him now in your office because he looks disturb. When he arrives in your office, he starts to compliment you and to say that he wants you. You are very disturb about what he just say, so you ask him to go out of your office. The prisoner stands in front of the door and he locks the door. You try to distract him to be able to unlock the door, but he pushes you on your desk and tries to take off your pants. You finally succeeded to push on your panic button and the security arrived 1 minute later.

Choice 1 : The end

You refuse.

You decide to refuse what he asks you because it is not him who decide when he wants to talk to you. He becomes mad at you and he says that it is very important. He starts to punch the gate's window. You tell him to stop but he continues. You tell him that if he continues you will have to call the security. He says that he doesn't care and he starts to spit on the window. You call the security and you give him a dead lock for one week.

Choice 1 : The end

Detox centers.

You decide to work in detox centers even if you know that you will not be paid a lot. You know that it is a foot in the door for a better job after. You know that you have to get experiences before, so you take the opportunities.You know that you have to learn quickly because it is on-the-job-training. You have to decide if you want to work with men or with women.

Choice 1 : You decide to work with men

Choice 2 : You decide to work with women

Working with men.

You decide to work with men. During ones of your shifts, you are at Toxico-Stop, your new job, and somebody is new at the resource. So, you have to do a complete frisk of his personal things.

Choice 1 : You decide to put gloves

Choice 2 : You decide to frisk without gloves


Good decision.

You are frisking his things when you feel something in the bottom of the bag, even if he says you that there is nothing relating to drug in his bag. Anyway, you decide to look. When you have finish, at the bottom of the bag, you see a syringe already use with a little bit of blood. The person says you that he did not know that there was this in his bag. He says you that you had take a good decision to put gloves because he had HIV.

Choice 1 : The end


Wrong decision.

You decide to frisk without putting gloves. You have taken a You are frisking his things when you feel something sharp in the bottom of the bag, even if he says you that there is nothing relating to drug in his bag. You take off rapidly your hand from the bag, but it is too late. In the bottom of the bag, there is a syringe that is already use. The guy tells you that he has HIV. You start to cry and you call the ambulance immediately.

Choice 1 : The end

Working with women.

You decide to work with women because you think it is more soft. You think that they will trust you more than the men. During ones of your shifts, a woman comes to see you and she is very aggressive. She has a big craving and she says that she wants to kill everybody at the resources.

Choice 1 : You decide to call the police

Choice 2 : You decide to try to calm her


The police.

She becomes aggressive with you and she menaces you to kill you. You try to tell her that you are there for her and you will help her, but she doesn't want to hear anything. You decide to call the police. While you are calling the police, she grabs your arm and she takes the phone and turns it off. She tries to strangle you and to hit you. You try to control her but she is stronger than you. 5 minutes later, the police arrives and arrests her. You are unconscious on the floor and you are bleeding. You are dead. 5 minutes before the police came, she had strangled you and she had hit your head with a lamp.

Choice 1 : The end

You try to calm her.

She enters your office and she is verbally aggressive. She menaces you and she tells you that she wants to kill you. You invite her to sit down on the chair in front of you to talk. She doesn't want to sit but after a few minutes, she finally sat. You explain to her that it is normal to feel craving but she can't be aggressive with people in the resources. She has to calm herself and go see me when she needs to talk. She realizes that she didn't have been correct with you and she does excuse to you.

Choice 1 : The end

The End.