Life of a student in Science program.

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Joel Dufault

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Psychology : 38 matches (acid, Adam, allergy, anaphylactic shock, base, biology, blood, class, concept, conscious, consciousness, Eve, evolution, field, filter, high-pass filter, horizon, learning, love, luminosity, motivation, need, nightmare, nurture, odor, pH, shock, sign, signal, sleep, smile, species, spectrum, stereotype, stress, sweet, thinking, uncertainty)

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Life of a student in Science program.

The introduction.

You did not choose it, but nineteen years ago, you woke up in this human body with its own consciousness. In fact, you were not so conscious at the beginning; in your first years, you never wondered why and how things have been this way since your birth. Slowly but surely, you have gained experience as a living being. These days, several questions have emerged from your mind. It is now time for you to pick the cegep program in which you want to study.

Choice 1 : Science programs are an obligation.

Choice 2 : Science programs are your choice.

Science programs are an obligation.

Lately, you had developed a deep interest in religion. You wanted to devote yourself to Jesus.You thought that you could only be here because of God. Sadly, your parents do not agree with your desires and want you to have a brilliant future. Consequently, they force you study science. You are mentally destroyed. However, you don’t want to disappoint them nor be hide at the Christmas diner. That’s how you begin to study natural sciences.

Choice 1 : You've no motivation for Science program.

Choice 2 : Finally Science program isn't so bad.

Choice 3 : Science becomes awesome for you.

Science programs are your choice.

To nurture your insatiable curiosity and thereby the stereotype regarding undecided people, you opt for natural sciences. Besides, your parents let you make your decisions, so that you are as happy as possible. It doesn’t take long before your perceptions begin to modify themselves for the best and you start to see in a different way everything you ever used to take for granted. Because of the program, you become more aware of the nature of things around you. You are in love with it.

Choice 1 : You're in Biology.

Choice 2 : You love homework.

Choice 3 : You become an amateur astrophysicist.

You've no motivation for Science program.

During the semester, you are not motivated at all and you lack openness. It doesn’t take long before you procrastinate your homework. Because of the program, stress becomes part of your daily routine and every day seems worse than the previous one. You hate everything you do.

Choice 1 : Biology is horrible for you.

Choice 2 : You're in Physics class.

Finally Science program isn't so bad.

During the semester, you lack of motivation, but you are open-minded and more and more curious. Soon, your love becomes mixed between science and religion. Sometimes, you like science and at other times you don’t. Once, your mother asks you how your day went, stating that you should talk more to her, so she can know a little more about what you do.

Choice 1 : You've got a little discomfort.

Choice 2 : You're happy.

Science becomes awesome for you.

During the semester, you meet the love of your life who kills your uncertainty concerning your future. She makes you opt all the way for science; you want to continue in the same field of study. Your story together began in a funny way.

Choice 1 : You story love origins are in chemistry.

Choice 2 : Your story love started at electricity course.

You're in Biology.

You are at school and you have a biology class today: your favorite course. You don’t know what you’re about to do, because the teacher reserves you a surprise activity. What an amazing teacher!

Choice 1 : You do an activity outside.

Choice 2 : You do an activity inside.

You love homework.

It is the weekend and your friends want you to hang out with them. As you evaluate their proposal, you cannot stop thinking about your wonderful homework.

Choice 1 : You refuse.

Choice 2 : You accept.

You become an amateur astrophysicist.

It it Thursday evening. You are an amateur astrophysicist who has rolled your hump and made some personal discoveries and has good material. You look at the weather outside. Since months, temperatures do not allow any observation of the stars. Today is your lucky day! The meteorological conditions are clear and temperate. You know that the night will be perfect, but it will be the only one for the rest of the month. So, you plan to go out and take some snaps. Alas, so many choices are offered to you! You need to choose one.

Choice 1 : You decide to observe M-42.

Choice 2 : You decide to observe Andromeda galaxy.

Biology is horrible for you.

You are at school and you have a biology class today: your worst course. You wonder if you’re going to get through it. The daily rate is about Darwin's evolution. What a nightmare!

Choice 1 : You're angry.

Choice 2 : You burned your biology book.

You're in Physics class.

You are at school in the physics class and your teacher tells you about how the magnetic field react in three dimensions. You hesitate on how to react.

Choice 1 : You quit.

Choice 2 : You pray.

You've got a little discomfort.

At this moment, you try to hide your little discomfort. You think about a bad thing that happened in your chemistry class.

Choice 1 : You forgot something.

Choice 2 : You did an error.

You're happy.

At this moment, you are happy that she asks and you tell her about a nice thing that happened today.

Choice 1 : You use silver nitrate.

Choice 2 : you learned something of funny.

You story love origins are in chemistry.

It all started because of the organic chemistry course. You were in teams of two for a project.

Choice 1 : You work with wine.

Choice 2 : You work with bananas.

Your story love started at electricity course.

It all started because of the electricity and magnetism course. You were both in the same class.

Choice 1 : You met during a lab.

Choice 2 : You met during a course.

You do an activity outside.

The surprise activity is outside in teams of four. You are with three unknown people. You say to yourself that you’re maybe going to work with them in the future and that makes you happy.

Choice 1 : You make a dichotomous key.

Choice 2 : You do a quality water test.

You do an activity inside.

The surprise activity is a special expert coming in the lab with several species in formalin.

Choice 1 : Something bad happened to you.

Choice 2 : You text your mother.

You refuse.

The weather outside is bad; it encourages you to decline their offer. Instead, you stay home and devour your homework.

Choice 1 : You do research on RC filters.

Choice 2 : You examine a GPS.

You accept.

You accept their proposal as long as you do a science-related activity. You hesitate between two.

Choice 1 : Go to ASTROLab.

Choice 2 : Go to a museum.


You decide to observe M-42.

You observe M-42. M-42 is a nebula that houses several hundred young stars in formation and is therefore a very interesting celestial object to photograph. In addition, this nebula is very beautiful, so you can boast of the pictures you took. You take tons of photos by varying the settings of your device to get the best picture possible. However, there comes a time when you want to change objects to observe.

Choice 1 : You change to Polaris.

Choice 2 : You change to Aldebaran.

Andromeda galaxy

You decide to observe Andromeda galaxy.

You observe a Cepheid from the Andromeda Galaxy. Cepheids are stars whose luminosity intensity oscillates periodically. Because of this oscillation, it is possible to determine the distance between you and the Andromeda galaxy using certain calculations. You start to settle in and take pictures. After 4 hours of taking pictures, Andromeda is too much on the horizon to observe.

Choice 1 : You change to M-43.

Choice 2 : You change to M-44.


You change to M-43.

You change your target and try to photograph M-43. Unfortunately, M-43 has started to come down and is now in the light pollution of lampposts close to you.

Write a choice here.


You change to M-44.

You change your target and photograph M-44. M-44 is an open cluster relatively close to Earth and easy to observe. So, you take several pictures and you soon you have what you want.

Write a choice here.


You change to Polaris.

You take pictures of Polaris for 3 hours. Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor and is known to correspond to the direction of the North Celestial Pole with good precision.

Write a choice here.


You change to Aldebaran.

You take pictures of the spectrum of Aldebaran, which is a star in the Taurus constellation.

Write a choice here.


Go to ASTROLab.

You go to an astronomy evening at the ASTROLab of Mont-Mégantic.

Write a choice here.


Go to a museum.

You decide to go to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. You choose to see the exhibition called "The Hidden Worlds". This exhibition explains how humans explore worlds beyond their reach using their senses and technology. You discover how they observe the world from the infinitely small to the depths of the oceans and the confines of the universe.

Choice 1 :

RC filter

You do research on RC filters.

You do big research on RC filters for your electricity and magnetism course. RC filters can filter high or low frequencies, depending on whether it is a low-pass or high-pass filter. You become more informed about the nature of the sounds and how an electrical signal can be turned into an audio signal.

Write a choice here.


You examine a GPS.

You read the big work of linear algebra on the GPS. You learn that the concept of GPS is based on the fact that the satellites position and times are known precisely. Satellites include atomic clocks extremely accurate, which are synchronized with each other, while GPS receivers have many clocks less precise.

Write a choice here.

Formalin formula

Something bad happened to you.

All of a sudden, your face and throat begin to swell, you have difficulty breathing, your blood pressure drops dangerously and your liquids leak through the walls of your blood vessels. You make an anaphylactic shock to which you survive. That’s how you discover that you have a severe allergy to formalin. Since then, you thank the allergists of this world every night before going to sleep. Later, you became one.

Write a choice here.


You text your mother.

You take pictures of all the specimens and send it to your mother with the words: “How paradoxical it is to study the living from dead and preserved animals!”.

Write a choice here.


You make a dichotomous key.

You must identify cegep trees in a specific area assigned to your team using a dichotomous key. You find amazing how your learning can apply in your daily life thereafter. You think about the trees in your backyard at home. You can now call them by their species's name.

Write a choice here.


You do a quality water test.

You must evaluate the quality of the water of Plein-Champ creek by characterizing, among others, the following: turbidity, pH, phosphorus and nitrogen. You realize how much Saint-Hyacinthe water is polluted.

Write a choice here.


You met during a lab.

You sat side by side during an electrical laboratory. You caught a shock when your fingers accidentally touched. She said: “this is because the current is passing between us.”.

Write a choice here.


You met during a course.

You sat side by side at the first class and the professor spoke of the attraction and the repulsion of the electric charges. Your current love said to you: “You are a boy and I’m a girl. Opposites attract, you know (wink)”.

Write a choice here.


You work with wine.

The project was to make wine. When you were done, your current love gave you one of the bottles you made together. On a little piece of paper attached to the bottle, it was written: “All those boys, they are not going to have another shot because I am love drunk.”.

Write a choice here.


You work with bananas.

The project was to make the synthesis of a banana aroma and fabric a flask of sweet-smelling banana. Banana was both your favorite odor. You judged it was a sufficient affinity to start dating each other.

Write a choice here.

chemical products

You use silver nitrate.

In chemistry, you used silver nitrate and you managed not to stain your fingers even if you did not wear latex gloves by pride.

Write a choice here.


You learned something of funny.

In biology, you learned that almost all snakes have only one lung: the right one. The evolution, or God, no matter what, is astonishing! You smile when you think about the snake of Genesis.

Write a choice here.

lab coat

You forgot something.

You forgot your lab coat and you had to pay $1 to get one for the day. You are sad when you think that this money could have been given to the dime.

Write a choice here.


You did an error.

You had to start a part of the lab all over again. You did the titration of an acid of a known molarity against a base of unknown concentration. You were not enough carefully waiting for the phenolphthalein to change color, when you overshot the equivalence point.

Write a choice here.


You quit.

You leave the class and you never return to a science class of your entire life. You feed the popular rumor according to which 70% of the students in natural sciences will quit the program.

Write a choice here.


You pray.

You pray Jesus and wait for him to assure your salvation.

Write a choice here.

Evolution theory

You're angry.

At night, you write in your diary: “My stupid teacher says that life appeared on Earth 3.5 billion years ago as cyanobacteria. What effrontery it takes to contradict the Bible as well! Perhaps he has never read the Bible, so he has never learned the truth, poor him. Here is the truth, teacher! All of humanity comes from a single couple: Adam and Eve!”.

Write a choice here.

Charles Darwin

You burned your biology book.

At night, you’re scared to burn in hell. You take a look at your shelf. What you see on it could well sign your damnation: the work of scientific literature On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, which your teacher forced you to buy right after class. On a whim, you burn it before it burns you. Victory!

Write a choice here.

The End.